Wednesday, 14 June 2006

What about Deir Yassin, Gordon?

On 21 July 2008, the UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, gave following address to the Israeli Knesset:
"To be able to come here at the invitation of your Speaker and of your Prime Minister Olmert - and to applaud you and the citizens of Israel for the courage you have shown in the face of adversity, resolution in the face of conflict, resilience in the face of challenge - is, for me, a singular honour indeed.

Everyday you meet in this Knesset you live out the hopes - the promises - of centuries."
Do you remember all the promises made to the Arabs that were not kept, Gordon?
"And I am especially pleased - as the first British Prime Minister to address the Knesset - to congratulate you at this sixtieth anniversary on THE ACHIEVEMENT OF 1948: the centuries of exile ended, the age-long dream realised, the ancient promise redeemed - the promise that even amidst suffering, you will find your way home to the fields and shorelines where your ancestors walked."
Hey, Gordon! You know the 700,000+ Arabs that fled Israeli atrocity 60 years ago? Would you call that an 'achievement of 1948?' Let me show you how it was done, Gordon. It was ever so simple really. You just slaughter a peaceful, non-combatant village full of Arabs and, hey presto, the rest will disappear as if by magic!

If you look up 'Deir Yassin' in 'Google,' Gordon, you might find something like 'The 1999 history The Saga of Deir Yassin,' by Daniel A. Mcgowan And Matthew C. Hogan, which tells us these things:
"It is a sad and indisputable fact that over a hundred Palestinian men, women, and children, most or all nonresistant at the times of their deaths, were deliberately slaughtered by units of Irgun and Lehi fighters on April 9, 1948. THE SLAUGHTER IS AS IMMUNE TO SERIOUS HISTORICAL DOUBT AS ARE SUCH ATROCITIES AS THE MY LAI MASSACRE, THE BATAAN DEATH MARCH, AND THE HOLOCAUST…

British rule in Palestine was set to end the next month, May 1948. At that time, the official Jewish Agency for Palestine was to declare a Jewish state called Israel on the strength of a November 1947 United Nations resolution recommending the partition of Palestine into one Jewish and one Arab state. Jerusalem was to be internationalized. Arab leaderships in Palestine and elsewhere forceably opposed the plan…

Arab-Jewish fighting broke out right after the UN resolution. The departing British made no serious efforts to stop the violence. Arab states began to infiltrate armed units detached from the Syrian and Iraqi armies, joined by some Yugoslavs. Around Jerusalem, these forces were led by Palestinian Arab Abdel Khader Husseini, and many Palestinian Arab villagers joined the effort. The Jewish Agency, led by the Labor Zionist movement, opposed them with its own armed force called the Haganah and its elite strike force, the Palmach…

Deir Yassin was a curious choice for a target for several reasons. Months before, the elders of Deir Yassin agreed not to allow the village to become a base for attacks against the neighboring Jewish areas of West Jerusalem. The agreement was supervised by the Haganah. In turn, Deir Yassin would not be attacked. There has been much debate and recrimination since the 1948 incident about why Deir Yassin was selected and who suggested it. One thing, however, is clear. NO ONE, IN PLANNING THE ATTACK, CONSIDERED IT TO BE A CENTER OF ACTIVE HOSTILITY IN THE GROWING CONFLICT…


The village elders' policy to prevent attacks on Jewish West Jerusalem from Deir Yassin was so well-maintained that the Haganah commander in nearby Givat Shaul, Yona Ben-Sasson, stated unequivocally that in the 1948 conflict there had not been a single incident between Deir Yassin and the Jewish community before the town was captured.

The main reason for the selection of Deir Yassin by the guerrillas had nothing to do with Deir Yassin being an actual or potential military threat…

The guerrillas held meetings to plan the operation. They adopted a password: Achdut Lochemet. It meant ‘Fighting Unity’ and signified the fact that this was the Irgun and Lehi's first joint operation. A natural question soon asserted itself. What is to be done about captives from the village?

According to the Irgun's Yehuda Lapidot, a proposal came from the Lehi side to slaughter any inhabitants of the village who did not flee. Ben-Zion Cohen of the Irgun reported that the majority of his group favored killing all the men and any others who resisted…. Sending a loud message of terror to the Arabs appealed to the members…

Just after midnight on April 9, the raiders began to assemble. Infiltrated among the Lehi group was Meir Pa'il and a photographer. Pa'il had decided to spy on the guerrillas to get an idea of their military performance…

Although photographs of Deir Yassin on the day of the incident exist, they have been kept hidden and are currently held in the Archives of the Israel Defense Forces, and they have never been made public. Indeed, and suspiciously, they have been denied to even in-house inspection by academic researchers, even though it has been over 50 years since the event.

