Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Jewish students paid to post pro-Israel comments on line

To give you an idea what this student type might get up to I could have cited a little of the Twitter argument that took place between myself (and many others) and the usual suspects when Israel was, yet again, doing its slaughterous fish-in-a-barrel thing in Gaza.

Sneering insult and smear was the order of the day from the oppo. Often one got the impression that, actuality-wise, those engaging in this nastiness didn't know their a*** from their elbow. They, as you might imagine, could not have cared less.

Anyway, instead of a lengthy Twitter spectacular, I'll draw your attention to a piece on Tumblr. I feature in this little exposé, described as a 'neo-Nazi.' As it happens, I'm no such thing. I tell the truth. In particular, I tell the kind of truth that the animals at the top of the tree do not want told. It occurs to me that 'Longer Soupy,' the chap who constructed this article, is very much the kind of 'student' whom said animals might finance in order to try and intimidate the truth teller. Here's his raison d'etre:
"I created this quick and rather imperfect antifascist guide on Twitter some time ago. It was originally written as a series of tweets. It attempts to explain many of the characteristics found amongst neo-Nazis, antisemites and unremorseful racists who litter social media, and in particular, Twitter.

It is meant to be used as a series of tweets, please feel free to cut and paste it into Twitter... How to spot & avoid those that probably like hardcore racist or antisemitic material on Twitter."
Thus, we can see that Soupy wants his readership to automatically reject anything his definition of a bad guy ('antifascist,' 'neo-Nazi,' 'antisemite,' 'racist' 'hardcore racist') might be. Well, when you've been at the receiving end of such ad hominem garbage as long as I have you will almost certainly have learned how to defend yourself from these crude attempts at censorship. Here's an example of one of the ways I routinely deal with such would-be censors:

Jewish truth-tellers were responsible for the statements cited above. How do the Long Soupies deal with these? Are these anti-Semites? Are these going to be threatened with arrest and imprisonment if they dare to let too many anti-Semitic cats out of the bag?

We don't think so, do we? Throughout Europe a good few honest non-Jews have been imprisoned for publishing sentiments such as these but, so far, the authorities have not dared to punish the Jew similarly. So, if I quote the facts broadcast by the Jewish worthy, what can 'authority' do?

Very little that, in a court of law, would stand up to forensic scrutiny, I dare say.

As Mira says, 'it's no longer that easy to get away with murder' now. Nor is is anywhere near as simple for the apparatchik paid to protect the murderers to do so simply by hurling invective at those who would expose them.

Long Soupy and Zionism's student blue-pencil merchants would do well to remember this.

P.S. At one point in his advisory article, Soupy suggests we 'look out for... words like, 'New World Order,' 'Rothschild,' '9/11' and 'cabal.' Such terms are, apparently, indicative of 'serious conspiracy stuff.'

One imagines, then, that those who pay the Soupies to usher us away from such matters, do not want them investigated in any depth. Reason enough to carry on doing so, I say.

In his list of proscribed bogey words there was one other that, according to Soupy, ought to set the alarm bells of the upstanding anti-Fascist ringing.

That word was 'truth.'

Says it all, don't you think?


  1. I would love to get paid to do this. To be honest muslims in Britain and muslims in israel would be the same type of barbarians. Jews arent raping young girls or killing people for 1 quid

  2. Jews in Israel are slaughtering "young girls" and killing people for the fun of it. Also, via the US Neoconservative movement, they got bought Prime Minsters and Presidents to slaughter Iraqis. This, in turn, causes the Muslim world to hate us.

    At the same time as Zion does this, it instructs said bought PMs and Presidents to flood our world with those who "hate us."

    At the same time as it does this, Zion creates race law in our country to promote the immigrant and demote and disenfranchise us. Check it out:

    And then, of course, there's political correctness, which hamstrings the sheeple and prevents most from ever daring to speak out. Cultural Marxism, from whence PC is sprung, began life at the Frankfurt School in 1923. Almost all of the original "students", and those who, subsequently, spread the word, were Jewish.

