Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Pat Condell: The moment of truth!

"We're being swindled out of our sovereignty, our democracy, our security and our freedom by corrupt self-serving politicians... The European Union is... akin to a new Soviet Union... It's primary purpose is to eliminate the need for democratic consent and to empower politicians at the people's expense and to make them our rulers, not our servants.

Career politicians hate democracy because it holds them to account, at least up to a point. It means that every few years they have to justify themselves to plebs like you and me. It must infuriate them to think that their influential well-paid jobs and their grand Utopian political projects depend entirely on the shallow opinions of idiots like us. Of course they're going to try and remove us from the equation. WE ARE THE PROBLEM!

The European Union was designed from the outset to take care of that problem by removing the people from from the governing process entirely so that career politicians and their friends in big business could form a cosy cartel for their mutual convenience...

If you look into many of the people urging us to stay in you'll find that they are motivated by grubby self-interest...

The real question? Who makes the laws that we have to live by and how accountable are they directly from us... If you can't remove the people who govern you, you live in dictatorship... (and) we cannot remove the people who run the European Union, no matter what they do.

Everything they've touched has been a disaster, they couldn't have done a worse job if they'd purposely set out to screw things up. And we want to give these people even more power?

Are we insane?

Their reckless insistence on wide open borders has turned a manageable refugee crisis into a full scale illegal invasion by hundreds of thousands of fighting age, third world Muslim men who never stop telling us how much they hate our society... And because none of them is screened in any way Europe is now riddled with Islamic State terror cells and everybody knows it's only a matter of time before the next massacre.

The two countries that have opened their doors most widely, Sweden and Germany, are now plagued by an epidemic of migrant rape and sexual assault while the police and the media do their best to cover it up.

Soon all those men will have EU passports and then they can come here and terrorise British women and there's nothing our miserable excuse for a government can do about it because they've sold out our sovereignty to a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who don't have to care what we think about anything because we've been left high and dry with no means of making them care.

Why would free people ever sign up to an arrangement like that?"
There will be some out there to who don't want to believe that what Pat is saying here makes perfect sense. Well, if that's the case, I reckon you must be stone thick, nuts or a bought-and-paid-for traitor to your tribe.

Or, perhaps, you're one of THEM. You know, a 'grubby, self-interested,' 'big business' and 'cosy cartel' type?

Ladies and gentlemen, whatever the grubby types encourage you to do, do your children, your children's children and the rest of us a great, big British favour and DO THE OPPOSITE! Always! Whatever THEY want, don't let them have it.

I promise you, as does Pat and, nowadays, so many others, THEY do not have your best interests at heart.

Vote leave on Thursday June the 23rd.


  1. Also interesting is news blackouts: BBC/ITV and Sky who is pulling their strings? Perhaps people should check out what is really happening in France. Watch a very short vid called "Breaking news: Paris at War - Media blackout" - it is on u tube - just google! Afterwards tell us you really want it here in the UK - Vote out!

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