Monday, 26 June 2006

Bernstein, Terry and Cappello

Speaking to the Italian TV station, RAI, on 5 February 2012, Fabio Cappello, manager of the England football team, was critical of the FA decision to sack John Terry as England captain without telling him.

He said:
"What really hit me and forced me to take this decision was the fact the much-vaunted Anglo-Saxon sense of justice, as they are the first to claim that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. In Terry's case, they gravely offended me and damaged my authority at the head of the England side, effectively creating a problem for the squad.

I have never tolerated certain crossing of lines, so it was easy for me to spot it and take my decision to leave."

Terry was sacked unilaterally by the FA Chairman, David Bernstein, because of his alleged racial abuse of fellow player, Anton Ferdinand.

'Innocent until proven guilty,' Fabio? Not any more, my son. Not where the made up crime of racism is concerned. Especially when those who foist those laws upon us have the power to exercise them.

On 14 July 2012, David Bernstein, who surprised some when he touched off his fellow Jew, David Dien, to become Chairman of the FA, was quoted thus by the Totally Jewish web site:
"This week The Football Association and The Holocaust Educational Trust launched a partnership. Together we will produce an educational programme to be made available to every English Secondary school. The partnership will harness the power of football to engage and reach young people with the content and teachings of the Holocaust.

England footballers will talk directly to young people about their experiences of visiting Auschwitz and Schindler's Factory; speaking to Holocaust survivors, and importantly their understanding of the evil of discrimination in any context.
This is an incredibly important project for The FA and I am delighted that Roy Hodgson and all the team have been terrific in giving it their full support.

We hope it will be another hugely valuable tool alongside all the brilliant work undertaken by the Holocaust Educational Trust and its partners. In football over the last 30 years we have learnt that by working in partnership and by providing role models and leadership, behavioural change can be affected."
'Behavioural change can be affected?'

Oh yes, it can be 'affected' in precisely the way the Bernsteins want it. They never stop looking for that angle, you know. If the Jews can gain an edge in the propaganda war, they will. Euro 2012? Poland? Get the boys over to Auschwitz! Have them think all the right thoughts and deliver all the right on-message platitudes in front of the camera. Record it, use it to influence the upcoming generations and, hey prsto! 'Behavioural change can be affected.'

I wonder if behavioral change would be affected if our children were subject to the video Secrets and Lies as often as they are to Holocaust propaganda?

Once upon a time, at the Labour Party website there were 6 subsections, one of which was titled Get Involved.

There was a photograph at the top of the page which features 8 recognisable individuals. One presumes that those in the photo represented the kind of people that New Labour wished would 'get involved' in their politics and party.

Of the 8 individuals featured, four were black men, one was a black woman and the remaining three were young, white women.

There were no white men at all.

At the bottom of the same page were told that the contents of the above page were:

"Promoted by David Triesman, General Secretary, the Labour Party."

Triesman, who was a significant figure in the Euro-communist movement of the 1970s, was ennobled by Tony Blair and made Baron Triesman in January 2004. During the course of Gulf War II, Blair saw to it that unelected, former Communist became an Under Secretary in the Foreign Office.

Triesman, who was Bernstein's predecessor at the FA, is Jewish as well.


  1. Anyone would think there is a conspiracy to impose an immigrant agenda on English football from on high.