Thursday, 22 June 2006

249,593 immigrants arrested in the UK in 2010?

According to information supplied by the 5 April 2005 edition of The Daily Mail, in just 19 of the UK's 52 police districts, 91,234 foreigners were arrested in 2010! As immigration soars foreign arrests double in just 3 years

If we extrapolate the 91,234 figure across the whole of the UK, we arrive at a grand total of 249,593 immigrants arrested in the UK last year!

Which is so 'enriching,' don’t you think? So wonderfully 'diverse' and 'multicultural!' And liable to produce such 'cohesion!' At least, that’s what you think if you’re an active member of the Labour Party, the Lib Dems or the Greens. Or you are happy to belong to the hug-a-hoodie wing of the David Cameron’s Tory boys. Or you are a PC activist. Or you are a bought and paid for government jobsworth. Or you are an immigrant yourself.

And if you dare to speak out about the damage the 249,593 are doing you are a 'racist,' 'Fascist,' 'bigot,' 'Nazi,' 'dinosaur,' 'little Englander.' And if you dare to speak out about the hidden statistics, those that include the second and third-generation immigrant criminals, you are an even bigger 'racist,' 'Fascist,' 'bigot,' 'Nazi,' 'dinosaur,' 'little Englander.'

Speak out anyway and hit back with the word 'traitor.' Your one world will be a thousand light years more truthful than any number of theirs.

In a 1944 essay titled 'The English People', George Orwell wrote with affection of the ‘gentle-mannered, undemonstrative, law-abiding English’.

He said that foreigners were amazed by our ‘gentleness… by the orderly behaviour of English crowds, the lack of pushing and quarrelling’. He also said that there was ‘very little crime or violence.’

Despite the war, that’s how our world was in 1944.

In 1955, the anthropologist, Geoffrey Gorer, was moved to say this:

“The English are certainly among the most peaceful, gentle, courteous and orderly populations that the civilised world has ever seen.”

That’s how our world was in 1955. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we had beforethe social engineers, those who know so much better and see so much further than the rest of us, decided to change it all.

By 2009, one uniquely honest Labour politician was admitting to this:

“In my constituency… there are now more violent crimes against the person than there were in the whole country 50 years ago.”
And now we have the figures. In just one year, around 250,000 foreigners were arrested in this country.

You know that politicians lie. You know they pander to the immigrant and take you for granted. You know they gobble at the trough. But I suspect that most of you didn’t realise just how treacherous they are. I suspect that you never understood just how profoundly they were betraying you, your children, your grandchildren and your ancestors' legacy.

I hope I’m still here when you wake up to what the politcians have done. I hope I'm still here when political correctness is made a capital crime. I hope I'm still here when the 'social engineers' are charged with treason, found guilty and strung up. I hope the good guys who do the stringing let the rest of us watch. I'd pay good money for a front row seat.

Any seat at all in fact.

Almost 250,00 immigrants arrested in the UK last year!

This is what THEY insist is"enriching" us!

This is what THEY insist we "cohere" with!

This is the "diverse" and "different" society THEY forced upon us!


Our own politicians are at war with us!

They should be arrested, charged with treason, found guilty and...


If you want your country back, vote BNP, National Front, England First etc. etc.


Quotes and statistics from The Daily Mail article:

“750,000 foreigner arrests are thought to have been made since 2008.”

“Peter Smyth, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: ‘I’m not surprised it’s so high because London is getting more diverse by the day'."

“In January 2008, Mike Fuller, then chief constable of Kent, warned that his force was struggling with an ‘immigrant crimewave’. He said surges in migrant numbers had contributed to sharp increases in violent crime.”

“An Association of Chief Police Officers spokesman said: ‘The growing number of new communities has certainly brought greater complexity to the pattern of crime and have contributed to already stretched resources’.”

“A Home Office spokesman said: ‘When people commit a crime they should feel the full force of the law regardless of their nationality. We are committed to removing foreign law breakers from the UK’.”


“Official figures show 5,235 foreign national prisoners were deported last year.”

That’s 5,235 out of the estimated 750,000 foreigners who were arrested since 2008.

PS. The 33 police forces that refused to supply the information were contravening a Freedom of Information request in doing so.


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