Saturday, 6 September 2014

Behold Rotherham!

After the 2 September 2014 edition of The Socialist Worker tells us that Gordon Jelley, ‘worked as a training officer for social workers in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, between 2005 and 2009,’ the far-left rag quoted him thus:
“The council was under the cosh from New Labour targets after it failed an inspection… Social workers had high caseloads. THEY CAN BE LESS LIKELY TO WANT TO TAKE ON ABUSE CASES BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT COMES WITH A HEAP OF WORK they don’t have time for. Workers were so busy that they weren’t taking on board what young people were saying…

This is a class issue and a poverty issue, IT’S NOT ABOUT RACE… It’s about how the police treat young, working class people. If you meet police when drunk, travelling in a stolen car, or in possession of drugs they will treat you as a criminal. Their view is that you’re a ‘bad un’, so YOU WILL MAKE UP ALLEGATIONS to try and distract from that.”
Thanks for the ‘under the cosh from New Labour targets’ and ‘how the police treat young, working class people’ (‘criminal’) observations, Gordon. 

No thanks at all for the ‘less likely to want to take on abuse cases… comes with a heap of work,’ not ‘taking on board what young people were saying,’ ‘not about race’ and ‘make up allegations’ b***ocks.

Mr Jelley, who describes himself as a 'Socialist' at Twitter, (@nodrogyellej) is a Unison activist who has written articles for both The Socialist Worker and Socialist Review. Here are some the 537 people and organisations he follows on Twitter:

Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey; (of P.I.E. fame) Martin McGuiness and Gerry Adams (of IRA fame); John Prescott (of ‘Common Purpose’ fame) Sunny Hundal; Mehdi Hasan; Faisal Islam; Sadiq Khan; David Lammy; Diane Abbott; Chuka Umunna; Owen Jones; Billy Bragg; George Galloway; Ed Balls; Will Straw (Jack Straw’s son); Len McLuskey (Unite): Frances O’Grady (TUC boss); Nick Clegg; Ed and David Miliband; David Cameron; the UAF; Hope not Hate; the Fabian Society; the SWP; The Socialist Worker; The Morning Star and CND.

Take 1,400 little girls known to have been gang-raped repeatedly and otherwise massively abused by, for the most part, Pakistani Muslims in just one English Town. Add these to the CV cited above. Then consider the publicity photo both the Socialist Worker and Jelley seem content to broadcast to the world.

Behold Rotherham.

According to Pat Keenan, the President of Rotherham Trades Council, what happened to the 1,400 at the hands of the alien is a ‘racist myth.’

After it became known that the EDL were about to hold a rally in Rotherham on Saturday 6 September 2014, he said this:
“The overwhelming majority of people reject the EDL’s attempt to use racism to divide our society. Their attempts to spread RACIST MYTHS ABOUT SEXUAL EXPLOITATION must be exposed and challenged. They seek to blame one community for society’s problems…

Sexual predators and paedophiles exist in all communities, as do their victims…

Recently the EDL were prevented from marching through Walthamstow in London due to a fantastic show of unity from the local community...
There’s no place for Nazis, racists or their allies in Rotherham’s multiracial, multicultural and multi-faith community.”
Behold Rotherham.

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