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What Gordon Brown celebrates

On 19 March 2008, Gordon Brown said this at the opening of the Black Britannia photographic exhibition at London's City Hall:

"This is not just a celebration of the achievements of fifty remarkable people, it is a celebration of the whole contribution of black people to British culture and to British public life. And we all know the contribution of black people to Britain goes far beyond that of the household names celebrated in this exhibition.

Quite simply, Britain wouldn't be Britain without the contribution of its black doctors, teachers, writers, business people, entertainers, artists, sportsmen and women."
10 Downing Street's web site added:

"The exhibition is a collection of photographs by one of Fleet Street's first black photographers, John Ferguson, and features photos of black British role models including Lewis Hamilton, Dr John Sentamu, Sir Trevor McDonald and singer Jamelia."
On 7 August 1996, two very young girls were gang-raped and another sexually assaulted in Leebank, Birmingham.

Tecuma Beckford pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to commit an indecent assault, having been charged originally with conspiracy to rape and received an 18-month supervision order. His brother, 14-year-old Tafarwa Beckford, was charged similarly and also received an 18-month supervision order.

In the early hours of 2 January 2003, Letisha Shakespeare and Charlene Ellis were gunned down outside the Uniseven salon in Aston, Birmingham. Two other girls were seriously hurt. They were all innocent victims of a violent feud between the Johnson Crew and the Burger Bar Boys.

Tafarwa Beckford, who had taken part in the incidents described above six years earlier, was a member of the Burger Bar Boys Crew that killed Charlene and Letisha. However, in March 2005, Justice Goldring told the jury at Leicester Crown Court there was insufficient evidence to convict him of the taking part in the killings and he was freed.

Others were not persuaded of his innocence. In August 2003, Beckford was shot in the head after news leaked out that he had been interviewed by the police in connection with the Aston shootings. Incredibly, he survived the shooting.

Jamelia is Tafarwa Beckford's stepsister.

Her half-brother, and his brother, violent drug dealer, Kairo 'Big Foot' Beckford, was jailed for 18 years for putting three bullets into the head of 19-year-old Daniel Bogle, execution-style. 'Big Foot' got the wrong man. Daniel was not a gang member and had never been convicted of anything.

Another of Jamelia's stepbrothers, Tesrod, was stabbed to death after pulling a knife on and stabbing Averol Miller in the stomach. Averol took umbrage at this and returned the favour with interest. He served two years for manslaughter after a judge said he was 'gravely provoked.'

The 'remarkable' person, Jamelia, is on record as having said:

"Family is very important to me. They're my brothers and sisters and I love them all."
Jamelia herself should have been at the New Year party where Charlene and Letisha were killed. However, it has been suggested that she stayed at home after receiving a warning. Later she admitted:
"I was dressed and my friends were at the house ready to go. Then I didn't fancy it."
Another stepbrother, Tesfah, was questioned but not charged over the murder of Charlene and Letitia.

Jamelia's father, Donald Williams, is an armed robber and has served five prison terms. As with many in Black Britannia's absent dad culture, he played little part in her early life. Jamelia's mother eventually set up home in Ladywood, Birmingham, with Asher Beckford, the father of 10 boys.

Tafarwa and Kairo Beckford had both been found not guilty of murder on previous occasions. When he was 18, 'Muscles' was cleared of shooting dead Stephen Clinton and Tafarwa had been sentenced to 30 months in jail after his gang killed a rival in 2001.

Another of Jamelia's step brothers, Tobias 'Tubs' Rowe, was seen, gun in hand, on CCTV during a street battle between black and Asian gangs in the Lozells district of Birmingham in October 2005. One man was killed during the confrontation and 35 others injured.

Rowe is wanted in connection with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit robbery, riot and wounding and has been on the run since failing to appear at a London court to face a dangerous driving charge in June 2006.

This is what Gordon was celebrating.

It is war, ladies and gentlemen. War on the cheap. THEY are herding us off the edge of the cliff like so many lemmings and the Beckford-Rowes of this world are the foot soldiers in this unspoken genocide. With the Beckford-Rowes at Street level, their half sisters at Black Britannia level and the Gordon Browns and the Tony Blairs just off the pace, the creatures in the shadows will not stop until we are all gone.

