Sunday, 18 June 2006

The worst Briton by a mile!

On 11 August 2002, The Northern Echo, local newspaper of the Sedgefield constituency, polled 887 constituents chosen at random and interviewed over the phone.

64.6 per cent were against the looming war. Just 17.6 per cent of Blair's constituents felt he would be right to support a US attack on Iraq. The Echo said:

"No one we contacted in the past week had a good, or sympathetic, word to say about Saddam. But time and again, our pollsters were told that people wanted real evidence that he possesses weapons of mass destruction before they were prepared to think about supporting a war. There was concern that Mr Blair is clinging too tightly to US President George Bush's coat-tails, and that diplomacy and the UN weapons inspectors had not been given enough time…

There was a deep worry that innocent civilians in Iraq would be the ones to suffer most from an attack… people suggested that Mr. Blair was concentrating too much on the world stage and not enough on the problems of the public services closer to home…

Peter Barron, editor of The Northern Echo, said: 'This represents a clear message to Tony Blair from his own backyard that there is great unease about this country's role in military action against Iraq.'

The feeling of many was summed up by Neil Hetherington, who runs the Nags Head in Sedgefield. He said: 'Tony Blair seems to be like George Bush's puppet. We should only go to war if there is a genuine threat against us'."
Thing is, in May 2005, 24,429 Sedgefield teletubbies voted for Tony Blair. Doesn't add up does it? How can a man, so universally despised, rake in so many votes? Are the people up there in Trimdon all thick? Are they brainwashed? Are they just a bunch of groupies who get turned on by bad behaviour?

Perhaps our former PM and his posse had read up on the sayings of old Joe Stalin, who once said:

"I care not who votes in an election, I care only who counts the vote".
Perhaps TB stuck us with the postal vote scam so that the Stalinists within the establishment can never be voted out. Perhaps, he stuffed a few ballot boxes, perhaps a few got lost.

Perhaps there are a lot of fluffy, little lambs up north who, when it seems safe, will whisper, 'we don't want this war.' But, when it comes to the crunch, will all bleat in unison, 'we do want this warmonger.'

Uncle Joe, as FDR used to call Stalin, is the second-greatest mass murderer of his own people in all human history. They reckon he polished off about sixty million whilst he was in power. Mao Tse Tung exterminated at least eighty million Chinese before and after the revolution.

Marxism, eh, isn't it wonderful?

Karl Marx was Jewish. Descended from Rabbis on both sides of his family. He was such a good Jewish dad that two of his daughters committed suicide.

Tony Blair's only got one daughter. She has, allegedly, tried to commit suicide twice.

In a Channel 4 poll of the 100 Worst Britons We Love To Hate, after more than 100,000 people had voted, Tony Blair came top by a mile. Margaret Thatcher came third. I remember being very encouraged by this at the time. To see two of the greatest traitors this country has ever produced in first and third did seem to suggest that there were plenty out there paying attention to the onward march of everything awful.

Jordan, (Katie Price) of plastic bosom and upper lip fame, came second by the way. (She's Jewish too)

Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson, Stephen 'Lyers' Byers, John Prescott, Lord Irving, Peter Tatchell, Edwina Currie, Cherie Blair, Nigella Lawson, Vanessa Feltz, Tracy Emmin, Posh and Ginger Spice, Naomi Campbell, Cliff Richard, Elton John, Ben Elton and Ian Duncan-Smith also appeared in the top 100.

I wonder whom the Sedgefield teletubbies and the Trimdon sheeple (those who voted for B Liar in 2005) thought the most awful Brit? Shakespeare, Nelson and Alfred the Great, probably.

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