Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The overwhelming majority of British Muslims are patriots!

On 21 June 2014, Nick Clegg said this at the LibDem website:
“The overwhelming majority of Muslims in the UK are patriotic citizens who hold values that entirely accord with the traditions and values of our nation, not least through the rejection of all forms of intolerant extremism.”
And yet, according to a survey conducted by YouGov for the Daily Telegraph on 23 July 2005, just a fortnight after 52 Londoners were murdered by four Muslim suicide bombers, 6 percent of the Muslims interviewed said the bombings were fully justified and 24 percent sympathised with the motives of the bombers!

76 percent of British Muslims not being quite as onside as the rest is an ‘overwhelming majority,’ Nick? In LibDem Land, maybe, not out here in the real world.

Well, in your rose-tinted opinion, how many of the 6 percent who think mass murder in our capital city is ‘fully justified’ would be ‘patriotic citizens?’ How many of the sympathisers would be ‘patriotic,’ do you think?

Perhaps you also ought to venture a guess as to how many of the above might be out there with ISIS, slaughtering Christians as we speak?

Nick continues:
“For generations many British Muslims have helped protect, defend and enhance these values through their voluntary, civic and military service to our country.” (See above)
“Muslims up and down the country contribute a huge amount to their local communities, as local councillors, school Governors, charity trustees and in countless other roles.”
Yep. I guess that’s why the cops are investigating vote-rigging in Tower Hamlets and Trojan Horses have been careering wildly throughout our school system, unhindered by LibLabCon, for more than three decades now.
“It would be fundamentally wrong for British citizens who hold the Islamic faith to be held to a different, or indeed, higher standard from other citizens. Being Muslim does not contradict being British, nor is it in tension with it.”
You’re a liar, Nick. You and your Spanish wife won’t see much in the way of ethnic ‘tension’ down there in your leafy suburbian Putney town house but you will know it's happening out here in the no-go areas beyond your MI5-protected garden gate. By God you will.

As for the standard of behaviour we require, well, that’s an easy one. We want all who come here to abide by OUR laws and OUR standards. Not THEIR laws and THEIR standards. If they want to live as they did back home then they should never have come here in the first place.

Finally, Nick just had to add this:
“Muslim friends and colleagues of mine have raised concerns about how some elements of recent reporting may risk leading to an increase in Islamophobia.”
What, you mean like the ‘recent reporting’ on the enormous number of Muslim men playing the paedophile with our little girls?

Hey, Nick, you and your fellow parliamentarians managed to keep that one quiet for donkeys years, despite the best efforts of the girls and their families (and the BNP and NF) to publicise the issue. You should tell your ‘Muslim friends’ to butt out if they want that particular genie stuffed back in the bottle.

Or maybe they’re after a little bit more sympathy a la the sympathetic 24 percent?

Or perhaps they want us to shut the f*** up about 9/11, about honour killing, polygamy, female genital mutilation, hate preachers, 'British' jihadis in Syria and Iraq, no-go areas, Muslim patrols, underage marriage, forced marriage, Sharia law in our towns and cities, council houses for them as soon as they arrive, the proliferation of detested Saudi-funded mosques, the buying up of every last corner shop, race laws designed to encourage and elevate them and discourage and demote us and politically correct, wagtail traitors putting them first and us last in the land that the sacrifices, hard work and ingenuity of OUR ancestors made.
“The Government takes Islamophobia extremely seriously and is committed to working with the Muslim communities of the UK to do all we can to tackle it."
Which should surprise no one.

I’ll tell you one thing Nick Clegg and co. don’t take seriously. 

They don’t take the dislike of, and disrespect shown to, British people by the various immigrant communities seriously at all.

If they did, they wouldn’t have arrested Nick Griffin for predicting the 2005 London bombings with startling accuracy. And they wouldn’t have allowed the paedophilic behaviours of so many Muslim men to go unchallenged and unheralded for so long.

Nick’s got previous in paedoworld.

Is anyone out there seriously about to claim that Lib Dem HQ didn’t know about Cyril Smith when he was brutalising so many of our little boys in Rochdale and elsewhere?

Yeah. That's another dirty, little nugget the LibDems in particular and LibLabCon in general kept quiet about 'for donkeys years.'

Nick Clegg may be seen fawning similarly over the Jewish community here.

Clegg is a 75 percent non-British multi-millionaire by the way.

Thought you should know that.

Oh, and he's a traitor. One of many who infest the corridors of power these days.

Thought you should know that even more.

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  1. I don't want turd worlders coming to live in white countries whether they respect our laws and standards or not. Were all of your great grandparents Christian?