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The Early Day Motion

One of the simplest ways one can gain an insight into the attitudes and beliefs of our parliamentarians is to study the use of an in-house parliamentary petition called an Early Day Motion. (EDM)

The EDM is a device which provides publicity for and draws attention to the most heartfelt views and causes to which individual Members of Parliament adhere. As such, it is a great way to determine what Westminster's lesser lights really feel and think, and a close analysis of this device is just about the most effective way of determining if he is really going to do what he promised at the hustings and represent the views and concerns of the ordinary voter in parliament.

Or whether, once he has been elected, the MP in question is more likely to undermine those views and concerns.

Let’s take a look at twenty EDMs that, I'm sure, most decent British folk would have signed if they had been an MP. Bear in mind as you do so that, of all the 350+ backbench New Labour MPs who could have signed the following EDMs, only twenty ever did. Put another way, if the cited EDMs could have been signed approximately 7,200 times by New Labour MPs, they were, in fact, given the thumbs up on just 29 occasions.

By the way, I’m no Tory, I’d try Margaret Thatcher, Nigel Lawson, Leon Brittan, Michael Hesseltine, Lord Carrington and Cameron for treason alongside Blair, Brown, Clegg, Harman, Straw, Mandelson and the Milibands if I was the boss.

"This House notes that Labour councillor, Lorraine Monk, elected in May 1998, resigned her seat due to a police investigation, following allegations of her being fraudulently entered on the electoral register; regrets the fact that the police terminated their investigations when Councillor Monk resigned; and calls upon Special Branch to re-open the investigation to ensure that any electoral fraud is firmly dealt with". (July 1999)
Lorraine Monk is black.
"This House condemns the Saatchi Gallery’s I Am A Camera, photographic exhibition of naked children and supports the campaign led by the News of the World newspaper, parents and police chiefs to highlight the dangers that this ‘art exhibition’ has to the well being and safety of children in this country; deplores reports that the FreshPetals paedophile website has directed its visitors to the BBC News website to view the pictures online; and believes that as child welfare issues and the real dangers posed by paedophiles to children in this country have never been greater an ‘exhibition’ of this nature is unacceptable and should be closed". (March 2001)
Lord Saatchi is Jewish.
"This House deplores the acceptance by New Labour of a £100,000 donation from porn publisher Mr Richard Desmond; believes it is no coincidence that this followed Government approval for Mr Desmond's controversial purchase of Express Newspapers; notes with surprise and disappointment the remarks by the honourable Member for Hamilton North & Bellshill that New Labour does not exercise 'moral judgement' over prospective donors; believes that Mr Desmond's titles are demeaning and degrading to women; and further notes the academic research showing a link between pornography and violence against women; and calls on New Labour to end its relationship with Richard Desmond and return this donation." (May 2002)
Richard Desmond is Jewish.
"This House notes with regret the decision of the BBC to cut the sung version of Rule Britannia from its programme for the Last Night of the Proms; and calls upon the BBC to reconsider its decision". (July 2002)
The conductor who decided to excise the favourite moment of most of those who frequent the Promenade Concerts from that years programme was the American conductor Leonard Slatkin. Gerald Kaufman, MP, is also on record as wanting Rule Brittannia removed from the Proms.

