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Why do our leaders seem so reluctant to tackle ISIS?

Ask yourselves this: why is it that British parliamentarians, who slavered for war with Afghanistan in 2001, Iraq in 2003, Libya in 2011 and Syria in 2013, seem so reluctant to make war upon the ISIS butchers?

A fanatical Jihadi movement that is slaughtering Christians, Muslims and all manner of other innocent folk as we speak is treated tentatively, to say the least, whereas Afghanistan Iraq, Libya and Syria, countries that had never posed any kind of threat to us, were, and still are, devastated with hardly a second thought.

Well, it may interest you to know that Saudi Arabia, Turkey AND the CIA were, in large part, responsible for the creation of ISIS. They wanted the Syrian regime crushed and the non-Syrian Jihadis of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the West, were the boys to do it.

Just as the CIA funding, training and arms, helped create the Taliban in order to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan, so it was with ISIS.

And you see, the government of the UK is never going to condemn the behaviours of big brother in Washington, much less that of the House of Saud, to whom we owe trillions. At whose munificent feet our leaders must grovel in order that the cheap oil keeps flowing.

Oh yes, those whose good will is vital, in order to keep the creaking wheels of our schizophrenic, consumer-powered economy turning, must forever be pandered to. OR ELSE! The tap could be turned off, you see. And then where would we be?

That's why those who rule our world have never done a damn thing to prevent the proliferation of more than 1500 detested Mosques rising up to dominate the townscape of our country. Many of these, particularly those that have shot up in recent times, were funded by the Saudis.

Information such as this rarely get published in the mainstream. 

Though they appear to fight like cats and dogs much of the time, the animosity evidenced in the relationship of the political establishment and the media is often superficial. They collude on much and some things are wholly left alone.

For example, Nick Griffin, the former leader of the BNP, was instrumental in preventing our going to war with Syria. His actions, almost certainly, influenced the crucial vote in the House of Commons.

NO mainstream media outlet has ever mention this fact. It would be both embarrassing and politically inexpedient to do so. The British establishment is not in the business of pointing out the good deeds of those it hates.

On Sunday 17 August 2014, ‘The Yinon Plan and the role of the ISIS’ appeared in the Bangladeshi newspaper, The Daily Star.

Here is a little of what Sultana Afroz's illuminating essay tells us:
“Similar to the deceptive US-UK call for the invasion of Iraq on grounds of Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction, western media reporters are now engaged in misleading and deceiving global public opinion as to the real perpetrators of this ISIS project. Like the western manufactured ‘Arab Spring’ in North Africa, the ISIS project is a deception at its worst designed with hateful intentions to cause horrendous regional mayhem and destruction with military might for the creation of a ‘New Middle East’ with Israel as the regional power in control of the region's oil, gas and water resources.

The present ISIS lightning war in Iraq is the creation of an illusion to initiate the fulfillment of a pre-planned agenda of the West in close alliance with Israel to redraw the map of the entire region as the ‘New Middle East.’ This is the Yinon Plan at work, which aims at the balkanisation of the Middle East and North Africa… into smaller and weaker… states in order to ensure the dominant position of Israel… and the control of its oil, gas and water resources by the US-Israel nexus.

In the process of balkanisation, the facets of ethnicity, religion and race from within the region are engaged for destruction, causing alarm for the UN and international military intervention to ‘protect innocent civilians,’ thus paving the way for the ultimate achievement of the designed goals of creating the ‘New Middle East.’

The chaos, destruction and devastation caused by the ISIS in its process of establishing the Sunni Islamic Caliphate in Iraqi and Syrian territories is the realisation of the intended policy of the US and the West to change public perception that the ‘War on Terror’ was never a war waged by the West against Islam but a ‘war within Islam’ along religious, ethnic and sectarian lines in the Islamic world.

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham's Sunni Caliphate project coincides with a longstanding US agenda to carve up both Iraq and Syria into three separate territories: A Sunni Islamist Caliphate, an Arab Shiia Republic, and a Republic of Kurdistan.

The division of Iraq into three separate entities had also been strongly advocated by US Vice-President Joe Biden. Biden's heritage and an analysis of his electoral constituents will help understand better his support for the fragmentation of Iraq under the Yinon Plan.”
The Yinon Plan, ‘A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties,’ was written by the journalist, Oded Yinon, and was originally seen in the February 1982 edition of the Israeli quarterly, ‘Kivunim.’ A 13 June 1982 translation of this document, by the Israeli historian, Israel Shahak, may be seen here.

The genesis of ISIS, and the reasons why we seem to be so reluctant to deal with such an obvious threat, are just the tip of a monstrous, conspiratorial iceberg. 

If you seriously think you're going to get anywhere close to discovering the rest of it without resorting to social media and the internet, you're not going to get very far.

With this in mind, check out the links provided below.

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Now here's a very interesting thing: we're always being told how much the Muslim and Arab world hate the Jews, and, do course, they have very good reason to do so.

From the slaughters in Gaza to the invasion of Iraq, Jewish machination and antagonism has been responsible for the death of millions and the devastation of much of that part of the world.

BUT, though ISIS seems to be slaughtering everything in its path that it doesn't like, have they killed one Jew? Probably. But I couldn't point to any. The Muslim fanatic certainly has not made a point of taking his murderous revolution and philosophy to the doorstep of the vulnerable Jew, has he?

Don't you think that's a bit odd? With the entirely explicable exception of Israel, why on earth does the Jew not appear to be suffering alongside the Christian, the Muslim and the rest? This could, of course, be explained by locality. There won't be many Jewish folk living in the region that ISIS now dominates. But aren't fanatics fanatical? Don't they export their hatreds? Don't they fly aeroplanes into buildings and suicide bomb all over the shop?

Not ISIS, apparently. Although, when the British 1,500+ get home I wouldn't bank on them becoming good, little on-cue diversity-mongers.

Anyway, figuring out that the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, would not want to upset his paymasters, is hardly rocket science, is it?

There is, however, another reason that al Baghdadi might not want to wage war upon Judaea. Here are a few more articles for you to consider:

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“We, the Saudi family are cousins of the Jews.”

Saudi Royal Family is Jewish! King and Prince are all Jew!

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