Saturday, 27 June 2015

Islam is a religion of peace!

On 26 June 2015, at least 15 Britons were shot dead in the holiday resort of Sousse, Tunisia. 

The final death toll will almost certainly rise to more than twenty.

Seifeddine Rezgui, a 23-year-old engineering student, is said to have carried out 'the deadliest terror attack against British citizens since 7/7.'

On the same day, delivery driver Yassin Salhi, tried to cause a major conflagration by ramming his vehicle into 'an area containing flammable liquids' in a factory near Lyon, in France.

The head of Salhi's boss was later found hanging from a perimeter fence.

Also on the 26th, 27 people died in an attack on a Shia mosque in Kuwait City. 227 others were wounded. An ISIS-affiliated group claimed responsibility.

On the same day, ISIS killed at least 145 civilians in an attack on the Syrian town of Kobani and a nearby village, in what a monitoring group described on Friday as one of the worst massacres carried out by the hardline group in Syria.

On the same day, the militant Islamic group, al-Shabab killed at least 30 people in an attack upon an African Union military base in southern Somalia.

On the same day, David Cameron said 'Islam is a religion of peace.'

He is wont to come out with such crassly insensitive sentiments when Muslims commit atrocities. Here are a few more:
"There is nothing in Islam that justifies acts of terror.." (After Lee Rigby was murdered by black Muslims) 
"They don’t represent Islam or Muslims in Britain or anywhere else in the world." (Reaction to the massacre by Al-Shabab in Nairobis’s Westgate shopping centre)
“It is nothing to do with one of the world’s great religions, Islam, which is a religion of peace." (Following the slaughter of 132 children and 9 adults at a school in Pakistan in December 2014)
“These people in Iraq and Syria doing these appalling things, they have nothing to do with the great religion of Islam, a religion of peace. A religion that inspires daily acts of kindness and generosity." (At the Eid festival in 2014, following the beheading of British and American hostages by ISIS)

Adolf Hitler once said: 'if you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.'

Cameron does and will continue to do likewise to keep the ambitions of his globalist masters on track, no matter how at odds his statements are with the facts. Kill the foreigner in his own back yard, praise him to high heaven in ours. That's the strategy. Perpetual war on them, perpetual war on us via the hatred thus engendered.

How many Muslims has the British establishment imported in the last ten years, do you think? You know, since 7/7/2005? How many British born Muslims have been radicalised by the slaughter launched by those we vote for in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria? How many more have come to hate us because of our rulers' unwavering support for an Israel that can do whatever it wants, with routine and uncaring savagery, to the Palestinians?

THEY are at war with all of us, ladies and gentlemen, they really are. How many times have I said this over the course of the last twelve on-line years? Hundreds probably. It's as true now as it was when Tony Blair lied us into war with Iraq in 2003. And it will never stop. Not until world government by the unscrupulous few has been hammered into irremovable place once and for all.

Not until then.

Unless, of course, we, the teeming billions who live and die at their whim, remove them.

War IS coming, ladies and gentlemen. 

Not just over there and not just over here now and again. It is coming to us as it came to the Middle East, the countries of the Arab Spring, Africa and the Ukraine. War is coming. War where such random-seeming atrocity as that cited above is commonplace. Those who own the Camerons, the Browns, the Blairs, the Bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas will not rest until the whole world is ablaze.

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