On the night of the attack… the leader of the Irgun consciously exaggerated the death toll to 254 in a public statement that has become the source of the most commonly reported figure by all sides. Such willingness to make a tragedy appear worse indicates the result was desired and that the fight was not gruesome enough for them…

A member of the Jewish paramilitary youth organization commented that the attackers appeared proud of what they had done as they carried the bodies about…

The guerrillas reveal no regrets or guilt but rather indifference and even pride about the carnage that included women and children… From the beginning, THEIR BEHAVIOR REFLECTS A CONSISTENT THEME OF PROFOUND SATISFACTION WITH THE GRISLY SLAUGHTER. ONE OF THEIR FIRST OBSERVED ACTIONS AFTER THE FIGHTING WAS TO SIT DOWN AMONG THE CORPSES . . . AND HAVE LUNCH… THE LACK OF SORROW OR REVULSION AMONG THE GUERRILLAS AT DEIR YASSIN IN THE FACE OF A RARE WAR HORROR, and the apparent pride of the killers, even to a ghoulish degree, argue definitively that the carnage was not an unintended misfortune but the grisly aftermath of a deliberate massacre.

Journalist Dan Kurzman describes the thoughts of Lehi member Menashe Eichler, whom he interviewed about his experience at Deir Yassin. The latter considered the Arabs to be, ‘thieves,’ since they were enemies of Zionism. It was permissible to kill them in the act of theft, defined to mean the opposition of Arabs to a divinely ordained Jewish state.

INFLICTING HIGH CIVILIAN CASUALTIES BY MASSACRE THUS SERVED THE IDEOLOGICAL MOTIVE OF STAMPEDING PANICKED ARABS INTO SUBMISSION OR FLIGHT. The effect of a high casualty figure in causing mass panic was apparent to Irgun district chief Mordechai Raanan when he exaggerated the already horrendous death toll at Deir Yassin to 254.

Reports from survivors tell of family members being shot as they attempted to aid fallen relatives. Gorodenchek of the Irgun said THAT SURRENDERING WOMEN WHO DID NOT MOVE FAST ENOUGH WERE ALSO KILLED. A woman named Thoraya, at the time a young girl, recalled that her aunts protected her with their bodies as they were stabbed to death in a house. She survived by cowering beneath their stiffening bodies while covered in their blood.

Most were killed by close range gunfire, some by stabbing, a few in combat, and some while fleeing. Most of the victims of the massacre, as the burial chief later lamented, were old men, women, and children, who died with no weapon in their hands. There was no combat chaos or circumstances necessitating their deaths, despite the early fighting. THEY WERE INTENTIONALLY MURDERED."
The Winter, 2001 edition of The Historian confirms the above in the essay, ‘The 1948 Massacre at Deir Yassin Revisited.’
"Between 9 and 11 April 1948, over 100 Arab townspeople were massacred by Jewish paramilitaries in Deir Yassin near Jerusalem in the British Mandate of Palestine. The incident was pivotal in modern Middle East history, becoming in one Israeli historian's words, 'a landmark in the chronicles of the Israel-Arab conflict and a symbol of the horrors of war.'

It greatly stimulated Palestinian Arab refugee flight and appears to have been critical in the final decision of the Arab states to intervene directly in Palestine in 1948 to thwart the creation of the state of Israel. The Deir Yassin incident, therefore, is intimately connected to the two main issues that have defined the Arab-Israeli conflict: the armed hostility to Israel by the Arab states and the enduring Palestinian refugee issue...

Many attackers' violence and rage had expanded beyond simple execution of captives. Villagers have affirmed that while in Deir Yassin, prisoners were terrorized, robbed, and brutalized. Women were stripped of their traditional modest attire and their jewelry torn from their bodies. One woman's son was reported stabbed to death in her arms. The captives were told that, 'they were going to slaughter us, and make `kifta' [kebab] out of us.'

Old women apparently were assaulted as well. A British policeman recorded seeing a surviving elderly woman's head evidence battering by rifle butts. Some captives were taken to the Sheikh Bader neighborhood Lehi base where, Haganah intelligence recorded, a baby was killed and then its mother as she fainted. Lehi member Baruch Nadel has corroborated that in Deir Yassin, 'there were people killed in the most brutal way.'

Some village women and girls appear to have been raped, a few apparently killed afterwards.

'There is no doubt,' a British police investigation concluded, ‘that many sexual atrocities were committed’."
On 12 April 1948, Arthur Creech Jones, the Secretary of State for the Colonies, said this in the House of Commons:
"This barbarous aggression was a proof of savagery. It was a crime that added to a long list of atrocities committed by the Zionists to this day, and for which we can find sufficient words of revulsion."
On 10 April 1948, The New York Times reported thus:
"It was an act of violence that was proposed and discussed in advance. The guerrillas' lack of restraint after meeting resistance caused many to follow through on plans to murder regardless of instructions to inhibit them. Their leaders proved unwilling or unable to stop them. Afterwards, they proved quite willing to benefit from the fear effect and embellish the bloody outcome. That evening, Irgun chief Raanan met with the international press in a tea-and-cookies party in Givat Shaul and told them that 254 Arabs had been killed."
On 9 April 1982, Zvi Anlori, the commander of the Haganah unit that controlled Deir Yassin after the massacre, said this in the Hebrew daily, Davar:
"I went into six to seven houses. I saw cut off genitalia and women's crushed stomachs. According to the shooting signs on the bodies, it was direct murder"
In The Faithful City, by Dr. Dov Joseph, a military governor of Jerusalem, he says this:
"We suffered a reverse of a different nature on April 9 when combined Etzel and Stern Gang units mounted a deliberate and unprovoked attack on the Arab village of Deir Yassin on the western edge of Jerusalem. There was no reason for the attack. It was a quiet village, which had denied entry to the volunteer Arab units from across the frontier and which had not been involved in any attacks on Jewish areas. The dissident groups chose it for strictly political reasons. It was a deliberate act of terrorism."
Mordechai Gihon, a general in Israeli army intelligence and university professor, was a Haganah intelligence officer in Jerusalem at the time of the massacre. Gihon entered Deir Yassin on the afternoon of 9 April.

