Monday, 26 June 2006

250 criminally active gangs in London

On 9 February 2012, The Daily Mail reported thus:

"Scotland Yard declared war on gangs yesterday as it emerged they are responsible for half of London’s shootings and one in seven rapes. Police said 4,800 gangsters were to blame for almost a quarter of the capital’s serious violence, a sixth of all robberies, 16 per cent of the drug trade and 20 per cent of stabbings...

New Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe is expanding the existing Trident squad, increasing its remit from probing shootings in the black community to all gangs. The force is also doubling the number of officers dedicated to gang crime from 450 to 1,000.

Police are aware of 435 ‘crews’ operating in London, but only 250 are criminally active. Of those, 62 are categorised as posing a risk of ‘high harm’ and are estimated to be behind two thirds of gang-related offences.

According to the crime figures, 480 rapes or 14 per cent of the 3,431 sex attacks in London every year are carried out by known gang members."
Let's suppose for a moment that this initiative is, to some extent, successful. Wouldn't that suggest that Scotland Yard should have 'declared war on gangs' when the problem first arose. I mean, if the gang problem can be cured by extra officers and pots of cash, was the 'cure' considered too expensive in the past? Did the politicians decide that all the the rapes, shootings, stabbings and robberies had to be borne because they didn't want to spend the necessary cash to sort it out?

And you know, ladies and gents, this is the time of austerity, isn't it? When there isn't much spare cash about. If they can fix it now, when the crime levels are so terrible and the money is scarce, why didn't they fix it at the start when it would have been so much easier do so?

You know the answer, don't you? THEY are at war with us. It suited them to have us permanently subject to the criminal cosh.

All the question posed above are rhetorical. Whatever an anti-British, PC establishment promises regarding law enforcement, things will stay the same at best or get worse.

Only those who care about the nation and its people can and would fix things. The globalists despise the nation state and the pride, peace and homogenous stability it implies. THEY will not rest until the whole world is theirs and the white race is gone.

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