Thursday, 23 October 2014

My name is Chuka Umunna, clearly I'm of immigrant stock

On 21 October 2014, Labour's Business Secretary, Chukka Umunna, said this in The Daily Mail:
“A stream of UKIP candidates and supporters have come out with the most offensive and racist things... A lot of this stuff is vile, is absolutely vile, and it's not in keeping with our British values of respect, tolerance and fair play…

All the problems that you have, whether it's a getting an appointment at your GP, the fact you aren't earning enough at work, the fact your child can't get a house round the corner from you, is down to Eastern European immigration… Seeking to blame it on ‘that bunch over there’ is a complete con…

My name is Chuka Umunna, clearly I'm of immigrant stock… the kind of things you hear people saying about eastern Europeans these days is exactly the kinds of things they were saying about black and Asian people when they first arrived in this country. We can't have any truck with that. That is not what we are as Brits.”
All immigrants, including those who look more like Chukka than me or the Polish plumber, are to ‘blame’ for the damage they do here intentionally. Politicians are to blame for the damage the immigrant does here intentionally AND unintentionally.

Politicians imported them. Politicians are still doing so, despite six decades of unremitting protest from those amongst whom the immigrants are seeded.

Immigrants and immigrant-descended Britons have done us a lot of damage over the course of the last six decades. People like Chukka have done their best to cover up that damage. Not only that, they demonised those who tried to warn the indigenous of the reality.

We blame the immigrant for the nastiness he inflicts upon us and ours, Chukka.

We blame you for both aiding and abetting that nastiness and gleefully creating the circumstances where it bound to flourish.

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