Tuesday, 12 August 2014

England is too attractive, too easy

On 12 August 2014, the Deputy Mayor of Calais, Philippe Mignonet, was quoted thus in The Daily Express:
“We want the border to be moved from Calais to Dover and Folkestone for one month so Britain understands how difficult the problem is. We are not asking for immigration in Calais.

Why is England so attractive for migrants? In their original countries people are saying that if you go to England you will have everything – a house, money, a job; your family will be able to join you. Right or wrong, it is what is said. They might leave with three pounds but, when they arrive in England they can make £50-a-week on the black market, so they are happy, they are kings.

The bottleneck here is caused because England is too attractive, too easy. They have nothing to lose.”
The Express added:
"There is such alarm at the growing numbers of migrants using ­Calais as a base to make a bolt across the Channel. The tent city is home to those from countries including Syria, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. Many fight to stow away on lorries bound for Britain each night. French officials say the town is overrun because the UK is a land where the penniless could 'live like kings.'

The word about easy-to-obtain benefits and 'paradise' conditions for migrant families has spread to the world’s poorest countries...
There is evidence organised crime gangs are operating in the port town, promising desperate families safe passage to Britain. UKIP MEP Stephen Woolfe said:

'The chaos and uncertainty created by the EU’s unsustainable borders policy means Calais has to deal with a situation not of its making. It is unfair to those in the camps that they are encouraged to come to Europe, and eventually to the UK, due to the weakness of our migration policy...

It is not the responsibility of the UK taxpayer to fund all those who wish to come here. There will never be enough in the bank...

Earlier this year, the Daily Express revealed at least 30 migrants made a bolt for Britain every night."
'England is too attractive, too easy.'

Who made it so? The do-gooders? The bleeding-hearts? Ladies and gentlemen such ghastly givers-away of our world were only ever the Corporal Hand-Wringers of our loss. Those who deliberately dispossessed us in favour of the desperate of 'Syria, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Ethiopia' et al, intended our demotion.

Such malign, anti-indigenous schemers were at work long before most of us were born.

A one world order, run by an elite few, was always going to be much easier to create and, thence, maintain, if the nation states of Europe were inundated by non-native peoples and the original folk marginalised.

That what globalism is, folks. That's what mass immigration, 'diversity,' 'enrichment' and multiculturalism are really all about.

That's why political correctness has overtaken Christianity as the most favoured religion of the state machine. That's why the race laws were imposed.

Our relegation, neutralisation and, eventually, displacement was essential if the everlasting rule of 'the future nobility,' fashioned by the Coudenhove-Kalergis, the Communist spiritual aristocrats and the Jews, was ever to be made flesh.

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  1. A few suggestions, but they will be ignored by TPTB
    1] Increase the No of Foot Soldiers and Police
    2] Scrap All Housing Benefits (HB) for new applicants, if they move they lose HB
    3] Only if an applicant (UK National or immigrant) for any form of as paid taxes and NI for minimum of 2 years will they be eligible for any form of benefit.
    4] State Pension paid on basis of contributions, no means rested top ups.
    5] Max benefit paid (from whatever source) not to exceed 50% of national minimum wage.
    6] Family allowance paid for every child (not means tested) but only for two children.
    7) Fathers of children, to have any benefits due to them, if not paying maintenance.
    The reason for 1] is to control all the dissatisfied benefit claimants that may riot.