Monday, 26 June 2006

The establishment isn't at war with the Asghars

On 2 December 2011, The Daily Mail quoted Alan Hazell, of the Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board thus:

“Laura’s situation was very complex, which made it difficult for agencies to engage with her. However, THERE WERE TIMES WHEN AGENCIES MAY HAVE WORKED DIFFERENTLY OR MORE EFFECTIVELY. All agencies which had links with Laura have taken part in the review and have already shown a strong commitment to LEARN any LESSONS the case has highlighted. This commitment has already been reflected in the work done to improve services for children and young people in the borough.”
So that’s alright then.

The Mail told us more:

“A teenage student stabbed to death and dumped in a canal was groomed for sexual exploitation by adults from the age of 12... Laura Wilson, 17, had been tracked by social services since 2005 after she was identified as being 'AT RISK' OF SEXUAL EXPLOITATION BY BRITISH PAKISTANI MEN...


The student was murdered in October last year AFTER BRINGING 'SHAME' ON TWO ASIAN FAMILIES... She had a brief fling with married Ishaq Hussain… and became pregnant with his child while she was in a sexual relationship with Ashitaq Asghar.

A few days before she was murdered and dumped in the canal she had revealed to the two families that she had had affairs with both men. After being informed of the relationship, ASGHAR'S MOTHER APPARENTLY HIT LAURA WITH A SHOE. SHE SAID HER SON WOULD NEVER HAVE A BABY WITH A WHITE GIRL AND CALLED LAURA A 'DIRTY WHITE B****', and she should 'keep her legs closed'.

THE TEENAGER HAD BECOME PREGNANT JUST A MONTH AFTER SHE TURNED 16 and gave birth to Hussain's child in June last year. Asghar pleaded guilty to murder in May, while yesterday a Sheffield Crown Court jury cleared 22-year-old Mr Hussain of Laura's murder after deliberating for nearly 11 hours.

Prosecutor Nicholas Campbell QC told the trial that Mr HUSSAIN AND ASGHAR MOUNTED A 'MISSION TO KILL' LAURA. They adopted the language of the cult British film 'Four Lions', a dark comedy about Islamic terrorists plotting an attack…

Asghar sent a series of texts to Mr Hussain using language from the film. Asghar talked about BUYING A 'SHOOTER' FOR £400 and he boasted about bringing his 'hit list' out. In fact, said Mr Campbell, the murder weapon of choice turned out to be a knife.
In one message, Asghar said to Hussain the day before she died which read: 'I'M GONNA SEND THAT KAFFIR B**** STRAIGHT TO HELL'… Hussain told the jury he did not plot anything with Asghar and there was no plan to kill Laura…

Laura's links with Risky Business - the town's child exploitation project - Risky Business, and the fact that THE RELEVANT AUTHORITIES KNEW SHE WAS HAVING UNDER-AGE SEX WITH PAKISTANI MEN DID NOT COME UP IN THE MURDER TRIAL AND HAS NEVER BEEN PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGED, the Time reported.

Earlier this year an investigation by the same newspaper triggered an assessment of street grooming. THE TIMES UNCOVERED A PATTERN OF CHILD-SEX OFFENDING INVOLVING PAKISTANI MEN AND GIRLS AGED 12 TO 16.”
An English girl ‘groomed’ and ‘exploited’ by men of Pakistani origin at 12, impregnated by one of them at 15, murdered by another at 17. A sordid, little tale of second-generation immigrant criminals, aided and abetted to the max by the PC Crowd in parliament, the police, the media and the so-called social services since before their victim was born.

These days, what does a second-generation Pakistani immigrant get for impregnating an underage English girl? What jail time does he do for foreknowledge of a would-be murderer’s intention to kill the mother of his child and doing nothing to prevent that killing? Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Not even any community service. Nothing.

The British establishment isn't at war with the Ashitaq Asghars, you see.

It's at war with us.

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