Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What does it matter if those we vote for murder our world?

On 14 September 2015, Breibart News quoted Labour MP for York Central, Rachael Maskell, thus:
Ms Maskell can be seen saying what she said in this video (note the applause from her left-wing audience):

My own Twitter intervention and the subsequent response from Joe Public can be viewed at: What does it matter if those we vote for murder our world?

One wonders what Ms Maskell's own working-class constituents would make of what she says here.

Do you think so many would have voted for her if they had known she was up for 'saturating' their world with people wholly unlike them? Do you think the fact that their MP didn't see them waiting 'another week  for a hospital visit' as a problem, might not go down so well?

Huge numbers of indigenous British people have already ethnically cleansed themselves from their own ancestral stamping grounds because of the relentless pressure exerted by immigrant communities settling aggressively in their area. In the capital of England, immigrants now outnumber native Britons by a considerable margin. Do we think that those that are left will warm to the anthem of the 'city slightly fuller' crowd?
"Class sizes... bigger... things... more challenging... pay... more into the system."
Way to get a traitor de-selected, Rachael!

Rachael Maskell MP @ Twitter - @RachaelMaskell

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