Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Europe - entrenched in political correctness

On 27 February 2015, Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, said this in his his annual 'state of the nation' speech in Budapest:

“Europe today still entrenches itself in political correctness and encircles itself with walls of taboos and dogma… We let go of the erroneous theory of multicultural society, just before Hungary was turned into a refugee camp.
And we abandoned the liberal social policies that do not recognize the public good and reject Christian culture as the natural, perhaps only natural, basis for organizing European societies… We shouldered unworthy attacks and accusations and abandoned the dogma of political correctness. 
As I see it, the Hungarian people are by nature politically incorrect, or have not yet lost their common sense… They do not want to see masses of people of a different culture in their country who are incapable of adapting, who represent a threat to public order and their jobs and their survival…

Liberal politics only knows two kinds of opinion: its own and the wrong one.” 

Talk about a breath of fresh air! A world leader who manages to tell the truth, put two fingers up at PC and stick up for his own folk all in one go!

I'm with you, Vic! Do your best not to abandon the own-folk-first-political-correctness-last patriotism when the global elite and their bought factotums are bombarding you with b***ocks, there's a good chap!

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