Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Israel has a powerful stranglehold on the American government

On 10 September 2009, former Ohio Congressman, James Traficant, was interviewed by Fox News' Greta van Susteren for 'On the Record.'

During the interview he said this:
"Israel has a powerful stranglehold on the American government. They control both members of the House, the House and the Senate. They have us involved in wars in which we have little or no interest. Our children are coming back in body bags. Our nation is bankrupt over these wars. And if you open your mouth, you get targeted. And if they don't beat you at the poll, they'll put you in prison…

They're controlling much of our foreign policy. They're influencing much of our domestic policy. Wolfowitz, as Under Secretary of Defence, manipulated President Bush number two back into Iraq. They've pushed definitely, definitely to try to get Bush... to move into Iran.

We're conducting the expansionist policy of Israel and everybody's afraid to say it. They control much of the media, they control much of the commerce of the country, and they control powerfully both bodies of the Congress. They own the Congress."
At this point van Susteren wondered, ‘Are you an anti-Semite?’

Traficant replied:
“No, I'm not. And that's exactly what they're going to say. And I expect that. What I am is an American. You see, I think America comes first. And we have a one-sided foreign policy in the Mid East, and we've alienated Arabs who have no way of fighting.

So, what they've done, and I predicted this on the House floor, is they would export violence to America. And they have. They have no other way to fight…

America is in danger if America doesn't take back their government.”

Of his time in prison, Traficant said:
“I was the number one target of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee and the number one target of the Justice Department since 1983, being the only American to ever defeat them pro se in a RICO trial. And I have big enemies (who)… felt they gave me a life sentence, that I'd never survive in prison. Then they came to me and said if I said I was guilty, I might even get a pardon, and I told them to shove the pardon up their derriere sideways.”
The same week Traficant was found guilty of accepting bribes (he strenuously denied this and, as you can see, refused a plea bargain that may have seen him freed), the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Sunday magazine interviewed Eli Rosenbaum, staff director of the Office of Special Investigations, who gloated thus:
“There’s only one member of Congress who has ever tried to take us on and interfere with our work, and he will be sentenced in federal court.”
Traficant subsequently spent seven years in prison for ‘interefering’ with the work of Rosenbaum and co.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: it's not just me speaking out, is it?

You really should do some research yourself, you know. You shouldn't just sit back and content yourself with 'conspiracy theories are for fools' or 'anyone who thinks that must be nuts.' There's far too much of it being said in the mainstream now for you to get away with that any more.

Why do you do it? Are you lazy? Are you a coward? Are you afraid of what you might find? Perhaps you don't care? As long as you're all right, who cares about the rest?

Whatever your reason for doggedly paying so little attention, just remember this: if you have children, if you ever have them, they are going to grow up in the world that you make. Your grandchildren will inherit what you and they leave behind. Doesn't that thought, at least, give you pause for thought?

Doesn't that thought suggest that you, who holds their future in your hands, should do a little finding out for yourself?

Instead of just believing what the politicians and the mainstream media tell you?

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