Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Sixty five years of success!

On 2 June 2013, when Michael Gove gave this speech at the 'Closer to Israel' gathering in Trafalgar Square, (celebrating Israel's 65th year) he was our Education Secretary.

He is now the Chief Whip.

"I'm proud to be a friend of Israel and proud to be a Zionist... Over the last 65 years the Jewish people have built a home. And that home has been, as it was prophesied it would be, a light unto nations.

For the last 65 years in a tough neighbourhood, the Jewish people have built a home which is a safe haven for democracy. For the last 65 years, against formidable odds, the Jewish people have ensured that the rule of law, respect for others, freedom, tolerance, a belief in education, a belief in the worth of every individual has flourished. That light has never been extinguished...

It's so important that all those of us who are friends of democracy, friends of freedom and friends of Israel take the opportunity, whenever it is given to us, to stand up and say proudly Israel has achieved amazing things, it's people are showing courage at a difficult time...

We stand with you in your struggle for democracy...

There are politicians in every party, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour, who are friends of Israel. It is a cause the transcends party politics, it is a cause that unites everyone who values democracy and who believes in peace...

You all have a wonderful time. Happy Birthday, Israel. Let's celebrate 65 years of success."

Success for whom? For the Palestinians? Go ask them, inside and out of Palestine, whether they feel successful, Mr Gove. Go ask the mothers of the dead children. Go ask the children of the dead mothers. Go ask those who have their homes bulldozed to make way for another high-rise tower block for non-native settlers.

Go ask those who have suffered tremendous privation for seven long years under the punitive and malicious Israeli blockade.

I don't think they'd agree with much you have to say here.

Apart, of course, if they follow their Westminster politics, from the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour Friends of Israel bit. Oh yes, in these days of social media, there will be quite a few who know all about the bought-and-paid-for wagtails of Westminster, a-slithering-up-the-greasy pole with the help of the considerable resources of Zion.

Five weeks after Gove said what he said here Israel was, once again, bombing the f*** out of the Gaza Strip. By the time those 'who believe in peace' had finished ensuring that 'respect for others, freedom, tolerance' and 'a belief in the worth of every individual' was flourishing in Gaza, 2,200 of its inhabitants, many of them women and children, lay dead. Many more were horribly injured.

You, the parliamentary Friends of Israel, the Elders of Zion and the choicest bits of the Jerusalem, New York and London street may call it '65 years of success,' Mr Gove.

But, trust me, there is an illuminated universe of decent folk who don't.

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