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A child abuse scandal threatening to engulf Westminster

On 20 July 2014, after learning that former Conservative MP, Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, who was the Solicitor General for Scotland at one time, had ‘been linked to the child abuse scandal threatening to engulf Westminster,’ TV personality and founder of Childine, Esther Rantzen, said this in The Daily Mail:
"I am horrified and disgusted by these allegations because Nicky was a friend of mine. I had a very brief relationship with him… I had absolutely no knowledge of that side of him…

He was a high-profile lawyer, who lived in a castle and had a very flamboyant private life. He took me to lunch at the Ritz. He gave me a long-stemmed red rose and ordered Beluga caviar and Krug champagne. If ever there was an aphrodisiac meal that was it.

Nicky took to me to some Lord’s house where he was staying and the rest was inevitable.’
Child abuse has always been a crime and, in my experience, there was never a time when it was tolerated. What happened with Cyril Smith was horrific.

The whole thing was hushed up and police were taken off cases and prevented from going public with what they knew. It was straightforward, old-fashioned conspiracy.”
Rantzen founded Childline in 1986, 20 years after Beluga caviar and Krug champagne caused her to do the ‘inevitable’ with a Tory perv who had married into the Scottish aristocracy.

In the 14 August 2014 edition of The Daily Mail, Susie Henderson said she was abused by late father, a prominent QC, and raped by Nicholas Fairbairn when she was just four years old!
"I hated that man more than I hated my father. He just really wasn’t a nice man. I want it acknowledged that my father and Fairbairn did something very evil. Not just to me. There are other children out there.

We were in the kitchen. I was maybe four years old, I could have been younger... I had a skirt on and Nicholas and my dad had been drinking, and my dad told me to sit on Nicholas’s knee. I sat on his knee and he put his hand up my skirt and abused me. My dad just stood there laughing...

I knew this would come out. I’m only surprised it has taken so long. I told the police about him in 2000, I told them what Fairbairn was. But they just wanted me to go away.

My father was feted by legal establishment, but was really a monster who let his powerful friends rape me."
Susie says that, when she was five, she would arrange her dolls around her bed before she went to sleep.
"I put them there thinking that, when my father came for me in the night, he wouldn’t know it was me and he would take one of my dolls instead. But he never did...

I have good days and I have bad days. It will never go away and I get horrendous nightmares at times but, because my father is dead now, I’m not as scared as I used to be...

He drank very heavily. There were always people round at the house and my Mum was just the slave...

One time he came home unexpectedly and I had my pet hamster out. I wasn’t allowed to have it out when he was there and I was terrified he’d go crazy. But he didn’t do anything, he just said: 'Put that away.’ The next morning when I went downstairs, it was stuffed into a milk bottle. He’d killed it. That was my punishment for letting it out...
He would say to my Mum when he came back from the pub, 'I’ll take Susie for a nap.' And that was when he’d do it. He always put a pillow over my head. Another time in the bath he abused me and put my head under the water.

My father had parties where I had to dance for people. He’d then put me in a bedroom. People came in. They had drugs there, lots of drink. My Dad used to give me drink...

There were parties and drink and drugs and people half-naked. I remember him taking me to a sauna one time. Another time, he took me to a judge’s house and left me there.

Who would believe that the solicitor general and other top lawyers would be abusing children? Especially back in the 1970s and early 1980s. Those kind of things weren’t talked about.

With the Fettesgate scandal, my father had a list of all the prominent people involved and he used to just laugh. He would say, 'If I go down, they’ll all go down with me.'

He had all this evidence. He showed me. He just thought it was all hysterical. He knew he would take the whole lot of them with him. That’s why it was all hush-hushed...

These were people in power. We put them there and they are supposed to be trusted. It’s not right."
No, Susie, it's not.

And it's not just you they rape, it's us as well. In fact, it's the whole damn world.

The Mail added:
"Henderson, by then retired but still a prominent member of the legal establishment, phoned his daughter and warned her not to continue making allegations. ‘He told me he could put me six feet under,’ says Miss Henderson, whose claims were investigated by the police. They interviewed both her and her mother, who supported her daughter’s claims.

But following a mysterious leak to the Press and the loss of evidence, Miss Henderson halted the investigation. She explains now that the police had ‘told me nobody would know until the investigation was over, but I was only half-way through my statement when it was leaked.

‘To have that happen to you, when it had taken me years to get to the point where I felt it was time for justice, was devastating. I was just a whimpering mess. I couldn’t go on.’

At the time, she handed a number of key pieces of evidence to police. She asked for their return several times over the years but was always told they were in a ‘safe’ place. Recently she was told that they had been ‘mislaid’... ‘I want answers for that,’ she says...

Today, however, she feels that finally people will understand that she is telling the truth about Fairbairn: ‘I know – I hope – I will be believed...

He used to pay me money for it,’ she adds. ‘A pound here, a pound there. It was as if it was his way of thinking it was OK, because he’d paid for it.

I used to feel guilty,’ she says. ‘I don’t feel guilty any more. Now I’m able to stand up and have a voice."
This is what you vote for, ladies and gentlemen.

This is what they do behind closed doors. This is what the vacuous TV celeb ends up in bed with.

EXPOSÉ? Esther Rantzen – Was she ignorant to (sic) child abuse?

The politically correct monster roaming Britain

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