Thursday, 22 June 2006

Britons must see themselves as a single nation!

On 31 March 2011, Baroness Pauline Neville Jones told The Telegraph that 'Britons need to see themselves as a single nation.'

The Security Minister, who is in charge of re-drawing Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy, added:

"We do need to have a much more conscious framework in which to transmit that message."
Conscious framework = More pro-immigrant, anti-British law.

"It isn’t something you can just assume people understand."
Those who do not understand must have understanding rammed down their throats!
"She is expected to outline a unity strategy."
Unity strategy = How Big Brother intends to implement the latest indentity-destroying laws.
"Integration in Britain which emulates the American dream."
Integration in Britain will emulate the most monstrously successful example of the dumbed-down, drugged-up, brainwashed, Anglo-bashing Brownworld that Big Brother's superior vision has, thus far, devised.
"... and creates a ‘palpable sense of national identity."
And creates the sheeple, lemmings, Stepford Wives, Animal Farm, Brave New World, 1984 and mental geldings required by the illuminated Animal Farmers who hang out with Big Bro.
"She said the ‘ideal state’…"
Big Sister said the Brave New World, Animal Farm, 1984, Stalin’s Soviet, Chairman Mao's little, red bookstore...
"... would not be achieved through policies."
New Law will not be the only weapon Big Brother will use to bash the recalcitrant!
"The Tories’ ‘Big Society’…"
The Tories’ Big Brother society...
"… is designed to create an active society."
… is designed to create a passive society.
"That process of cooperation and working with each other is part of a consensus of establishing what we all stand for."
Doing as they’re told and hanging out with people they don’t like will see them melting-potted more effectively.
"He criticised multi-culturalism and called for a more ‘muscular liberalism’."
Big Brother got the aliens in with multi-culturalism, now he needs muscle to impose their culture, their behaviour and their genes upon on the still unwilling within the dumb, British herd.
"She will talk of trying to ‘turn the propaganda tide’…"
Big Sister will tell us about the extra propaganda required.
"... in order to ‘get from the back foot to the front foot’."
... in order to stamp Big Brother's feet upon their faces.
"Lady Neville-Jones will also say that those on the ‘right-wing extremist fringe’."
Honest, unbrainwashed Britons.
"... who argue that the West and Islam are ‘eternally irreconcilable’…"
Who state the stone bleeding obvious.
"… have ‘more in common with the Islamist extremists than they might like to think’."
Big Brother doesn’t half talk a load of b***ocks at times.
"This is the very same argument advanced by al-Qaeda."
Big Brother wants you to think that anyone who dares to put the British first in the land that they made are just the same as those who perpetrated the London bomb attacks and killed fifty two people.
"She will say in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations."
Big Sister will say in a speech at the topmost of Big Brother's elite, globalist, New World Order tables.
"Lady Neville-Jones is expected to try and enlist American help in shutting down extremist websites."
Big Sister is expected to enlist the Great Satan in silencing the truth-tellers.
"Terrorist propaganda is like child pornography… and allows the ‘flow of poison across borders’."
Those who dare to speak out are perverts! Promoting the flow of truth, fact and real history beyond the reach of Big Brother’s censorship must cease!
Or else!

Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones is David Cameron's Minister of State for Security and Counter Terrorism.

From 1991 to 1994 she was Head of the Defence and Overseas Secretariat in the Cabinet Office and Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet. During 1993 and 1994 she was Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee. From 1994, until her retirement, she was Political Director in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in which capacity she led the British delegation to the Dayton negotiations on the Bosnia peace settlement.

She was appointed a BBC governor in January 1998. The lady pictured below would be a very Big Sister indeed then!

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