Kaufman and Slatkin are both Jewish.
"This House notes the conclusions of the latest independent inquiry into the Government’s handling of the foot and mouth crisis which accuses ministers of ‘ineptitude’, unpardonable delays in decision making’ and ‘massive dereliction of duty’; and believes that the Government’s devastating mixture of confusion, incompetence and incoherence is damaging the interests of farmers throughout the United Kingdom". (November 2002)
"This House looks forward to celebrating St. George’s Day on 23rd April; notes that England’s Patron Saint Day is an ideal opportunity for all English people to celebrate their country’s heritage and traditions". (April 2003)
"This House expresses its grave concern that Brendon Fearon, one of the burglars who broke into Tony Martin’s house, is now suing for civil damages in respect of the injuries that he sustained during his criminal acts, including his loss of sexual enjoyment and an ability to practice martial arts; expresses further concern that Brendon Fearon’s case is now being funded by the Legal Aid Board... urges the Government to look urgently at changing the law so that criminals who break into properties leave all their civil rights outside that property; urges the Government to reform the rules governing legal aid so that it cannot be claimed in such cases; and further urges the Government to note that 83 per cent of those surveyed by the Freedom Association believe that an intruder should have no case against a homeowner who takes direct action against them". (July 2003)
"This House notes that the proposed EU Constitution in its current form would fundamentally alter the relationship between the EU and its member states; and therefore calls upon the Government to hold a referendum before ratification of such a constitution can take place". (November 2003)
"Around one in 10 sexually active young women are currently infected with chlamydia… syphilis rates have increased by 500 per cent. In the last six years… gonorrhoea rates have doubled over the same period… National Health Service sexual health clinics are clearly unable to cope with the current demand… The Health Select Committee’s report on sexual health and its assessment that the present sexual health crisis has resulted from inadequate political pressure and leadership over recent years… Insufficient central guidance emphasising the importance of sexual health and a severe lack of performance management." (November 2003)
"This House expresses its deep concern at the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe; further notes with concern that the policy of quiet diplomacy has failed and that human rights abuses now abound in that country". (November 2003)
"This House recognises the importance of tropical rainforests in the balance of the global climate; notes that the Brazilian Amazon covers 5.2 million square kilometres, more than 60 percent of the country; further notes that the Brazilian Amazon contains about a third of the world’s rainforest and 30 per cent. of the world’s biodiversity; expresses concern that the number of trees felled in the Amazon region has risen by 40 per cent in the past year with almost 10,000 square miles of virgin rainforest being cut down; deplores the fact that the Government is cutting its programme aimed at saving the Amazon rainforest... to fund its reconstruction effort in Iraq; warns that this will have a detrimental effect on the global environment and it's indigenous people and calls upon the Government to reconsider its decision". (November 2003)
"This House regrets that the European Commission has floated the idea of abolishing the Made in Britain label in order to replace it with a label saying Made in Europe". (January 2004)
"This House notes… the statement from Dr Edward Green that… ‘having multiple sexual partners drives AIDS epidemics’; further notes that the... experience of Uganda, where all sex education programmes promote ‘abstinence and faithfulness'... has been followed by a 75 per cent decline in HIV rates among 15 to 19 year olds, making it the leading country in the world in successfully reducing the AIDS pandemic; further notes that the 2003 Annual Report of the United Kingdom Health Protection Agency states that ‘increases in high-risk sexual behaviour may be driving increases in STI...and HIV incidence’ and that in 2002 homo/bisexual men ‘remained at greatest risk of acquiring HIV’; also notes that the same Report states that one in 10 sexually active young women in England and Wales are infected with chlamydia, this same group accounting for 66 per cent of gonorrhoea cases and 62 per cent of syphilis cases; further notes that the sexually transmitted infections epidemic has followed the intense promotion of free contraceptives and the morning-after pill among teenagers.". (January 2004)
"This House notes the alarming rate of CFC leakage from end-of-life fridges; recognises the hugely detrimental effect of these gases on the environment; deplores the Government’s inability to provide figures for the quantity of CFCs recovered from these fridges; notes that figures from Wales suggest a leakage rate of over 50 per cent; and calls on the Government to publish figures for the whole of the UK as soon as possible, and to take action to reduce the rate of leakage as soon as possible".
"This House… supports the stance taken by sacked GCHQ employee Katharine Gun in exposing spying on the UN missions of six countries, as part of the failed US/UK effort to secure a resolution authorising war in Iraq (and) believes that it is a charge of the utmost seriousness that agencies acting under the instruction and authority of the UK Government engaged in unlawful wiretapping of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.". (March 2004)
"This House recognises that the Barnett Formula was instituted as a temporary measure to offset calls for devolution under the Callaghan government… it remains unfair and to the detriment of the English regions and to the advantage of Scotland and Wales; and ought to be replaced forthwith by a fairer distribution of funds throughout the United Kingdom". (March 2004)
Lord Barnett, who constructed this anti-English formula, is Jewish.
"This House notes the Government’s recent announcement of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emission levels in 2003; is extremely disappointed to note that carbon emissions have increased by 1.5 per cent. since 2002; further notes that in 1997, 152.9 million tonnes of carbon were emitted and 152.5 million tonnes were emitted in 2003; and therefore calls on the Government to explain why, despite so much being said by the Government on this subject, so little has been done to reduce this figure further". (March 2004)
"This House is disappointed to note that there are no laws ensuring that newsagents only display and sell adult titles from a top shelf out of reach of minors; and… urges the Government to consider introducing such a law as soon as reasonably practicable". (March 2004)
"This House notes the increasing enthusiasm amongst the people of England to celebrate St. George’s Day... believes that the celebration of St. George’s Day encourages national pride... and... calls upon Her Majesty’s Government to establish St George’s Day as an annual public holiday, giving everyone the chance to celebrate in future years". (April 2004)
Now, let's have a look at a few EDMs those we vote for WERE happy to sign.