"We all know the contribution of black people to Britain goes far beyond that of the household names celebrated in this exhibition."
We sure do, Gordon. As we have to live with it, day in, day out, we are much more knowing than you, or those who saw to it that you got to slither to the top of the greasy pole in the first place, appear to be aware.

Of the 22 black 'icons' on view one was John Ferguson himself.

Another, of course, was Jamelia, of whom The Mirror says:

"Jamelia Davis was born in 1981 in Smethwick, West Midlands, and brought up in Birmingham by Zimbabwean-Jamaican parents… She performed at Nelson Mandela's World Aids Day concert… She has two daughters and last year was one of the headliners at London's RISE anti-racism festival."
Another of Ferguson’s top 22 was Ashley Walters, of whom The Mirror said:

"A former member of rap group So Solid Crew, where he was known as Asher D, Ashley Walters, 25 was brought up by his Jamaican mother (absent dad) in Peckham South-East London. Walters attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School, in London, from the age of seven. He appeared in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles at age 10 and Grange Hill at age 14.

AFTER A PRISON SENTENCE FOR POSSESSING A LOADED FIREARM, the London-born father-of-three is now a respected actor, starring in... The Murder of Stephen Lawrence… In 2004 he won Most Promising Newcomer at the British Independent Film Awards." (PC gong)
Other 'icons' (photos not taken from Ferguson's exhibition) included:

i) Hip-hop artist, singer, Estelle Swaray:

"... one of eight siblings born to Senegalese and Grenadian parents."

ii) Rapper, Niomi McLean-Daley, aka Ms Dynamite, who is:

"... the eldest of 11 siblings."

iii) Our Ugandan Archbishop of York, John Sentamu.

Tony Blair forced this bloke upon us. Sentamu had African drummers and dancers cavorting at his 2005 enthronement ceremony in York Minster.

iv) The stand-up comedienne, Gina Yashere.

After Lenny Henry, Ms Yashere is, to my mind, the least funny and most embarassing comic on the block.

v) Baroness Patricia Scotland (Blair appointee) was, according to The Mirror:

"The youngest person to take silk since William Pitt the Younger (PC appointment) (and) the first black woman. (PC appointment)

She received a life peerage as Baroness Scotland of Asthal in the County of Oxfordshire, (Tony Blair appointee) on a Labour Party list of working peers in 1997 - becoming the first black Attorney General in Gordon Brown's cabinet in 2007." (Gordon Brown appointee)
In other words, Scotland has never had a proper job in her life.

Whilst Attorney General, (top lawyer in the UK) Scotland employed an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper.

The Mirror also told that:

vi) "Born in Guyana, Valerie Ann Amos became Britain's first black woman cabinet minister in 2003, when she was appointed Secretary of State for International Development… (Blair appointee)

A Labour Party politician, she began her career in local government...

She was chief executive of the Equal Opportunities Commission from 1989 to 1994... (PC appointment) She served as Government Whip from 1998 to 2001, (Tony Blair appointee) and was spokesperson for social security 1998-2001, (PC appointment) international development since 1998, (Tony Blair appointee) women's issues 1998-2001, (Blair appointee) and foreign and commonwealth office 2001. (Blair appointee)

She was also the chair of the board of governors at Royal College of Nursing Institute from 1994 to 1998... (PC appointment)

She has been deputy chair of the Runnymede Trust, (foremost White-trashing organisation) a trustee of Institute of Public Policy Research... (PC appointment) She was created a life peer in 1997 (Blair appointee) and served as Leader of the House of Lords and Lord President of the Council." (Blair appointee)
In other words, Amos has, like Scotland, never had a proper job in her life.

"Britain wouldn't be Britain without the contribution of its black doctors, teachers, writers, business people, entertainers, artists, sportsmen and women."
Thus spake Gordon Brown on behalf of the unwanted immigrant, the corrupt politician, the PC Crowd and the Global Elite, who own and run them all. As for the the 'doctors, teachers' etc., one wonders how many indigenous Brits have lost out in the job market to these over the course of the last 64 years?

Oh, and just for the record, Gordon, Britain, as it is currently constituted, wouldn't be Britain without the contribution of its black murderers, rapists, pimps, drug dealers, muggers and absent dads as well.

It is war, ladies and gentlemen.

It really is.

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