Sunday, 20 April 2014



  1. I’m not totally against abortion, but I’d put David Steele on that list too, an average of 200,000 babies are aborted each year in the UK, since 1967 that would make a total of 9,400,000.

    Some babies were aborted at 28 weeks i.e 7months, just two months shy of birth. Interesting to note the Talmuld does not consider a foetus a person till it has emerged.

    How many of these Great Britons would have been aborted out of convenience today?
    Brunel, 3rd child.
    Dickens, second of eight children.
    Darwin, fifth of six children.
    Shakespear, third child of eight.
    Nelson, sixth of eleven children.

    The ease of which abortion was allowed, just a few years after the pill became widely available and accepted, broke down responsible mating and weakened marriage, family and the sanctity of life.

    The average birth rate for British women fell from 2.4 children (from women born 1937) to 1.9 children (from women born 1964)
    (notice the picture the BBC use of black mother and child’s hands!)

    The drop in the British birth rate (and European in general) is another reason the powers that be say we need more immigration.

  2. Re:easy abortion, this story just in...

    An aspiring glamour model who had a £5,000 breast enlargement on the NHS is planning to abort her baby in order to appear on Big Brother.