In the Israel Defense Army Press of 1986, Gihon is quoted thus in the essay, Nine Measures, by Yitzhak Levi:
"Before we got to the village we saw people carrying bodies to the quarry east of Deir Yassin. We entered the village around 3:00 in the afternoon… In the village there were tens of bodies… I told them not to throw the bodies into cisterns and caves, because that was the first place that would be checked… At the time I had just been through British Army service and had met Holocaust survivors in the camps. The visit to Deir Yassin was a moral shock for me. Before then I had never seen so many bodies. The dead were lying in the houses and the fields without burial…

I didn't count the dead. I estimated that there were four pits full of bodies, and in each pit there were 20 bodies, and several tens more in the quarry".
Gihon concluded that the Arab villagers had been 'faithful allies of the western sector' who had 'kept faith.'

A 1948 edition of Time Magazine stated:
"Jewish terrorists of the Stern Gang and Irgun Zvai Leumi stormed the village of Deir Yasin and butchered everyone in sight. The corpses of 250 Arabs, mostly women and small children, were later found tossed in wells."
Eliahu Arbel was Operations Officer B of the Haganah's Etzioni Brigade. He entered the village on 10 April.

This is what he said in the 2 May 1972 edition of Yediot Ahronot:
"After the operation, I inspected the village, in accordance with the order of Colonel Shaltiel. Accompanied by an officer of the attacking unit, I saw the horrors that the fighters had created. I saw bodies of women and children, who were murdered in their houses in cold blood by gun fire, with no signs of battle and not as the result of blowing up the houses. From my experience I know well, that there is no war without killing, and that not only combatants get killed.

I have seen a great deal of war, but I never saw a sight like Deir Yassin and therefore I cannot forget what happened there."
Jacques De Reynier was the head of the International Red Cross delegation in Palestine.

He arrived in Deir Yassin on 11 April. On p. 278 of his 1950 history, Histoire et Societe d'Aujourd'hui, Reynier described the demeanour of the Irgun terrorists thus:
"All of them were young, some even adolescents, men and women armed to the teeth: revolvers, machine-guns, hand-grenades, and knives, most of them still blood-stained. A beautiful young girl with criminal eyes showed me hers still dripping with blood, she displayed it like a trophy…

Finally the Commander tells me… for now I can visit some houses and the situation is as follows: a total of more than 200 dead, men, women, and children. About 150 cadavers have not been preserved inside the village in view of the danger represented by the bodies' decomposition. They have been gathered, transported some distance, and placed in a large trough. Impossible to visit because it's under fire…

About 20 bodies are located in the no-man's-land between the Arab and Irgun troops. About 50 bodies are in the village…

I enter the house. The first room is dark, everything is in disarray, but no one is there. In the second, I find among the ripped-open furniture, blankets, debris of all sorts, some cold bodies. Here the cleaning-up was done by submachine guns, then by grenade; they finished it off with knives, as anyone could tell. The same thing in the next room…

In the neighboring house and so on… it is the same hideous spectacle… The houses visited by me presented an appearance of the most complete disorder, everything is broken, and bodies litter the floor...A woman who must have been eight months pregnant, hit in the stomach, with powder burns on her dress indicating she'd been shot point-blank."
In the 1991 history, The War of Independence: Out of Crisis Came Decision, by Uri Milstein, the Jewish Red Shiedl Doctor, Alfred Engel, said this:
"We got into the village easily. There were only dissidents (Irgun and Lehi members) there, and they were putting bodies on trucks… In the houses there were dead, in all about a hundred men, women and children. It was terrible… It was clear that they had gone from house to house and shot the people at close range. I was a doctor in the German army for 5 years, in World War I, but I had not seen such a horrifying spectacle."
The Israeli professor, Yehoshua Arieli, was a commander of the Haganah's paramilitary youth group, the Gadna when he was called upon to supervise the burials of the bodies.

