Saturday, 17 June 2006


Truthful Jews

Brother Nathanael Kapner
Norman Finkelstein
Israel Shahak
Henry Makow
Gilad Atzmon
Jack Bernstein
Bernard Lazare
Marcus Eli Ravage
Benjamin Freedman

Web Sites, Blogs and Books

The International Jew
When Victims Rule
Jewish Role in the Russian Revolution
Martin Luther: The Warning
White Hatred of Harvard Jew, Noel Ignatiev
Pawns in the Game
The Nameless War
Waters Flowing Eastward
Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
History of the House of Rothschild
Jews and the Black Holocaust
The Synagogue of Satan
A Priest Speaks
Jew Watch
No War for Israel!
Lady Michelle Renouf
The History of the Money Changers
Take Our World Back
The United States of Israel
The Controversy of Zion
History of the Jewish People
The Susser Archive
The Jewish Question
The Jewish Faction
The Plot Against the Church

Short Essays

The Jewish Mob in America
Jewish Democracy
It's Genocide
MTV and Hate
Who Rules America?
Mossad and the Jewish Problem
The Big Lie
America's Real Enemies
Shocking Differences
Rothschild Warmongering
Faustian Spirit and Political Correctness
What Terrifies America's Enemies
History and Significance of the NWO
The Terror That is Upon Us
Is it All an Accident?
Romanovs, Child Porn and Hate Laws
Marc Rich and the Rule of Law
Superman, Volkswagen and Lazar Kaganovich
While We Slept
Disney and the Jews
The Jewish Double Standard
Get Set for War
Murdering Iowa
Multicultural Justice
The Tragedy of Chautauqua County
Judicial Insanity and Schoolyard Massacres
Bill, Monica, and Saddam
Slime at the Top
The Lesson of Amy Biehl
A Trial in Jasper
Hate Crimes and the New World Order
Nationalism v the New World Order


Talmudic Judaism
Zionist Crime: the Cover Up
Baroness Tonge Speaks Out
No War for Israel in Syria and Iran!
The outrageous racist hypocrisy of Zionism
The thing that makes Judaism dangerous
Wall street funded the Bolshevik Revolution

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