Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Alfie speaks for England!

On 30 May 2016, Alfie, a Tower Hamlets taxi driver, spoke for the working-class people of this country when he said his piece on Andrew Castle’s LBC show:

"I am ashamed of my politicians, they are putting money before people. I drive all around this country and all I see is towns and cities that are completely gone forever... I live in the East End and it’s gone, our way of life has gone, our communities have been decimated.

I have to wait three and a half weeks for a doctor's appointment. Ten years ago, I could walk in on the day. I was on a housing waiting list for four years!

No one asked me. No one asked my friends to be forced out of our area. No one asked for our wages to go down. We’ve just had it dumped upon us. I am sick to death of middle-class people and business people telling me how great it is! Because it doesn’t affect them!

There is no East End any more. They are going to talk about the East End as history. Everything is about money, money, money! It incenses me.

The politicians doing scaremongering offend me. I'm ashamed of them. I'm ashamed of the people who voted them in. It riles me so much. All these people for staying in haven't got a clue what it's like to be a working class man in this country."
Tony Blair: The Future of Europe!
"We all know who the biggest traitor, the person whose going to go down as the person who broke this country, who killed Britain, is Tony Blair, with his uncontrolled immigration. He didn't care about it...Mandelson has told us he didn't care... he sent people out to get people here.
David Cameron's done exactly the same... He has no interest in stopping immigration... He could have stopped it completely.... Politicians have no interest. It's all about big business, as usual."
Thanks, Alfie.

WE ARE NOT ALONE! Huge numbers are now alert to the bestial century-long scam that is globalism and its melting-pot consequences. Essentially, the scam is anti-White. It's anti-Alfie. It militates savagely against the lowly white majority in the lands that they made.

As one London taxi driver so eloquently elucidates.

#VoteLeave #Brexit

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