Monday, 17 August 2015

A Norwegian MP speaks out

In May 2011, Norwegian MP, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of Progress, said this at a party convention in Oslo:
"The Labour Party has turned Oslo into an ethnically divided city... the indigenous population is moving out and non-Western immigrants are moving in.

Norwegians feel ostracised in their own neighbourhoods, children don’t feel at ease in kindergartens, schools... Blonde girls are harassed into dying their hair dark...

On evenings and weekends cars are set on fire, windows smashed in at schools... it is part of everyday life in the multi-cultural Grorud Valley in Oslo.

One of the people who decided to move away is Patrick Åserud. Patrick works in a kindergarten like his wife... But they can no longer stand the Labour Party’s demographic experiments. As Patrick told me: An ethnic and cultural self-annihilation is taking place and, worst of all, we are allowing it to happen...

The modern Western civilisation based on science, secularity, democracy, equal worth, equality, pluralism and freedom is gradually giving way to forces representing the opposite.

The changes are applauded by the cultural relativists of the political elite, academia and journalists, recruited from a one-sided radical environment.

We in the FRP have been accused of being extremist. Dear Congress defending our values of liberty without compromise is not extremist. It is extremist to cave in every time, to special demands which undermine our own culture and the values our country is built on.

And it is both radical and extremist to carry out immigration policies which in a matter of decades will make the indigenous population a minority in its own capital.

One of George Orwell’s many quotations says...

'In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act'...

I will continue to be a revolutionary."
After making this speech, Christian was charged with inciting racial hatred. A complaint to this effect had been filed by the youth wing of the Social Democrats and acted upon by the police.

The charges were eventually dropped.

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