Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Nanny from hell

Actually, the nanny in question, Jolly Tumuhirwe, isn't from hell at all, she's from Uganda.

Uganda is one of those far off magical wonderlands where all the lovely, fluffy diversity comes from. You know, that so-much-better-than-us stuff that the politicians and the PC Crowd have insisted on forcing upon us for the last sixty six oh, so enriching years?

Anyway, that's where Jolly Tumuhirwe comes from.

If the Blairs, Harmans, Straws, Cleggs, Camerons, Diane Abbotts and the rest of the PC firmament were ever in need a nanny, I might consider recommending Ms Tumuhirwe, if it wasn't for just one thing.

I've got nothing against their kids.

Jolly Tumuhirwe has since been jailed for four years.

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