Friday, 13 June 2014

The Trojan Horse

On 9 June 2014, the ‘Trojan Horse’ letter sent by the head of Osted, Sir Michael Wilshaw, to Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, appeared in The Guardian.

This said:
"Her Majesty’s Inspectors carried out inspections of 21 schools in Birmingham between 5 March 2014 and 1 May 2014. All of the schools that were inspected are publicly funded and none is a faith school…

A culture of fear and intimidation has developed in some of the schools since their previous inspection.

Some headteachers, including those with a proud record of raising standards, said that they have been marginalised or forced out of their jobs. As a result, some schools previously judged to be good or outstanding have experienced high levels of staff turbulence, low staff morale and a rapid decline in their overall effectiveness.

In several schools, there has been a breakdown in trust between governors and staff, including senior staff. Many staff and some headteachers told Her Majesty’s Inspectors that they were frightened of expressing views contrary to those promoted by governors. Some staff said that they were fearful of losing their jobs or being blocked from promotion if they spoke out against the changes that were being pursued. In one instance, a school leader was so anxious about the consequences of speaking to Her Majesty’s Inspectors that a meeting had to be arranged in a supermarket car park.

Staff and some headteachers variously described feeling ‘intimidated’, ‘undermined’ or ‘bullied’ by governors, and sometimes by senior staff, into making changes they did not support. Others testified that they have been treated unfairly because of their gender or religious belief. For example, in one school, female members of staff complained to Her Majesty’s Inspectors that they were intimidated by the way some male members of the school community spoke to them…

In some schools, leaders and governors have not adequately addressed the risks specific to their community. In particular, they have not focused on how children may be vulnerable to extremist influences, or to female genital mutilation or forced marriage…

In several schools, staff reported that recruitment was neither fair nor transparent. Her Majesty’s Inspectors found specific examples of family members being appointed to unadvertised senior leadership posts and candidates being appointed to senior leadership positions in spite of poor references and contrary to the wishes of the headteacher.

Her Majesty’s Inspectors found that governors in some schools have sought to make or have made changes to policies and the curriculum on the basis of their own personal beliefs, irrespective of the school’s stated ethos and values… The Chair of Governors in (one) school, against the wishes of the headteacher, introduced madrasa programmes of study into the personal, health and social education curriculum.

Her Majesty’s Inspectors also found that governors had spent public money inappropriately in a few schools. For example, inspectors questioned why public funding was used in one school to hire private investigators to interrogate the emails of senior staff…
(From top left clockwise to bottom left: Razwan Faraz, deputy head at Nansen primary. His brother Ahmed was jailed in 2011 for possessing and distributing terrorist publications. Shahid Akmal: Chairman of governors at Nansen. Tahir Alam: Chairman of the trust that runs three of the schools now in special measures. Waseem Yaqub: linked to Saltley secondary and Nansen primary. He was sacked by Birmingham council over a £900k hole in the budget)

Some governors are trying to impose and promote a narrow faith-based ideology in what are non-faith schools. They have sought to do this by: narrowing the curriculum; manipulating staff appointments; using school funds inappropriately…

Birmingham City Council has failed to support a number of schools in their efforts to keep pupils safe from the potential risks of radicalisation and extremism. It has not dealt adequately with complaints from headteachers about the conduct of governors.

A number of school leaders said that they had not been supported by the local authority in their efforts to keep pupils safe from the potential risks of radicalisation and extremism…

The local authority’s record-keeping of complaints by headteachers against governors in maintained schools is incomplete and has not been properly analysed. Experienced and successful headteachers have consistently complained about the conduct of governors to the local authority, including about attempts to take control of governing bodies by stealth. These complaints have not been acted on with sufficient urgency. Representatives of the professional headteacher associations reported that, over time, the local authority’s governor services have been ineffective in providing support for headteachers when complaints against governors have been raised.

Some headteachers who spoke to me had very little confidence that the local authority would respond to their concerns about governors. Some raised questions about the close links that exist between local authority officials and key governors in the city. For example, a key governor at one of the academies judged to be inadequate is also a lead local authority trainer. Another governor at the same failing academy was previously head of governor support services at the local authority…

Her Majesty’s Inspectors identified breaches of funding agreements in a number of academies… Often, the curriculum, culture and values now promoted in these schools reflect the personal views of a small number of governors. However, they do not reflect those of the wider community in Birmingham and beyond… As a result, children are not being encouraged to develop tolerant attitudes towards all faiths and all cultures…

In a few schools boys and girls are not being treated equally. For example, in one school, some members of staff actively discourage girls from speaking to boys and from taking part in extra-curricular visits and activities. In this school, boys and girls are also taught separately in religious education and personal development lessons…

These non-faith schools are not meeting their statutory responsibilities to provide a balanced curriculum and are not meeting the terms of their funding agreements.”
LibLabCon did this.

The sheeple who vote for them also did it along with the media who brainwash them into doing it and the PC Crowd who frighten them into behaving as everyone else does with their their 'racist, Fascist, bigot' mantra.

They unmade our world.

And gave it to primitive and undeserving aliens.

The foolishness of the majority protects and maintains LibLabCon treachery. Their disinterested lack of investigation will have seen some of their own children subject to the educational principles of aggressive and intolerant foreigners whose cultural and moral values are utterly at variance with their own.

They should never forget the part they played in the degradation and destruction of a great society.

We won’t.

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