Monday, 20 June 2016

The death of Jo Cox - Cui bono?

Since the sad death of MP, Jo Cox, MP, the Remain campaign and the left-wing generally have been at pains to point out that the mentally deficient, care-in-the-community type who ended Jo's life appears to have had the odd tenuous connection with right wing websites and groups.

One of their favourite images of Thomas Mair, the alleged killer, currently making the rounds of social media, is this one.

Here's a photo of the killer at the time of arrest:
Check out the arms of the men pictured.

The 'Heil Hitler' chap is tattooed. The arrested gent is not.

I've pointed out this factual error to quite a few of those gleefully painting Jo's killer as a neo-Nazi but, as yet, none of these has seen fit to amend their inaccurate tweets.

You see, ladies and gentlemen, to those who would have us remain forever at the mercy of globalisation, to those who would not have us take charge of our own affairs, the lie that might facilitate victory is a thousand light years more preferable that a truth that will not.

The day before Jo died I asked David Cameron how the Global Few intended to stymie the rise and rise of Brexit.

Dave did not reply

Two thousand years ago, Cicero popularised the term, 'cui bono.'

If you want to find out whodunnit, and you're not sure how to go about it, ask yourselves this: 'Who profits?' ('Cui bono')

As regards the murder of Jo Cox, the Vote Leave campaign has certainly NOT profited. Many of the Remainers, however, have done their damnedest to link Thomas Mair with Brexit, UKIP, the EDL, 'Britain First,' and anything or anyone that smacks of British patriotism.

They seem to have had some success in this endeavour. This, alongside the halting of the tremendous momentum achieved by the out campaign in the days leading up to Jo's death, may well be enough to swing the vote.

Thomas Mair isn't right in the head. That much is certain. Such people, I reckon, are more easily influenced than the rest of us. Who influenced him? The far right? At a time when the most important matter any of us will ever partake of in a democracy is being decided?

Cui bono, ladies and gentlemen.

Cui bono.
R.I.P. Jo Cox.


  1. NOTES: Here's a few observations to make about the Jo Cox incident: 1. The person depicted in the media being attended to by police with the head dressing (not been explained) and labelled as Thomas Mair, who inexplicably has his face blurred out, is explained by some as apparently not Mair, but the pensioner who is said to have come to the aid of Cox and - according to the press - been stabbed. This would account for him not looking much like Mair and more like the 77 year old pensioner, however... did anyone see any blood on him in the video and photos produced? I didn't. Also why the head dressing? Also no stomach wound, he was sitting upright. 2. Cell phone video records 4 marked police cars and 4 unmarked black volvo/bmw's arriving at the same time, only one with flashing blues, all the occupants appeared to be male early to mid 30's, all of them seemed to be armed, all looked heavy built, muscular cops, more reminiscent of special ops. Not your regular turnout, as the incident was still ongoing the occupants look exceedingly casual. How did so many armed police get to the scene at the same time and so fast? Only about 8% of West Yorkshire Police are armed, only a small proportion of these would have been on duty at the time within the county and would not have been able to get there in convoy... unless they had been part of some kind of exercise. 3. Images of Jo Cox handbag, jacket and shoes but no sign of blood. 4. Apparently the hero pensioner's son used to teach Jo Cox at her school. What a small world. 5. Road rage incident at the Birstall Shopping Centre on Saturday left one man critically injured and fighting for life, and 4 men, from at least two other separate cars, under arrest.

  2. The person "attended to by police" can be seen handcuffed from around half way through the video.