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Are you proud of gay marriage?

On 29 March 2014, an Independent editorial gloated thus:

In a riot of pent-up love, commitment and solemnised vows, WITH A RAINBOW FLAG FLYING PROUDLY OVER WHITEHALL, Britain takes a historic step into a more liberal, egalitarian future. With the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act’s passing into law at midnight last night, hundreds of people across the country will today seize their first opportunity to get married, and thousands more are expected to follow suit over the months to come.

The case in favour of the modernisation of Britain’s matrimonial rules may appear self-evident to many readers of The Independent. But it bears restating, nonetheless. THIS NEWSPAPER HAS CAMPAIGNED HARD FOR THE CHANGES that come into effect today for the simple reason that it should be open to all people to formalise their relationship should they wish to do so, regardless of gender or sexuality… There can be no justification for its being limited to one particular group…

Today's shift would be a source of profound satisfaction in any event. When considered in context it is even more so. After all, just 50 years ago, homosexual acts between men were a criminal offence (and between women were barely recognised), and it was not until 2000 that openly lesbian, gay and bisexual people were allowed to serve in the armed forces. 
There is still some way to go BEFORE THE OLD BIGOTRIES ARE ENTIRELY ROOTED OUT… The legalisation of same-sex marriage – or, as it is perhaps better considered, the extension of the institution to all – is both an unmistakable step in the right direction and a move that will, over time, only lead to A FURTHER EROSION OF OLD DIVISIONS, PREJUDICES AND MISCONCEPTIONS.

Controversies do, of course, remain. Even as the majority of Britons are in favour of the new law, about 70 per cent, according to polling, there are still POCKETS OF RESISTANCE. Sad to say, recent surveys record more than one in five men and one in 10 women claiming that they would refuse a wedding invitation from two people of the same sex.

Religious objections are also stubbornly persistent… Meanwhile, legal provisions that include a ‘quadruple lock’ to ensure that no religious organisation can be forced either to marry same-sex couples, or to allow such a ceremony to go ahead on their premises, indicate a degree of special status still…

The billows of confetti across the country this weekend mark a milestone in OUR SOCIAL EVOLUTION, even if there are a few practicalities that will take time to work through. Britain has long been known as a tolerant, forward-thinking society.

Consider these statements:
“Today is a day to be proud to be British.” “Britain should be proud.”
Are you proud of this? Were you a proud Briton on 31 March 2014? I’m not proud, I’m disgusted, and very angry. Another little bit of our world has been stolen by the PC Crowd. As represented, in this instance, by a Tory Prime Minister.

David Cameron made this happen. He forced it upon us. It wasn’t in the Manifesto. No one mentioned it before the last election.

Cameron isn't a Tory. He’s a globalist. A banker-hugging, left-wing globalist. Blair, Brown and Mandelson banished such seeming contradictions as left-wing and banker-friendly forever during New Labour’s malign, anti-British time in power.

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned marriage is for men, women and children. Children that result from that marriage, not children taken away from loving relations by Marxist social workers and parcelled out to homosexuals who can now tell those same social workers that they are married.

And thus even more legitimate.
“The majority of Britons are in favour of the new law, about 70 per cent.”
I don’t believe this. I think whatever polls arrived at such a figure were rigged.

Here’s an unfixable poll for you:

Are you in favour of gay marriage? free polls 
"With a rainbow flag flying proudly over Whitehall."
Oh yes. The top civil servants are at one with anything and everything unpatriotic and different these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if Whitehall was even more homosexual than Westminster.
“This newspaper has campaigned hard for the changes.”
How about that, eh? Not much in the way of independence there then. Yeah. Lots and lost of gay-heavy partiality, I’d say.
“Before the old bigotries are entirely rooted out.”
Sounds a bit Commie that. A bit 1984. Rooting out the unfashionable, off message thoughts. Yes, he's a bit of an old Commissar type, the bloke that wrote this editorial.
“A further erosion of old divisions, prejudices and misconceptions.”
I wonder who’d be more prejudiced? Those who would force gay marriage upon the British (and fix the polls so that they said what the Commissars wanted said), or those who were thus forced?
“Pockets of resistance.”
A telling phrase. Straight out of a thousand battle manuals. Oh yes, ladies and gents, as I’ve said so many times at this and other blogs, THEY are at war with us. They really are.
“Our social evolution.”
That would be evolution away from what we once were towards what the gay activists and the social engineering editors want us to become, one supposes. Revolution in other words.

So who wrote this?

Who is the editor of the not-so-independent Independent these days? Well, he’s all of thirty-one years of age and he is, guess what, an immigrant. Yep, yet another game-changing foreigner who seems happy to applaud and encourage anything and everything that distances us from what we used to be and, in many cases, are still.

Indian-born Amol Rajan is top bloke at the Independent and, thus, the first non-white editor of a British national newspaper.

Of course, when I say top, Evgeny Lebedev, who owns the newspaper, would be tops. He's the pampered son of Russian Oligarch, Alexander Lebedev.

Recently, Stephen Fry and the rest of the gay activist screechers were doing their damnedest to get the Winter Olympics in Sochi banned, weren't they? Because Russians, so they said, were 'homophobic.' And gay athletes weren't safe therefore.

Anyone hear of any gay athletes getting sorted in the Olympic Village? It never happened. of course it didn't.

Anyway, it takes all sorts. And Evgeny seems to be entirely at one with Amol trumpeting gay marriage as he does here. And here.

If anyone out there thinks our world still belongs to us, you’re an idiot. If you want your country back, you’re going to have to fight for it now.
‘Today is a day to be proud to be British?’
That’s what our immigrant chums, Amol and Evgeny, are saying.

What do you say?

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