    I'm no apologist for Muslims. I'd castrate, then execute, any who played the paedo with our little girls. I would then deport their families. I'd also deport the families of the criminals. I would also prevent any more them coming here.

    However, Evil is evil, from wherever it springs. It springs eternal in Israel and where Zion's financial levers can corrupt the Western leader.

    If you wish to play the "my gang, your gang" thing, play it for Whitey. The immigrant is the footsoldier of the Frankfurt School type. They are the Generals.

    They, along with our bought politicians and equally bought media hacks, made it all happen.

    The multicultural horror that we currently endure that is.

  3. P.S. This is not Twitter. If you're just some adolescent troll who, as long as it's your own crew doing the slaughtering, couldn't care less when innocent children get slaughtered, you won't last long here.

  4. Its not my crew and I'm 42. yes if people are innocent. But in reality they are building rockets and stoning people. If I was an Israeli I would build my own rocket and let fly at Gaza and if innocents get killed then that's a shame but you have to fight fire with fire. They have no problem blowing up buses and cheering about it. No one worried about this in ww2 from the air.We built a statue to the man who did it. The Israeli government being the same pc lemmings we have in the west would jail me for 20 years. Sure maybe some Jews are the ideological brains behind it but I dont see too many these days supporting this nonsense. Do you think they support it in that Paris suburb where the muzzrats nearly burnt their synagogue down? I mean its not just Jewish lemmings that did this. Brown and Blair are not jews. Left wingers are left wingers.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Brown? Blair? Hey, I know who the traitors are. More than 50% of all parliamentarians are "Friends of Israel." NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO!

    As regards "Muzzrats", the hatred most Palestinians, some Iraqis, Libyans and Muslims throughout the world feel for Israel comes from somewhere very real.

    You know that the illegal, not to say wholly immoral, Israeli blockade of Gaza has the Palestinians on starvation rations, don't you? At the sharp end, that's where their tiny, little firework protests come from.

    You may have noticed that the US does most of the slaughtering on planet earth these days. Often, it's at the behest of Israel/American Jews. (The Neocons come straight to mind) You think the "muzzrats" don't notice this. If I, at the computer screen, can find this out, then the survivor of the bombed wedding party can also.

    Apart from all of this, before the Jews got the green light to make war upon the Palestinian Arabs in 1948, their history was very, very dark.

    Why have they always been hated? Because people found the poor, cringing little guys an easy scapegoat for their own failings? The Jews were and are hated because of the terrible things they did and continue to do, throughout all their recorded history, to others.

    Remind me again, how many Ukrainians did Lazar Kaganovich and Genrikh Yagoda slaughter in 1933? Seven million was it?

    And yet, almost no one has ever heard of this true "holocaust?"

    Now why do you think that is? Something to do with those who happen to own and control the media, perhaps?

    There's no "perhaps" about it.

  7. Hello again. Well I really dont feel sorry for the Palestinians. The Jews are no different to Greeks or any other non northern european people. Its just that the Jews were the first we came across. Greeks are ethnocentric when it comes to themselves and vote left wing. They are all the same. Same as that paki who was labour in the UK and pakistan right wing in the old country. Jews are no different. Trick is to kick them all out or limit their influence. On that we can agree. But I would rather a million Jews to one muslim.

  8. Also wasnt Stalin the georgian in charge in 1933?

  9. Stalin, the Georgian Asiatic, was in overall command. Kaganovich, his brother-in-law, was the man most responsible for carrying out the policy. And he carried it out zealously.

    Genrikh Yagoda was also up to his neck in Ukrainian blood as this time. He, too, was Jewish.

    Molotov, who wasn't Jewish, was, with these, the greatest of Stalin's 1933 genocide merchants. Vyacheslav Molotov was married to a Jew.