In the 1984 work, 'Begin' by Eric Silver, he describes the scene.
"Absolutely barbaric. All of the killed, with very few exceptions, were old men, women, and children. The dead we found were all unjust victims and none of them had died with a weapon in their hands… The 116 figure makes sense. I don't think we could have buried more than 120-40."
In 'O Jerusalem!' by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre, Eshurin Schiff, adjutant to Chief of the Haganah in Jerusalem, David Shaltiel at the time, says this:
"They chose to kill anybody they found alive as though every living thing in the village was the enemy and they could only think, 'kill them all'… It was a lovely spring day, the almond trees were in bloom, the flowers were out and everywhere there was the stench of the dead, the thick smell of blood, and the terrible odor of the corpses burning in the quarry A few days later, when the burial party arrived, a member of the burial party broke down in tears at the sight."
Yair Tsaban, of the Gadna Youth Organization, said this:
"What we saw were women, young children, and old men. What shocked us was at least two or three cases of old men dressed in women's clothes. I remember entering the living-room of a certain house. In the far corner was a small woman with her back towards the door, sitting dead. When we reached the body we saw an old man with a beard. My conclusion was that what happened in the village so terrorized these old men that they knew being old men would not save them. They hoped that if they were seen as old women that would save them."
Yehoshua Gorodenchek, one of the Irgun killers, confirms the above thus, in the aforementioned 'Begin.'
"Before the retreat we decided to liquidate them. (Prisoners) We also liquidated the wounded… about eighty Arab prisoners were killed after some of them had opened fire… Arabs who dressed up as Arab women were found, and so they started to shoot the women also".
In The Life and Times of Menachem Begin, by Amos Perlmutter, Ben-Zion Cohen, the Irgun commander for the Deir Yassin operation, informed the Jabotinsky Archives thus:
"We eliminated every Arab that came our way… The majority was for liquidation of all the men in the village and any other force that opposed us, whether it be old people, women, or children."
In his own book, The War of Independence: Out of Crisis Came Decision, Milstein adds:
"I told the reporters that 254 were killed so that a big figure would be published, and so that the Arabs would panic not only in Jerusalem but across the country, and this goal was accomplished… The conquest was carried out cruelly."
Colonel Meir Pa'il, an officer in the Hagganah was an intelligence agent in 1948 who monitored the actions of Irgun and Lehi at Deir Yassin for the Haganah.

He acted as a photographer on the day of the massacre. In Remember Deir Yassin: The Future of Israel and Palestine, by Daniel McGowan and Marc Ellis, he is quoted thus:
"The fighting was not that heavy. If they had been good soldiers, they could have conquered the whole village in about an hour…

I started hearing shooting in the village. The fighting was over, yet there was the sound of firing of all kinds from different houses… They didn't know how to fight, but as murderers they were pretty good…

The Stern Gang and Irgun began what I'd call an uncontrolled massacre performance…

I didn't say anything. I did not know their commanders, and I didn't want to expose myself, because people were going around there… full of lust for murder… It was terrible I could see people dead in the corners, an old man, a wife, and two children, here and there a male… But this time it was not just a pogrom to loot; it was a massacre."
Pa’il is also on record as having said:
"People were going around there, as I wrote in my report, with their eyes rolled about in their sockets. Their (the attackers’) eyes were glazed… mentally poisoned… in ecstasy. I saw this horror, and I was shocked and angry, because I had never seen such a thing, murdering people after a place had been conquered…

They also shot people running from houses, and prisoners. Mostly women and children… Most of the Arab males had run away. It is an odd thing, but when there is danger such as this, the agile ones run away first…

You could hear the cries from within the houses… Arab women, Arab elders, Arab kids.

The Irgun and LEHI men came out of hiding and began to `clean' the houses. They shot whoever they saw, women and children included, the commanders did not try to stop the massacre; they were taken to the quarry between Deir Yassin and Giv'at Shaul, and murdered in cold blood."
Eliyahu Arieli, a Haganah soldier who arrived at Deir Yassin shortly after the massacre, said this:
"All of the killed, with very few exceptions, were old men, women or children. The dead we found were all unjust victims, and none of them had died with a weapon in their hands."
General Richard Catling, a British Army Assistant Inspector, says this in The Palestinian Catastrophe, by Michael Palumbo:
"There is no doubt that many sexual atrocities were committed by the attacking Jews. Many young girls were raped and later slaughtered. Old women were also molested."
Fahimi Zeidan was a 12 years old Deir Yassin villager on the day of the raid.

In Deir Yassin, Monograph No. 4, Destroyed Palestinian Villages Documentation Project, by Sharif Kanani and Nihad Zitawi, she recalls the attackers blowing open the door of her house where her family and several relatives were hiding in a storeroom.
"They… entered and started searching the place; they got to the storeroom, and took us out one by one… They shot the son-in-law, and when one of his daughters screamed, they shot her, too. They then called my brother Mahmoud and shot him in our presence and when my mother screamed and bent over my brother, she was carrying my little sister Khadra who was still being breast fed, they shot my mother too.

The children began crying and screaming. The Israelis told them, that, if we did not stop, they would shoot us all. The children didn’t stop crying. So the attackers lined us up, shot at us, and left.

I looked around to see who was still alive: my uncle, his children and his wife were all dead, my sister Soumia who was only four, and my brother Mohamad, were alive… We walked with some other women from the village, then came across a young man and an older man, with their hands up in the air, under guard."
The group with the two surrendered males and Fahimi's met. She said:
"When they reached us, the soldiers shot them."
It wasn’t just Deir Yassin.

An Israeli soldier, who participated in the occupation of the Palestinian village of Duelma in 1948, wrote the following in his diary.

As told to 'Davar' on 9 June 1979:
"Killed between 80 to 100 Arabs, women and children. To kill the children they fractured their heads with sticks. There was not one house without corpses. The men and women of the villages were pushed into houses without food or water. Then the saboteurs came to dynamite the houses.

One commander ordered a soldier to bring two women into a house he was about to blow up…

Another soldier prided himself upon having raped an Arab woman before shooting her to death. Another Arab woman with her newborn baby was made to clean the place for a couple of days, and then they shot her and the baby.

