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In the time of Margaret Thatcher, when the politician, the banker, the businessman and the lawyer advised us to put the privatisation, downsizing and outsourcing of our country's industry before the jobs that our sons and daughters would lose, and the drugs our futureless grandchildren would turn to, a good many followed that advice.

In the time of Blair and Brown, when we were told that globalisation and interdependence, concepts guaranteed, by definition, to rob us of our identity, control over our own affairs and yet more jobs, were wonderful things, we didn't wholly agree but we didn't make much of an effort to disagree either.

When the same men insisted that the invasion of Iraq was essential if we wished to remain safe, two million British people protested publicly but most of us did nothing but grumble as America, Oil, Israel and their Downing Street champions forced us into a war almost no one wanted.

The Chosen also told us that mass immigration was necessary and good for us. The immigrant may have believed this but very few others did.

We have been betrayed, ladies and gentlemen, and the fact that so many are still voting for those who have betrayed us is a terrible indictment upon what we are now.

If you were to work your way through just ten per cent of the contents of this blog, and then take the trouble to verify those things you find difficult to believe, your life would change forever. You would no longer be able to pretend that the politicians and the media darlings have not lied to you on a major scale or that they sometimes have your best interests at heart. The truth would be there inside your head and you would never be able to shake free from it. It wouldn't be just another loser spouting conspiracy theory, it would be you who was figuring things out and playing the Cassandra with your friends, family and neighbours.

It's a burden. To know the truth when it is not fashionable is hard. To tell the truth when honesty is illegal is even harder. If you know it, say it anyway. No matter what pressure THEY put upon you to desist.

Just to give you a bit of a clue as to what we are really up against, I'd like to introduce you to the most Orwellian declaration of intent that I have ever read in a mainstream British newspaper.

The journalist who wrote what you are about to read, felt secure enough in his own elite, establishment role to lay his totalitarian beliefs on the line in his own column and, as the newspaper's editor and owners were content to see such material published, one must presume that they also were not averse to seeing such a Brave New World imposed upon the dumb, British herd.

This is what was said:
"WIDESPREAD AND VIGOROUS MISCEGENATION (race mixing)... IS THE BEST ANSWER... Teachers are the most effective anti-racist campaigners in the country, this means more than education in other religions, IT MEANS A FORM OF POLITICAL EDUCATION.

Only people who understand the economic forces changing their world, THREATENING THEM... have a chance of being immune to the old tribal chants...


Once upon a time the intentions of the New World Order were confined to the novels of Orwell and Huxley, and the smoke filled rooms of the elder statesmen, the international financiers and the multinational corporation owners.

Not any more. If you bought a copy of The Observer on 28 February 1999, you could have read what is written above.

When I read this article I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. 1984? Animal Farm? We had arrived, we were there already. It wasn't paranoia after all, it was very, very real. It didn't matter what we did, it didn't matter what we said, it didn't matter what we wanted, it didn't matter how we voted, the same old dark manipulators would always be in charge and we better start getting used to it.

Or else.

The liberal commissar responsible for the casual sabre rattle recorded above was none other than that most languid Master of political ceremonies, Andrew Marr, top bloke at the BBC, eponymous host of Sunday morning's 'Andrew Marr Show' and one of the most powerful political journalists of the age.

In the 24 January 2010 edition of Marr's show, his luvvie guest, actor and director Mark Rylance, was discussing his latest play when he said:
"IT'S HARDER perhaps because of our imperial past and the nature of the history of England TO BE PLEASED OR PROUD ABOUT BEING ENGLISH. We used to have at the Globe a lot of difficulty trying to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday and St Georges Day without the National Front coming in..."
Marr replied:
"How you celebrate because part of this is very sort of DARK and DYSFUNCTIONAL too isn’t it?... I mean there is a certain amount of WILDNESS and MADNESS and CRUELTY. There’s cruelty in the play but THERE'S CRUELTY IN ENGLISHNESS TOO. IT'S JUST NOT AN EASY THING TO CELEBRATE."
Thus spake a Scot who, at University, was nicknamed 'Red Andy.'

The fact that this top-drawer melting-potter has been a member of the Brit-loathing Runnymede Trust is deeply instructive. The Trust is devoted to the advancement of everything alien and the silencing of all opinion that would defend a Britain as it used to be and the British as we once were.

The chattering classes have every bit as much of a hold over our lives as the politicians do. They hand our opinions to us on a plate, they shape our beliefs and attitudes. Everything the media throws at us, from cradle to grave, affects the way we behave and think. Shiny eyed zealots such as Andrew Marr, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown do not care what we want or feel, they care only for the promised land that their wisdom, their insight and their determination will lead us on to in the future.

So now you know. Now you know what THEY have been doing all this time. Now you know what THEY have been thinking all this time. Now you know what THEY are still doing and thinking and will carry on doing and thinking until THEY are stopped.

And they won't stop, you know. They won't, all of a sudden, come to their senses. They will not be having some kind of Damascene conversion when they realise what terrible damage their idiot, schoolboy Bolshevism has done to us. You see, we don't count, they do. We don't know, they do. It'll be good for us in the long run, you see. We don't seem to have realised that 'repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good.' We don't seem to be aware that if evangelistic upper-crust brainboxes like Marr 'stamp hard on certain natural beliefs for long enough' and 'kill them off,' why, we'll all live happily ever after in their global, elite-run Wonderland!

Remember this: that's us Andrew Marr was talking about. The British people. Actually, as Marr and Brown are Scottish and Tony B is Scots-Irish, (Cameron is mostly Scots, Clegg is half Dutch and a quarter Russian) I reckon the desire to 'coerce,' 'repress' 'civilise' and 'miscegenate' may be aimed pretty exclusively at the English.

So, listen up, little England, (and all you fair-minded Scots, Welsh and Irish folk) when the politicians and the media darlings sneer at 'populism,' they do so for very good reason. A populist belief is one that most of us hold. It's popular. If we were governed by populist belief, most of us would get what we wanted. The elite, however, would not.

What the majority in this country have wanted has been almost diametrically opposed to what the boss men have wanted for a very long time now. And so contempt is heaped upon and scorn is poured and spin is employed and intimidating laws are created in order to silence those who would inform the majority that, if they stick together and have the courage to hold out for what they want, they may well get it.

If, on the other hand, the totalitarian advice cited above did not cause the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up, well, so be it. If you were anything less than outraged at Marr's Johnny-top-bloke Bolshevism, join the club, old son. The British people have proved, time and time again, that they will put up with just about anything their traitorous politicians and media darlings throw at them. Rebellion just isn't part of the national psyche.

Dying quietly is.

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