Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Jewish vigilante threatens Ironwand?

After EDL News ‏(an anti-English Defence League 'Calling time on the English Defence League' tweeter) tweeted that Garron Helm (who posted an anti-Semitic tweet to Jewish MP, Luciana Berger) had been jailed, I responded thus:

Mrvigilante responded thus:

Mrvigilante then thought twice about playing the hard nut.

The rest of the conversation follows:

Actually, though EDL News is almost certainly a Zionist, it was not he that posted the implied death threat, it was Mrvigilante, and I subsequently apologised.

At one point I pointed out the following:

EDL News replied:

I responded (he had blocked me by this time):

Anyway, threat and sneers used to work in the olden days. They don't now. And, as often as not, it's the threateners and the sneerers who leave the ring before the threatened and the sneered at.

Though Mrvigilante removed his threatening tweet from Twitter soon after I tweeted the 'little boy... in the kindergarten' reply, I tweeted thus to Luciana Berger:

Luciana Berger hasn't replied to any of my tweets.

P.S. I won't be reporting Mrvigilante's threat to Twitter or the cops. In fact, I won't even block him until and unless he becomes a bore and/or a time waster.

I'm not so easily 'offended.'

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