Tuesday, 15 September 2015

We are too valuable to accept refugees!

Al Shalami can be seen saying this here:

We're the bad guys, though. 

You know, we white folks? We Christians? We 'racists?' Yeah. We racists have to wipe the behinds of the world. Even when we aren't related. And we'll be even bigger racists if we don't. Even if we haven't got much. We must take care of everyone else's refugee.

The oil-rich folk don't though. Oh, no, not the Arabs. At least not all of them. Those with plenty of cash and plenty of room just don't seem too keen. But no PC person on planet earth is going to call an Arab who doesn't want to take care of his own crew nasty names for not doing so.

And, of course, when they get to Europe, the immigrant is not going to be lodging with Angela Merkel and David Cameron. And they most definitely won't be rooming in any of Tony Blair's various mansions.

Funny how these never put any pressure on the Saudis and the Qataris, isn't it? I mean, it's because of them that so many Syrians are now seeking asylum in the house we built. You didn't know that? You didn't know that Saudi and Qatari money and American hardware and Turkish collaboration created ISIS?

And Saudi jihadis. And 'British' and French and German and Russian.
And 440 from Belgium, 300 from Sweden, 250 from the Netherlands, 200 from Austria, 150 each from Norway and Denmark, 100 from Spain, 80 from Italy, 40 from both Ireland and Switzerland.

When the Germans have their 800,000 and we have our 20,000+ and the rest of Europe has the quota Merkel and the EU bigwigs manage to force upon them, how many more ISIS types do you think Europe will have to cope with? 

For that matter, how many more institutionalised paedos (the prophet Mohammed married Ayesha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9) will they be brushing under the carpet?

Those who know about these things think just 70 ISIS fanatics have made their way to the battleground from Kuwait. This should surprise no one. When you're not in the business of welcoming enrichment into your world, you're not going to produce as many future revolutionaries as those forced to accept a whole lot of disgruntled undesirables they never wanted.

Without aggressive American, British, French and Israeli interference in the Middle East and Afghanistan, there would still be the odd refugee but there would be no refugee crisis. Elite imperialism unleashed hell in these regions. And now, just as the same brutish world-changers did in 2008, after they screwed up the financial world, they insist that we pay for their psychopathic behaviour.

There will be blood. 

There will be blood here, just as there is elsewhere. Those who own the Camerons, the Merkels and the Blairs and control the Fahad al Shalamis will see to that.

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