Sunday, 28 June 2015

US Neocons offered BNP cash to stop criticising international bankers!

Nick Griffin révèle une tentative de corruption... by ERTV

In this video, Nick Griffin exposes a 'serious, systematic, hugely funded effort by a section of the ruling elite' to take over British Nationalism via the promotion of the EDL and others.

Tame 'puppets' would then concentrate on criticising Islam only. Griffin says:
"... a serious, systematic, hugely funded effort by a section of the ruling elite by a Zionist Neocon clique, to dominate, simply take over Nationalism and turn it into their tool. To encourage the the white working class to go and fight their wars so that when the banking collapse comes people are looking in the wrong direction instead of at the real culprits...

We were offered money by the United States... They only wanted two things. They only wanted us to concentrate on criticism of Islam... They wanted us to drop our criticism of the banking system."
Even now, it's nice to hear the BNP's former leader speaking out about this kind of thing. (He was deposed as head of the BNP shortly after this) Just a shame that most Nationalists never heard a whiff of it at the time. (2007)

Thing is, Nick, at the time this was happening, indeed, from 2005 all the way through to 2010, you, yourself, imposed a total block of any criticism of 'Zionist' misbehaviour upon the membership. And, as most of the leading Neocons and almost all of the movers and shakers within the 'banking system' just happened to be Zionists, no BNP member was able to criticise those whom you now castigate without risking ejection from the party!

That edict upset a lot of people and produced the tensions which saw a lot of good, hard-working nationalists leave, be forced to resign or be sacked. So, what is this, Nick? An attempt to rewrite history?

I never knew that the Neocons had approached you personally, but, boy-oh-boy, was I one hundred percent aware that NONE were allowed to point out Jewish misbehaviour of any kind. It was this censorship of the facts by someone who was engaged at the time in, as he saw it, grown-up 'realpolitik' that tore the party apart, Nick, not Neocon-and-pal machination. The Gospel of St. Nicky was paramount and this decreed that none should inform the rest of the stuff we knew by heart.

Tell the truth, my dear chap. That's what most BNP folks wanted back then and that, I'm sure, is what they are standing out for still.

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