Thursday, 22 June 2006

Call the bluff of the big, bad bankers!

Jeff Randall headlined his 7 April 2011 Telegraph article thus:

"We must call the bluff of the big, bad banks!"
'We must call the bluff of the big, bad banks', Jeff? I'd rather call the bluff of the big, bad BANKERS. In my opinion, the worst of the trough-gobbling sub-prime merchants are thieves. Thieves on such a mind-boggling scale that they should be considered terrorists, seeing as how their fanatic greed has raised the National debt to a point where each and every family in this country is now indebted to the tune of £138,360!

You see, at this moment in time, Jeff, anyone suspected of terrorism can be arrested and held without charge for over a month. Well, haven't bankers terrorised us? Won't this particular form of terrorism continue long into the distant future? Won't our children and grandchildren be subject to the terror throughout the course of their lives? Well, wouldn't it be just grand if these terrorists were all gathered up and bunged in Brixton prison for a month whilst their crimes against the British people were investigated?

I reckon 99% of the mollycoddled Masters of the Universe would be begging to repay what they'd stolen from the rest of us after less than an hour in the same cell as your average Yardie gangster. And, hey Presto, we're all suddenly £138,360 better off!

Pigs might fly, of course. And, as long as the bought-and-paid-for politician rules in this country there's not a hope in hell he is ever going to turn on those who own him. But, with a Nationalist government in charge, with a top table occupied by those who actually care more for the British people morethan they do for the terrorists, treason trials for the worst of the wallet-stuffers and their parliamentary enablers area racing certainty.

On 10 April 2011, the 'Telegraph View' was, 'The banks are an asset to Britain'.

The Telegraph added:

"Doing too little will please the banks, but outrage taxpayers… Doing too much carries the danger that the banks will… relocate elsewhere, an option which several of their senior executives have already said they are considering."
I replied:

"The banks are an asset to Britain? Maybe. But the bankers? The trough-gobbling hogs who landed us all with a mountain of debt? Nah. Nationalise the wealth of the 'senior executives' and use it to help pay off the debts they created. That would perk up the people of this country far more than a massively inappropriarearticle telling us all what an asset the banks are."

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