Educated and well-mannered commanders who were considered ‘good guys’… became base murderers, and this not in the storm of battle, but as a method of expulsion and extermination. The fewer the Arabs who remain, the better."
In Not Only Deir Yassin, by Guy Erlich, the Israeli historian Uri Milstein is quoted thus:

"Even before the establishment of the State, each battle ended with a massacre. In the (1948) war… most of the action happened between Jews and Palestinians. The education in the Yishuv at that time had it that the Arabs would do anything to kill us and therefore we had to massacre them. Many were convinced that the most cherished wish of say, a nine-year old Arab child, was to exterminate us".
In the 1984 history, Taking Sides. America's Secret Relations with a Militant Israel, Stephen Green says this:
"In books, movies, and TV shows in the 1950s and 1960s the Jewish state was depicted as having defeated the Arabs against overwhelming odds, contrary to virtually every professional strength estimate of the opposing forces that were made at the time of the war itself…

The reality was so different from the myth as to be unrecognizable... Selective historical knowledge has led to fundamental false impressions in America about Israel and about the Middle East dispute generally…

From the very formation of the modern state of Israel, American Jewish sayanim have aided the Jewish state at high administrative levels. A good example was a Jewish American 'mole,' in the United States veteran's bureaucracy. Thousands of American Jews served in the Israeli military during the founding of the Israeli state in 1947-48, despite a United States State Department decree noting that those who enter foreign armies ‘cease to be entitled recognition as citizens during the period of such service,’ and that they would lose their American passports.

Nonetheless, in 1948 a Unites States Security Group of Army Intelligence report noted that: ‘There presently exists among [branches of Israel's armed forces] a plan to recruit former army officers ... It was reported that someone in the Pentagon who had access to officers' Adjutant General's Office files and who is making available to these organizations the names of former officers thus qualified’.

The Pentagon source was identified as Colonel Elliot Niles, ‘an ardent Zionist, formerly a high official of B’nai B’rith.’

His brother, David, was an aide to President Harry S. Truman: ‘one of two or three most influential persons in the White House on Middle East policy matters'."
Gordon Brown continued:
"And your sixty-year journey from independence is evidence for all to see that good can come out of the worst of times; and that the human spirit is indeed indomitable."
Good for the Israelis, worst of times for the Arabs, eh Gordon?
Gordon and Tony are your true friends, you Jews, we’re not. Mind you, we’re not friends of Gordon, Tony or David Cameron either. We don’t want them sending our children to stand by you when the descendants of the Deir Yassin villagers come looking for revenge.

Oh, and the ‘shared values of liberty, democracy and justice’ are b***shit as well. In our back yard as well as yours. Gordon continues:
"My father was a Minister of the Church who learned Hebrew and had a deep and life long affection for Israel. For three decades he was a member of - and again and again Chairman of - the Church of Scotland's Israel Committee. And he travelled back and forth to Israel twice every year, often more... After each trip, he would roll out the old film projector, plug it in and load the film… I will never forget those early images of your home in my home and the stories my father would tell.

So as I learned to listen and to read, I followed the fortunes of an age-old people in your new country. And there was never a time as I was growing up that I did not hear about, read about or was not surrounded by stories of the struggles, sacrifices, tribulation and triumphs as the Israeli people built their new state.

And I am proud to say that for the whole of my life, I have counted myself a friend of Israel."
Just like everyone has to be these days to get on in the mother of parliaments.
"My sons are still young children - they are just two and four. They have not yet made that journey to Jerusalem made by their grandfather and then his sons. But one day soon I look forward to bringing them here to see what their grandfather first came to see in the early years of statehood."
What a creep, eh?

And this was our Prime Minister!
"I will walk with them here and tell them the story that for two thousand years, until 1948, the persistent call of the Jewish people was 'Next year in Jerusalem.' Yet for two thousand years there was not one piece of land anywhere in all the world that you could call your own. For two thousand years, not one piece of land of your own to follow your faith without fear."
Yeah. They got booted out of almost every country they ever set foot in. Not because they were easy to pick on but because they’ve always been so ungrateful and mean to those who gave them sanctuary. At least, that’s how they’ve always been to the poorest sections of the various societies that allowed them in.
"For two thousand years, you had history - but not a home. For two thousand years, you lifted the artistic and cultural life and the scientific and political development of every continent - but had no home. For two thousand years, you endured pogroms - and then the horror of the Holocaust - because you had no home.

