Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Raping a girl in a gang, it's as prevalent as carrying a knife or a gun

On 19 July 2014, The Guardian quoted Det. Supt. Tim Champion of the Met's Operation Trident (Trident deals with crime in London’s black community) gang crime command, thus:

"The first thing we had to do is stop people killing each other. The focus now clearly is on women."

Tim then told us why:
"Raping a girl in a gang… it's as prevalent as carrying a knife or a gun.”
Claire Hubberstey, Chief Executive of Safer London Foundation, added:
"The use of sexual violence is the same sort of thing as having a dangerous dog; it creates fear, it's non-traceable, and they are also taking advantage of low rape conviction rates even when there are witnesses…
They put the names of young women on a list and circulate through BBM [BlackBerry Messenger]. These women become active targets on the way home from school or wherever. They are legitimate targets to be raped and sexually assaulted if their name appears on a sket list."
The Guardian explained:
“London gangs are drawing up and disseminating lists of teenage girls whom they consider to be legitimate rape targets….

The so-called sket lists (sket is street slang for ‘sluts’) have, according to youth workers, prompted attacks so brazen that girls have been dragged from school buses and sexually assaulted. Police and charities say they have recorded an increase in the use of sexual violence by gangs, including incidents of revenge rape, where the sisters and girlfriends of rival gang members are targeted…

More than 500 young women were victims of gang-related sexual violence in the past year, a figure Hubberstey describes as just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’

Scotland Yard's latest intelligence identifies 3,495 gang members in 224 gangs in London.”
LibLabCon did this.

They made this world. They imposed this horror upon us.

You did it as well. You who vote for them. You who will vote for them again in 2015.

How many times have you said 'never again' now?

That many?

If your granddaughter ever stumbles across an
old history book, one of those on the death-to-those-who-read-this list, and, not knowing why she shouldn't check it out, spends some time reading up on what we once were and what we once had, when she asks you where it all went, what will will you say?

Will you tell her that you did it? Will you tell her it was your fault? Will you tell her that you gave her world away to others just because the animals at the top of the tree said you should?

Will you say that you kept on voting for them, long after it ought to have been obvious that they did not have your best interests at heart?

Or hers?

I don't think you will. I think you'll tell her to hush up and not to ask too many questions. The bogey man might be listening. And watching. Oh yes, remember the CCTV cameras. He might be watching as well.

Which, of course, might well be true.

He is, after all, listening and watching now.

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