Friday, 13 June 2014

Norman warned us years ago

On 10 June 2014, the essay, Trojan Horse: I warned about this years ago, appeared in The Telegraph.

In this, senior cabinet minister in Margaret Thatcher's government and former Chairman of the Conservative Party. Norman Tebbit, said this:
“No one should have been surprised at what was going on in schools in Birmingham. It is precisely what I was talking about over 20 years ago and Enoch Powell was warning against long before that.
We have imported far too many immigrants who have come here not to live in our society, but to replicate here the society of their homelands…

Even if suddenly the inward flow of those unwilling to adapt their society to ours were to be entirely cut off, it might already be too late to prevent the establishment of enclaves in which our values are treated with contempt, while foreign values and even laws are promoted.

It is certainly true that nature abhors a vacuum and with the decline of Christianity leaving the structure of our values system with no foundation there is now a great emptiness in our society. The doctrine of multiculturalism is a nonsense. A society is defined by its culture, and rival cultures are bound to create rival societies within the same territory. That is what has now been forced into public view in Birmingham…

If our society loses confidence in its value system, it will not long remain dominant. For all the shouting and finger-pointing at Westminster, particularly that from the Labour Party, which bears responsibility for destabilising British society by its policy of unlimited, unrestricted, uncounted immigration fanned by unlimited welfare spending, I do not see any evidence yet that the scale of the problem is recognised, let alone that there is a realistic plan to deal with it.”
Me neither, Norman.

What you may have recognised, what even Enoch may not have recognised, was that some of those you both trusted back then were always at war with the British people and wished to see them marginalised and perhaps even done away with altogether.

Is that far-fetched, do you think? Do you imagine that ‘without a realistic plan to deal with it,’ that the ‘many immigrants… we have imported’ will not carry right on doing their damnedest to 'replicate the society of their homelands?’ And the way the Muslim and the black absent dads breed, together with the 600,000 or so aliens they still, despite Cameron’s big lie, continue to ship in every year, there are going to be many, many more of them doing what they do in Birmingham in the days and years to come.

Aren’t there?

And there isn’t ‘a realistic plan to deal with it.’

Is there?

And we both know there isn’t going to be.

Capitulation to ‘foreign values and… laws,’ here we come.

Or should I say, here we are.

Courtesy of some Norman, and perhaps even Enoch, trusted along the way, and the many they did not.

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