The following 4 February 2003 EDM was signed by 74 MPs.

"This House notes the recent upsurge in inflammatory media coverage depicting asylum seekers as disease carriers and terrorists, notes how damaging such reports can be to people who have come to this country, in search of a safe haven and freedom from political persecution but also have HIV; believes that such media attention only fuels racism and stigma which is wholly counterproductive to the necessity to treat such individuals with respect and compassion".
Now, it seems to me that a politician whose first instinct would put the welfare of a would-be immigrant who is HIV-positive before any thought of the dire consequences that the importation of such diseases might have upon his constituents, poses an enormous threat to the wellbeing of those who elected him.

The unthinking sympathies of such people place the health and happiness of the native born population at tremendous risk. If the British electorate would protect themselves and their children from the blinkered generosity of these politically correct bleeding hearts, such one-sided generosity should not be tolerated.

The people of Britain should consider when, if ever, their politicians were as keen to act with such charity towards the British themselves.

73 MPs signed the following 19 June 2000 EDM:

"That this House welcomes the launch of the TUC's Stephen Lawrence Task Group's 'Root Out Racism' hotline; recognises the determination with which the TUC intends to tackle institutional racism, including the action plan with a major educational strategy... deepest thanks go to Doreen and Neville Lawrence for unstinting support and for their dignity and courage."
No less than 277 MPs signed the following 11 January 2006 EDM!

"This House notes that Holocaust Memorial Day is on 27th January, which is the day the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated; recognises... the importance of remembering the horrors of the past, especially when there are those who seek to denigrate and deny its significance; acknowledges the importance of this year's theme `One Person Can Make A Difference' and hopes it will encourage people to speak out against all forms of discrimination and injustice; remembers all those who lost their lives in the Holocaust... commends organisations such as the Holocaust Educational Trust for their work in educating on the horrors of the past, reaching thousands of students across the country; and encourages all hon. Members to be involved in a day that helps to ensure that the Holocaust is never forgotten."
If you are brave enough to investigate these things for yourself and wish to get a handle on just how traitoroulsy supine our MPs have become when dealing with such matters as the 'Holocaust', check out the YouTube video SECRETS AND LIES.

Here's an April 2004 EDM that, together with an amendment mentioning William Wilbeforce, 147 MPs were happy to sign:

"This House notes the leading role which Britain played in the transatlantic slave trade and that millions of enslaved persons passed through the ports of Bristol, Liverpool and London; further notes that a large proportion of Britain's black community are descendants of enslaved Africans; recognises that slavery is a crime against humanity; notes that many people of all communities in Britain want to learn about the history of slavery; calls on the Government to make the teaching of the slave trade and plantation slavery, mandatory as part of the national curriculum; commends the national museums and galleries on Merseyside for promoting National Memorial Slavery Day; and further calls upon the Government to initiate a National Memorial Slavery Day so that people throughout the country will learn about and remember the horrors of slavery".
3 Tories signed the 'slavery' EDM, together with 18 Lib Dems and 119 New Labour MPs.

This last EDM was introduced by Louise Ellman.

Who is Jewish.

See Louise Ellman and the slave trade here.

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