Thursday, 9 April 2015

David Duke and Jewish supremacism

On 7 April 2015, Dr. David Duke appeared on Argentina TV with Adrian Salbuchi.

Most of the the ninety minute interview below features his observations.

Here's a sample:
"Every people on this earth must have the right to be free and to be independent... Every nation, every people should control their own destiny, their own future, should have a Nation in their own values and traditions, and rule themselves; not be ruled by some far off entity, or some other alien entity.

That to me is the very core of human rights...

The Palestinians, we've had 600,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed; driven from their land through TERRORISM. Their land was stolen, they're periodically murdered. They are genocided as a people and Israel is the real terrorist state in the world.

But Israel could not have done this to the Palestinians just from the power of Israel itself. The only way that was possible was because of the Zionist influence in all the other nations...

They really dominate American politics. They control the financing of American elections. They control the printing of American money through the Federal Reserve. They control American foreign policy.

Today our Secretary Of State is a man named John Kerry. He comes from the state of Massachusetts. And Kerry is a very traditional Irish name... Being a Kerry is very advantageous in politics in Massachusetts. But his true family name is not Kerry. He passed himself off as Irish.

But.. his real family name is called Kohn - Hungarian Jews... not a drop of Irish blood. So, he is our Secretary Of State, and when he does America's bidding around the world, he's not doing America's bidding. He is an agent for Israel and the Zionist issue...

It's really amazing to see how many Foreign Ministers around the world are not of the people of that country."
The rest of interview can be seen here:

If you don't believe the things that Dr. Duke says, check them out.

In fact, check them out anyway, even if you DO believe them. If you take ownership of the information put before you, you are more likely, not just to remember it, but to introduce to others with more conviction.

Hold his testimony to account. If you find ANYTHING that happens to be incorrect, or exaggerated even, get in touch with him and give him a piece of your mind. He, actually, encourages you to do just that during the course of the interview.

Same goes for me. I make the odd mistake. When it's pointed out, I apologise and thank the person who put me straight. Politicians also make mistakes. But they lie as well. In fact, most of them probably lie more than they make factual errors.

Politicians deliberately deceive. I never do that. Once in a while I make a mistake. David Duke will have made a few along the way. But I doubt that he's ever tried to deliberately mislead anyone when he's discussing these matters.

Check out the video.

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