Wednesday, 2 July 2014

History is written by us!

Of the 2014 book, ‘Rainbow over Westminster,’ which charts the increasing number of ethnic minority MPs in the British parliament, the Indian MP, Keith Vaz, who edited it, says this:
“This publication is an outstanding reminder of how the UK and EU Parliaments have become increasingly diverse in recent decades. 
When I joined Parliament 27 years ago the level of diversity was unacceptably low, and now to have 26 Members from minority ethnic groups is a real achievement. 
Representation at all levels of politics mirrors the brilliantly diverse character of this country to a greater extent than ever before. However, 18% of the UK population is made up of ethnic minority groups compared to 4.2% of Parliament, and there is still much work still to be done to allow the voices of every background and ethnicity to be heard in Parliament.”
18 per cent non-Brit now, eh? 

Wake up, Mr England, they’ve had it away with your capital and a good few of your big cities, it’ll be your leafy suburbs and picture postcard villages next.

In the book’s foreword, David Cameron adds:
“There is much more to be done… Our Parliament is still nowhere near representative enough of the country we live in today. 
We should not presume that this will simply correct itself over time. History isn’t written for us: it is written by us.”
This is true. Those who hate us, those whom the slack-jawed I-vote-the-way-my-dad-dids vote for, have written things the way they wanted. What they wanted has always been diametrically opposed to what the British people wanted and yet the stupid and the short-sightedly self-serving continue to vote for them. And so, we are where are now.

Cameron doesn’t mince words, does he? What he is saying here leaves no room for misinterpretation. He is going to positively discriminate on behalf of those we never wanted here. He is, just like all the other bought-and-paid-for traitors who preceded him, going to put the immigrant before the indigenous. Again.

It’s not just immigration, it’s everything. Those who rule have raped our world. They have tortured and destroyed a world that worked. A world that looked, in the fifties and sixties, as though things were, at last, working out for the poor and working-class British.

There lies the rub, you see. The last thing the powers-that-be want is for the lowly, the serf, the peasant, to rise up and challenge their hegemony. So, into the works, go the odd spanner until everything that once worked perfectly works imperfectly, if at all. The global elite and their bought politicians, aided and abetted by the dumbed-down, drugged-up, gimme-gimme-gimme degenerates who vote for them, are responsible for all of the following.

Asylum seekers put to the head of the council housing queue for more than 40 years; immigrant benefit scroungers living in mansions; the proliferation of mosques; Sharia law; ‘honour’ crime, polygamy, child marriage, genital mutilation, Muslim paedophilia; Jimmy Savile; elite paedophilia and brutality in children’s homes; paedophile priests; on-line grooming/porn; child porn; government-funded groups teaching 5-year-olds ‘the pleasures of gay sex;’ ‘shag bands’ in schools; childhood obesity; sexting; the imposition of gay marriage; cyber crime; white flight; terrorism; no-go areas; riots; race law; anti-social behaviour; mugging; knife and gun crime; gangs; gang-rape; prostitution; trafficking; criminals indulged, victims ignored; hard drugs; legal highs; mass medication; teenage suicide; self-harm; mass truancy; violence in schools; dumbing-down; student debt; tuition fees; playing fields sold; cohesion; multiculturalism; enrichment; diversity; political correctness; positive discrimination; health-and-safety; compensation culture: GCHQ spies; Thought Police; 4.5million CCTV cameras; promotion of the ‘mixed-race' ideal;’ homelessness; care-in-the-community; MRSA; ADHD; hospital death rates; patients dying of thirst and starvation; Liverpool Care Pathway; c-difficile, asthma; organ theft; Mad Cow Disease; faulty breast implants; post code lottery; care home scandals; pollution; foot-and-mouth disease; contempt for patriotism, heritage, culture, traditions and Christianity; call centres based in India; no EU referendum; ‘human rights' law; rule from Brussels; spin; Fat Cat non-doms paying little or no tax; cash for questions, cab-for-hire cabinet ministers; cash for peerages, expenses; postal vote fraud; privatisation; the destruction of British industry; pit closures; pub and post office closures; fishermen and farmers forced out of business; the Big Bang; Black Wednesday; the ‘prudent Chancellor’s’ sale of gold at rock bottom prices and the disastrous raid upon our pension funds; Blair/Brown cuddling up to international financiers; sub prime; the credit crunch, world-wide recession; national debt in the trillions; bankers’ bonuses; pay-day loan companies; the Scots Mafia; globalisation; reliance on Russia and France for energy; the power of Murdoch’s media and the Jewish lobby; hackgate; international aid; armaments (chemical weapons et al) to dictators and a whole host of cynical and disaster-provoking interventions in the Arab world.

THEY, the Camerons, the Cleggs, the Browns, the Blairs, and those who own them, are at war with us, folks. 

This war will never stop. Or rather it will stop when WE pluck up the courage to stop it or, if we do nothing, if we just sit back and continue to take the horror they routinely dish out, when we have all been replaced with those the elite favour. 

Doing nothing produced the results cited above.

Fight back or die.

Those are your choices.

P.S. In the same book, John Bercow, the Commons’ Speaker, also said this:
“We need to ensure that we continue to benefit from the greater diversity of elected representatives.”
The powers-in-the-land do love their PC code words, don’t they? Anyone out there feel enriched by the gospel according to Vaz, Bercow and Cameron?

Anyone out there benefited to any exctent from all the diversity they’ve forced upon us over the course of the last 60 years? Apart from the young, the brainwashed, the politically correct, the parliamentarians, the local councillors and the poor, downtrodden, much-maligned and disadvantaged ‘minority’ types, that is?

No, didn’t think so.

Check out what a ‘poor, downtrodden, much-maligned and disadvantaged minority type,’ who arrived here as a refugee from Idi Amin’s Uganda in 1972, thinks of us now.

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