Friday, 18 April 2014

A child of two may be the servant of Satan!

On 15 April 2014, Nigerian ‘witch-hunter,' Helen Ukpabio, aka ‘Lady Apostle,' was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:
"If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan."
Emma Glanfield added this:
"The born-again Christian Pentecostal preacher, who founded the controversial African Evangelical franchise Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries in Nigeria, is thought to currently be in the UK... It understood she flew into London where she has been holding a number of church services to promote her belief in witchcraft and offer help to those ‘under threat’ from the wizardry.

A poster advertising one of Ms Ukpabio’s most recent talks... claims to offer help to people who are under ‘witchcraft attack, ancestral spirit attack or mermaid spirit attack’ and claims to help ‘disconnect' them...

The Christian fundamentalist and a Biblical literalist founded the church in 1992 and now claims to have 150 branches worldwide...

The born-again Christian Pentecostal preacher claims to have the power to identify and exorcise ‘witch children’ who are possessed by the devil. She uses her sermons to incite hatred, intolerance and persecution of alleged witches and wizards...Her beliefs... fuel witchcraft accusations against children in the region.

In some of the poorest parts of Nigeria, thousands of children are being blamed for catastrophes, death, famine and branded witches... 
Gary Foxcroft, of the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network said Ms Ukpabio was one of a number of preachers who regularly travelled to the UK. He told the Independent: 
‘The fundamental problem is that churches need to be regulated. Anyone can set up a church tomorrow in their own garden shed with no commitment to child protection or making their accounts transparent or any theological training'."
That's diversity for you.

That's the Multicult. That's the world that LibLabCon and their global paymasters have foist upon us in recent times.

You know, this Nigerian nutcase has more rights in Britain than we do when she's here. The race laws have seen to that. And, as Lee Jasper, Ken Livingstone right hand man when he was Mayor of London, is so fond of saying:
"Black people can't be racist."

You heard it here, folks, 'black people in the UK cannot be racist!' The politicians, the cops, the media and the judiciary, however, can be oh-so PC, can't they? Thus, if Ms Ukpabio were to accuse me of being a 'racist', for example, what do you think would happen? Do you think the aforementioned thought-wranglers would tell her to take a running jump or to push off and cry racism back in Africa? We don't think so, do we?

The McPherson report has fixed it so that any black or minority ethnic character who wants to can accuse any white Briton he or she feels like accusing of racism and that person will be taken seriously.

As a result, even if the accusations are made by a Bible-bashing Nigerian sadist, a Jamaican Yardie or a Muslim paedophile, you, you law-abiding citizen you, are likely to have questions to answer. Down at the local police station, in all probability.

Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, white countries for everyone. That's the way it is in the western world as we speak. That's why crazy psychopaths like Helen Ukpabio get to have 150 branches of her church dotted about the globe and her moronic followers in this country get to practice what she preaches if they are moved to do so.

Anyway, if you live in British city or major town, the next time you hear a child screaming in the night, you should think twice about intervening. That child may be a witch and/or 'a servant of Satan.'

And, if you don't believe in such things and interfere anyway, be prepared for a hostile reception from ‘Lady Apostle' and the parents of the child in question, if she's round there and in the process of exorcising an infant demon or two.

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