Sunday, 16 March 2014

The attack on our childrens' gender

In July 2013, The American Refugee (pseudonym) published 'The Attack On Our Children’s Gender' at the ‘Patriot Journalist Network’ web site.

This said:

“The attack on the very identity of our children is now in full swing. The word is being put out to kids as young as two that gender is optional. Many normal little girls go through a phase when they are young where they want to be a boy. Some boys go through a similar phase where they wish they were girls.

Over 99% of kids who go through such phases, will grow out of them. There is usually no deep seeded disorder and there is no reason to create one… Unfortunately, there is a growing movement to allow growing boys and girls, who haven’t even begun to approach puberty yet, to choose a gender different than the one they actually are…

On the softer side of this sales job we have SheZow. This is new gender bending cartoon, just for kids, playing on The Hub. In SheZow, the hero guy, a manly little boy, becomes SheZow against his will. He is bummed out at first about having to dress up as a girl super hero, what with the pink boots, the skirt, and the cape. But eventually he gets into it and learns to explore his feminine side and experience personal growth.

Yes, he learns the importance of getting a manicure and to leave his more macho attitudes behind. After all, men are barbaric. He discovers that he has ‘Super Empathy’ when he is dressed as SheZow. Yes before long Guy is joyfully putt

ing the magic ring and shouting the magic words, ‘You Go Girl’ to transform into SheZow.

It gets worse. At Camp You are You, a summer camp for boys with ‘Gender issues’ boys from 3 to 14 are taught how to walk like girls, talk like girls, shave their legs, apply make up, and put on a fashion show wearing female attire. The kids are taught that they can be whatever gender and feel they are and that this is totally normal and should be accepted.

Photographer Lindsay Morris has begun exploiting these children through photographs, with the approval of the kids’ demented parents. She hopes to create a traveling multimedia show to show of the ‘New face of LGBT youth’. She hopes to start a foundation and raise money so that boys from poor families can afford to attend the camp. Morris has stated that her photographic goal for the project is ‘to represent the spirit of these boys as they shine.’

Six year old Coy Mathis is a little boy in Colorado who thinks he is a little girl. He was born the only boy in a set of triplets. By 18 months, he decided that he wanted to dress and be treated just like his sisters. He didn’t want to be the odd man out. His patents gave in within six months and started dressing Coy as girl and referring to him as a girl. Coy was then enrolled in school as a girl. When a teacher found Coy, in fact, had a penis, she told the school and the school district made the decision that Coy would have to use the boy’s bathroom or a gender neutral staff bathroom by himself. Coy’s parents sued claiming that he, or ‘She’ was being discriminated against and suffering harm.

In a decision that she make all believers drop to their knees to pray for our lost nation, The Colorado Civil Rights division agree the district was ‘objectively and subjectively hostile’ and had created an ‘Environment that was rife with harassment’. Coy will be treated as a girl by the school and will use the girl’s bathroom facilities. Apparently the other girls do not have any gender privacy rights.

I can also just imagine some poor child being expelled for a ‘Hate crime’ in the future when she tells all of the other students coy is a boy. What will happen in the future when Coy hits puberty? There is discussion of putting Coy on ‘medication’ to delay that as long as possible.

There isn’t a nice way to talk about this folks. Coy’s parents, parents who bring boys to the ‘You are You Camp’, and even parents who simply allow their kids to watch SheZow, are harming their children. This nation is turning its back on truth, science, nature, and God. We have become an arrogant people who think we can do whatever we choose, when it comes to depravity or denying nature, but who must listen to the state and give up actual freedoms and liberties granted by Natural Law.

Get your kids away from the destructive influence of the state and the radical homosexual agenda. Get them out of public schools and if at all possible, homeschool your children. Accept that there are gender bending cartoons, even on the kids networks. Take charge of teaching your kids about God, science, history, America, and reality in general.”

THEY, the New World Order, the global elite, the banksters, their bought politicians, the Left and the PC Crowd, are at war with us, folks.

They really are.

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