Yet for two thousand years, nothing - no prison cell, no forced migration, no violence, no massacres, not even the horror of the Holocaust - could ever break the spirit of a people yearning to be free. And you proved that while repression can subjugate it can never silence; while hearts can be broken hope is unbreakable; while lives can be lost the dream could never die; that - in the words of the prophet Amos - 'justice would roll down like a river and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream'."
What abour Deir Yassin, Gordon, doesn’t that count?
"Never free of trouble, always facing adversity, yet what remarkable success Israel has achieved during these last few years. No nation has achieved so much in so short a period of time."
Yes but Gordon, America has been sending them around £5 billion every year! And then they had hundreds of billions out of the Germans and there have been untold contributions from the world’s Jewish community. And, as we all know, the Jews are, far and away, the richest people on the planet per capita. So it's hardly surprising that Israel has done pretty well, is it?
"And to have accomplished all this in the face of the war, the terror, the violence, the threats, the intimidation, and the insecurity is truly monumental… You have proved that men and women of idealism, bravery and perseverance can succeed whatever the odds."
What about Deir Yassin, Gordon, and all the 'terror' and 'violence' that the Israelis have inflicted upon others?
"I am proud that the British Jewish community - and the British people - have had a distinguished place and a part in your great endeavour."
What, like leaving the Arabs to their fate in 1948? Like signing the Balfour Declaration in 1917 whilst you were promising the Arabs the earth if they’d only help us kick the Turks out of Palestine? Like that, Gordon?
"And today our partnership is strong and getting stronger. Yesterday my wife Sarah and I visited Yad Vashem. And even though I was familiar with the harsh and horrific facts - even though I have studied, indeed written, about the fight against the Holocaust and Jewish persecution by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, described the rescue of Jews by men like Raul Wallenberg, spoken about help given to Jews facing the death march by a young Scots prisoner of war Tommy Noble, given lectures on women who came to the aid of Jewish girls like Jane Haining, and visited the old Yad Vashem and indeed the memorials in Washington and Berlin - I can tell you that nothing fully prepared me for what I saw at Yad Vashem, the full truth of the murders that no one prevented; the indignities that should have never happened; the truth which everyone who loves humanity needs to know.

The last of those who outlasted the Holocaust are now growing old. And this year Israel lost a distinguished member of this Knesset: Tommy Lapid. No-one who heard Tommy talk about his Bar Mitzvah in a Budapest cellar at the end of 1944 as the fascists hunted and murdered the Jewish population will ever forget his passion for history's truth. As he said, 'my whole life is a response to the Holocaust'."
Hey Gordon, how many died in the ‘Holocaust’? I thought you’d say that. Well, do us all a favour, go check out the reality here: The Holocaust?

Have you done that Gordon? You have? What did you think? I’m a racist and an anti-semite? Ah right. I think you better check this out as well, Gordon.

Leon Trotsky did more than any other to make the Russian Revolution happen. He raised many millions of dollars from American businessmen, without which there wouldn't have been a revolution, and, through the campaigns of terror that he ordered and organised as Head of the Red Army, all resistance was crushed and Bolshevik rule was entrenched. Millions of innocent Russians lost their lives as a result of Trotsky’s bloodthirsty revolutionary zeal.

Trotsky was the first person to use the word ‘racist’. It can be found in his 1930 essay, The History of the Russian Revolution and his later work.

Magnus Hirschfeld, a notorious, German cross-dresser who described himself as a 'sexologist' and the 'Einstein of Sex', wrote a book, which his English publisher, Victor Gollancz, titled 'Racism'.

He finished the book in 1934. (The year of his death) It went on sale over here in 1938 and Gollancz saw to it that 'Racism' became a best-seller.

The adjective 'anti-semitic' was seen in print as long ago as 1860. The Austrian biographer, Moritz Steinschneider, was the first to use term.

I suspect that your best pals, Gordon, would insist that I was a 'racist' for informing the world that a mass-murdering Russian Bolshevik invented the word, 'racist.' I also think they might say that I would have to be a 'racist' AND a 'transvestophobe' for telling you that a German pervert popularised the term ‘racism’.

But if I dared to point out that Moritz Steinschneider; Magnus Hirschfeld; his publisher, Victor Gollancz; Trotsky AND the American businessmen who funded the Russian Revolution were all Jewish, I think your betters would swear blind that I was an anti-Semite who ought to be locked away from decent people like him forever.

They would say this despite the fact that what I’ve just told you is 100 per cent accurate.

What’s that, Gordon? You’re going to do me for ‘incitement to racial hatred’? Why am I not surprised?

Gordon continued:
"In Britain - through funding the Holocaust Education Trust - each year and every year two teenagers from every secondary school travel to Auschwitz. And when they return home and share their experiences - raw and direct and powerful - I have seen the profound effect their message has on their classmates: that discrimination, persecution, anti-Semitism and racism should be banished forever."
Brainwashing, eh Gordon? Yes, it’s done you and your masters proud so far.
"And I can tell you that when young children in my home town of Kirkcaldy returned from Auschwitz they organised a memorial week in honour of those who had died in the Holocaust and raised funds to erect a lasting memorial in our town's gardens."
See what I mean about brainwashing?
"Today and in the future, the people of Britain and Israel will continue to stand together in believing that history sides with those who fight for liberty and if the great conflict of ideas of the 21st century is between those who believe in closed societies who would turn back the clock of progress and those who believe in open societies, then we are together on the side of openness - moving the world forward to what Winston Churchill called the 'sunlit uplands' of prosperity, justice and democracy."
Israel isn’t an open society, you deceitful turd! Israel’s one of the hardest places on the planet for a non-Jew to settle in! Would the heirs of Deir Yassin inhabit a closed society, Gordon? Because, if your describing Palestinian Arab society as 'open', well, you’re not being altogether sensitive, now are you? Seeing as how your best pals have never given them much room to build any kind of a society.
"To those who question Israel's very right to exist, and threaten the lives of its citizens through terror we say: the people of Israel have a right to live here, to live freely and to live in security."
What about Israel’s neighbours and their right to exist? I mean, you’re in Iraq now at the behest of the US Neocons, most of whom are Jewish for God’s sake.

