Friday, 6 May 2016

Giggling Africans terrify French girls with replica guns

Enriching, huh?

Anyone out there think a European politician, or a journalist who wants to slither that bit further up the greasy careerist pole, is going to blow the whistle on the things diversity finds hilarious?

We don't think so, do we?

I mean, shouldn't we be told that an African is only having fun when he waves a gun under your nose? We might react badly, knock his block off and end up in court accused of racist GBH! Whereupon, the humourless European sourpuss would end up behind bars for responding in such an outrageous way to a lovely, fluffy non-native comedian who was only trying to enrich us with his comedy.

Will they, ever, do you think, warn us of the consequences of mass immigration?

Thanks, politicians.

Thanks, media.

Thanks, PC Crowd.

Thanks, sheeple.

For putting the foreigner light years ahead of the indigenous for more than six decades now... No matter what they do, no matter how they behave...

And for murdering our world...

Thanks a lot.

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