Thursday, 22 June 2006

There's something comforting about Wayne

In the 9 April 2011 Telegraph article, 'Wayne Rooney resists all attempts at PR polish', Jenny McCartney says:

"There's something comforting in the incurable awkwardness of Wayne Rooney... his inability to play the public relations game is almost admirable".
Jenny, you're a clown. When all the Wayne-worshipping schoolboys live out their hero's behaviour in the classroom, do you think the teachers will think him 'admirable?' Do you think Mum and Dad willconsider him 'comforting' when their little boy insists that if a millionaire of the telly can say it, so can he? Do you think those who pass the Wayne imitators in the street will appreciate your comments when some casual, Wayne's world nastiness is aimed in their direction?

In Wayne Rooney, rudeness, aggression and self-indulgence surface much more often than they should. The last thing society needs is one of the ladettes, who, I'm guessing, lives in an area where the most brutish of the copycat kids will be a rarity, excusing thuggish, nouveau riche ignorance.

Pander to the the nastiness of dim celeb and his fans may behave likewise.
Simple stuff the Jennies would do well to learn.

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