On 5 April 2003, Israeli journalist, Ari Shavit, said this in the Israeli daily, Haaretz:
"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history."
I suppose that’s what your after as well, isn’t it Gordon? You know, ‘changing the course of history’? To a place where you and your Jewish chums can feel really, really comfortable?

Gordon continued:
"To those who are enemies of progress we say: we condemn anti-Semitism and persecution in all its forms."
There’s the A word. Did you read the bit about Moritz Steijnschneider, Gordon? Skipped it, eh? Because it was anti-semitic?

Never mind.
"And I promise that just as we have led the work on three mandatory sanctions resolutions of the UN, the UK will continue to lead - with the US and our EU partners - in our determination to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapons programme. The EU has gone beyond each of these resolutions. Last month we took action against an Iranian bank involved in proliferation. We stand ready to lead in taking firmer sanctions and ask the whole international community to join us. Iran has a clear choice to make: suspend its nuclear programme and accept our offer of negotiations or face growing isolation and the collective response not of one nation but of many nations."
Hey Gordon, Israel’s got nuclear weapons. Had them for quite some time too. How about some sanctions and against them?
"And we will do more than oppose what is wrong. We will show those who would give licence to terror the way home to what is right too - showing them that the path to a better future runs not through violence, not by murder, and never with the killing of civilians but by liberty's torch, through justice's mighty stream, and across tolerance's foundation of equality."
"Justice’s mighty stream". Hmm. I bet you won’t be preaching such disingenuous crap in Baghdad, Basra or Kabul any time soon, will you Gordon?
"I believe that we should work together to summon up the best instincts and efforts of humanity in a cooperative endeavour to build new international rules and institutions for THE NEW GLOBAL ERA…

I hope that together we can write a new chapter in history that will - for thisNEW, GLOBAL AGE - honour our truest ideals."
Ah, the globalist thing. You want to work together with the Jews to globalise everything on behalf of the creepy 6,000, eh Gordon? As Leo McKinstry said in his 23 August 2008, essay, Death of Patriotism: How National Pride is 'Under Threat by a Global Super-Elite’:
"We may now actually be heading towards the creation of a… world government... hidden from the cameras and the public. Crucial decisions about our lives are being taken by a global elite which has no roots in any single country...

There are 6,000 people in this unique set who wield growing influence over the six billion people on our planet."
McKinstry also said:
"David Cameron has joined this enthusiasm for earnest globalism. During his controversial visit to Rwanda last summer, when there was severe flooding in his own Oxfordshire constituency, he claimed: ‘There is no domestic or foreign any more. in this world today, we are all in it together’…

The top 1 per cent of the world’s most prosperous people own 40 per cent of the planet’s global wealth. furthermore, the combined net worth of the 1,000 richest people in the world is twice that of the poorest 2.5 billion...

TODAY’S GLOBAL ELITE IS NOT DEDICATED TOWARDS FURTHERING ANY NATIONAL INTEREST, BUT THE OPPOSITE. Suspicious of nationalism, borders and sovereignty, it is driven by the desire to shape global economic forces for the furtherance of wealth creation, not least for themselves and their companies. SHELTERED FROM THEIR OWN SOCIETIES, THEY HAVE MORE IN COMMON WITH EACH OTHER THAN WITH PEOPLE FROM THEIR COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN...




Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, when you hear a bloke like Gordon Brown getting together with the top Jews and saying: 'I believe that we should work together… in a cooperative endeavour to build new international rules and institutions for the new global era', he’s really talking about the 'triumph of the superclass' and the destruction of 'our freedom, our democracy and our very identity.' Oh yes, we know all about the ‘new chapter in history’ you want to write Gordon. And who you want to write it for.

Gordon continued:
"Over sixty years I believe that you have shown the greatest of ingenuity in solving the greatest of problems".
Yes. Do a Deir Yassin and a 'holocaust' on everything and everybody that doesn’t do it your way.

"I think of David Ben Gurion - who from humble beginnings in Poland built up the Jewish National Institutions --- and in 1948 said it was not enough for the Jewish state simply to be Jewish, it had to be fully democratic offering equal citizenship to all residents: a democracy not just of one people but of all your peoples...

I think of Menachem Begin - who reached out to Anwar Sadat, an old adversary, and who stood by him in this Parliament when in 1977 he made his historic speech offering himself as a partner for peace."
The following document was sent by the Irgun (of Deir Yassin fame) to British soldiers serving in Palestine, preceding the establishment of Israel in 1948:

"It is unavoidable that many Jewish soldiers and many British soldiers should fall. And it is only fair that these people know at least why they may be killed... Most of you have been in this country for quite a long time. You have learned what the word ‘terrorist’ means, some of you may even have come into direct contact with them (and heartily desire not to repeat the experience)." (The Times, 19 July 2008)
The Times added:

"The document does not hail from Basra or Baghdad, nor was it penned by the Islamists of al-Qaeda or the al-Mahdi Army. It was found in Haifa, about 60 years ago, and IT WAS ISSUED BY THE UNDERGROUND GROUP LED BY MENACHEM BEGIN – THE FUTURE PRIME MINISTER OF ISRAEL…


Irgun propaganda targeted the British Army’s wavering morale, already dented by THE BOMB ATTACK ON THE MANDATE’S HEADQUARTERS – THE KING DAVID HOTEL IN JERUSALEM – WHICH KILLED 91 PEOPLE...

