Saturday, 29 March 2014

The weirdo who stands up for Britain

What can we deduce from the above?

Well, quite a few of us think all of the above are "arrogant," "smug," "out of touch" types who "don't listen." This should come as no surprise, they are politicians after all. Cameron, according to the views of the Brits polled, comes top in all of these categories.

Despite this negative critique, he is the only one to score in the "competent" category.

Ed Miliband is the only one of the above four who some believe "shares" their "values." Nick Clegg is the only "likeable" chap and Nigel Farage the only bloke whom we Brits see as "down to earth."

Both he and Cameron are seen as "determined," whereas both Miliband and Clegg are both "indecisive," "weak" and "out of (their) depth."

We think Nigel and Ed are "weird", whereas Clegg and Cameron, for all their faults, aren't weird at all.

We also believe Nick to be somewhat "fair" and "principled" at precisely the same rate as we think Nigel and Dave are somewhat "dishonest," though Dave also scores slightly higher than Nick when it comes to principle.

Dave posts his highest scores for being "out of touch" and "arrogant;" Ed is seen by most as "out of his depth" and "weak," as interestingly, is Nick; and Nigel, despite the fact that a good few of us think he is, as previously stated, "weird," posts his highest score in the "stands up for Britain" category.

Nick and Ed do not register a score in this latter classification.

Of this bunch, I'm for the weirdo who "stands up for Britain."

Of course I am.

Who else would a patriot be for?

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