Friday, 5 September 2014

In the Foreign Office there was a great kerfuffle

On 22 August 2014, Tony Blair's former Europe Minister and expenses jailbird, Denid MacShane, blew the whistle thus in The Huffington Post:
"For the City and the ruling Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher and John Major it was vital not to challenge the Wahabi creed of Saudi Arabia whose arms purchases and oil sales made London rich. More recently the Gulf States like Qatar which openly fund hard-line Islamism bank-roll politicians with huge fees for boring speeches and keep much of the UK luxury life-style business in handsome profits.

The Royal Family are complicit in rolling out red carpets for men from the Gulf whose world view is based on oppression, and denial of key human values like religious freedom, respect for women's rights as well as intellectual inquiry, media freedom and gay rights.

Inside Britain there has been a 25 year long growth of Islamist ideology which has sunk roots in organisations that have influence with Britain's 2.7 million Muslims. Many of these come from poor families still rooted in village patriarchical traditions in Kashmir or Bangladesh. Unemployment rates in these communities is much higher than is realised and education attainment often low.

The insistence on bringing over spouses, young women and men, from the sub-continent who can barely read or write English reproduces poverty and disintegration. The TV channels are tuned to Pakistan stations, the papers read are in Urdu, the religious services are not in English and men and women never co-mingle at public events.

None of this is challenged because any such challenge is condemned as either racist or an assault on multicultural values. As an FCO minister in November 2003 I had to deal with an Islamist attack on the British consulate in Istanbul in which 26 people, including a young woman diplomat from Manchester, were killed. At the same time, a 24 year old Muslim from South Yorkshire had gone out to Tel Aviv encouraged by the relentless hate of the Islamists and their fellow-travellers like George Galloway for Israel. He was tasked to kill Jews but instead pressed the wrong button and blew himself up.

In a speech to my constituency I said it was 'time for the elected and community leaders of British Muslims to make a choice: the British way, based on political dialogue and non-violent protests, or the way of the terrorists against which the whole democratic world is uniting.'

The heavens fell in. The Guardian and Observer and World at One made it a major story as British Muslim organisations called my remarks 'outrageous' and 'disgraceful.' Shahid Malik, then a Labour MP, who saw himself as the parliamentary spokesperson for British Muslims attacked me openly as did Trevor Philips from the Commission for Racial Equality.
In the Foreign Office there was a great kerfuffle. Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, spent an inordinate amount of time cosseting his Muslim constituents in Blackburn. He had brought in an official from the Muslim Council of Britain to advise the FCO on outreach to Islamist outfit like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. To attack their values was heresy. I was told I was close to being fired as a minister unless I signed some grovelling climb-down which as a coward I did...

Perhaps if all politicians, journalists and intellectuals had told the truth about Islamism, ten, or better twenty years ago Britain might have been equipped to understand what drives British citizens to go out and commit these atrocities."
I loathe Denis MacShane.

In parliament he was the epitome of the PC anti-Brit, sneering at much we might approve of. He was also as tub-thumping and onside a Zionist as you could find in an environment where only 'friends of Israel' are likely to progress.

However, when the Devil tells the truth, I'm happy to quote him and MacShane tells the truth here.

Interestingly, he not only spills the beans on Jack Straw, who is Jewish, he also tells us this:

"When the Stern Gang hanged two British soldiers who had been abducted in Palestine in 1948. British Jews were told they had to stand up against terrorism and denounce the atrocity - for which Israel has never apologised or paid compensation to the murdered victims' families."

A little bit of off-message history that I'm sure he would have kept to himself if he'd still been a-slithering up the old greasy political pole.

P.S. The above essay was written BEFORE the report into mass paedophilia in Rotherham was made public.

More than 1,400 very young girls, almost all of whom were English, were subject to massive and ongoing brutality at the hands of, for the most part, Pakistani Muslims.

A report into these matters was presented to the authorities as early as 2002 but it was covered-up.

The police, councillors, social workers and, as can be seen here, the Jack Straws, all played their part.

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