The pamphlet says that the occupation is... 'parallel to the mass assassination of a whole people', in language that echoes that used on a note pinned to THE BOOBY-TRAPPED BODIES OF TWO BRITISH INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS EXECUTED BY IRGUN that same summer...

"The Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, was also a leading terrorist. As leader of the Stern gang, a hard-line offshoot of the Irgun, he authorized the 1948 assassination of the UN representative in the Middle East. Count Folke Bernadotte was seen by Shamir as ‘an obvious agent of the British enemy."
Thus we see that the Israeli Jew, in his choice of elected leaders, has always had a historical fondness for those who were happy to slaughter the British.

Ariel Sharon, the ‘Butcher of Beirut’ was, like Ben-Gurion, also member of the Haganah. He was also the first leader of Unit 101, Israel's first special forces unit, whose primary purpose, in the early 1950s, was to terrorise Palestinians and other Arabs living in neighbouring states.

Anyway, folks, here we see Gordon Brown eulogising Jews who, at the very highest level, were intimately involved in the murder of British soldiers.

Gordon continued:
"My father taught me that loyalty is the test of a real friendship. Easy to maintain when things are going well, but only really tested in hard times. And as a constant friend of Israel, I want to offer the comfort of my support and the support of the British government."
What about Deir Yassin, Gordon? What about the King David Hotel, the booby-trapped bodies and that threatening letter? What about the Neoconservatives who want to change the course of history? Doesn't any of that count?

"No one people in history has more global reach and global connections for good than the Jewish people."
Global connections for good? Yuo have to be kidding, right? You know what Orwell’s Ministry of Truth says, don’t you folks?

"War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength"?
I don't think our Prime Minister would have much of a problem with such a Ministry, do you?
"You are truly global citizens."
Oh we know that Gordon. The Jews were always right behind the globalist putsch.

"106 years ago, Theodor Herzl - under whose portrait I am proud to stand as I speak today - set out his vision of the future in his book 'Old-new land'. He said that he saw Jerusalem as the centre of a global educational, medical and scientific endeavour, with - at its heart - 'a unique centre for all kinds of charitable and social ventures where work is done not only for Jewish land and Jewish people, but for other lands and other peoples too'."
Yeah. Jerusalem as the capital of the world. Isn't that mentioned in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Maybe not. Maybe it's some other creepy, self-Chosen tome.
"We should make the 21st century the century of the global community."
We’d rather not, Gordon. We’d rather not have 6,000 blokes who don’t give a damn about the rest of us running things if you don’t mind.
"A time when… we make a reality of the vision of a global society in which we create global civic institutions… And how do we champion this dream when so much seems to defy it? How do we ensure that the march of progress and justice is always toward those 'sunlit uplands'? We engage those who will lead after us. We reach out to the generations to come."
Ah. Sounds like Common Purpose to me. They’re after creating lots and lots of globalist leaders to teach the rest of us how to be good little globalist citizens and die quietly when the time is right.
"Already around a thousand young people come from Britain to Israel on volunteering programmes ever year."
Wow! A thousand more CST operatives, spying on the rest of us, that’ll be lots and lots of globalist fun! Check out the Community Security Trust here:
"I want hundreds more young people who do voluntary service in Britain to link up with the thousands who do voluntary service here in Israel --- bringing young people together, increasing understanding and realising the potential for the greater good."
On whose terms, Gordon? On yours? But you’re a traitor, my dear chap. New Labour has done nothing but give our country away to the fattest of the globalist fat cats since you and Tony B Liar first came to power. Just like Margaret Thatcher did.
"And what I want to propose today is in that spirit: a global citizenship corps".
Count me out, Gordon, sounds ominously Thought Police-like to me.
"And when - in these next sixty years - my sons follow in the steps that their grandfather and their father have taken, I also hope they will be able to see neighbours once enemies now friends. Then 'Next year in Jerusalem' will mean not only home at last but free from war at last; the greatest victory of all achieved - the victory of peace. And not only peace secured but prosperity achieved, so that in the words of the prophet Isaiah we turn swords into ploughshares so that there is never a need for swords again."
Except for the US and Israel, who will still have enough atom bombs between them to blow the universe to Kingdon Come.
"In the words of Theodor Herzl - if you will it, it is no dream."
Here is something else old Theodore once said:
"We, the Jews, are a people - one people. The world forgets, in its ignorance and narrowness of heart, that when we sink, we become revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of a revolutionary party; when we rise, there arises also our terrible power of the purse."
Thus he predicted the Russian Revolution, which was staffed at the topmost and intermediary level, by Jews and paid for, for the most part, with cash given to them by US-Jewish businessmen.

The company you keep, eh Gordon? And the people you sell down the river.

I wonder, if a bunch of Jewish cut throats crept into his constituency of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath and blew up a hotel with 91 people inside it and then snook off to the nearest village and killed every man, woman and child they found, do you think Our Dear Leader would tell on them? Do you think The Dear former Leader would tell tales on the Chosen? Or do you think he would blame somebody else?

Like Al-Qaeda, for instance. Or the BNP.

I doubt very much that he'd be pointing the finger at the heirs of Deir Yassin.

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