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Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery

Gavin Boby's foreword to the wide-ranging March 2014 Law and Freedom Foundation report, ’Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery,’ by Peter McLoughlin, can be seen below.
“This is a shocking report. It is written with care, but the evidence is hard to believe. Readers should beware, because there is something to feel angry about on most pages: the prevalence of the crime; the length of time that it has continued; its blatancy; the lengths our authorities have gone to in order to cover up for it; but most of all, the vulnerability and suffering of the victims.

That anger is going to spread as awareness of this crime spreads. Denial and damage limitation won’t work any more. It is hard to think of something more calculated to incite public violence than the targeting of native girls for rape by an immigrant population. The use of inter communal rape in the most savage territorial conflicts testifies to its perception as a weapon, and the fear of it evokes the most primal instincts...

Suppose a group of former soldiers, with weapons and intelligence training, are bored with their post-service jobs for security companies and print shops, and tired of the pub going which keeps them in touch with each other and with what bestowed a sense of pride and purpose. Their patriotism is frustrated by their impotence in the face of predatory criminality. They gained a none-too-rosy view of Islamic culture during their tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, and its presence in Britain has become a frequent topic of conversation.

Fuelled by beer and boredom, their conversation turns to outrage at the failure to eradicate child rape gangs, and to boasts about how quickly they could eradicate them. One of them points out the number of Muslims among those convicted for grooming crimes, relative to the proportion of Muslims in Britain: he’s been looking through the convictions and realised that almost everyone convicted for these crimes has a Muslim name, when Muslims are only 5% of the population.

They do some quick calculations, and conclude that Muslims are 154 times likelier to be perpetrators of these crimes than non-Muslims. Another points out that it’s worse than that: there’s not been one case where the victim was a Muslim and the paedophiles were non-Muslims… Infuriated by each new crop of bearded paedophiles glowering from the front pages, their talk becomes more sober and less boastful.

Prompted a few weeks later by reports of a particularly incompetent police investigation, idle talk turns to not-so-idle planning.

Tipped off by a disillusioned child protection worker or police officer as to the location of a B n’ B establishment used for this crime, they decide to put their plans into action. Instead of planning a reprisal raid, as one or two Sikh groups appear to have done in response to the abuse of Sikh girls, they decide that prevention is better than cure.

Acting on information received, they surveil the premises, noting when the 13 year old girl is led into the building, and when the clients follow. One evening they lay in wait, force their way inside the building, and into the room where a semi-comatose girl is held. A terrible massacre follows: they shoot dead all the men in that room, without warning, at point blank range.

They are caught, arrested, charged with murder, and plead not guilty. The appalling aftermath leaves no room to deny the killings. So, at trial, they admit the facts but claim their actions were justified because they were done in the prevention of a crime.

The prosecution are left with the unenviable task of rebutting this defence beyond reasonable doubt, and argue that the Defendants’ actions were not “reasonable in all the circumstances” because lesser force would have sufficed.

The Defendants cite the fact that American states specifically sanction citizens’ use of ‘deadly force’ against home invasion, whether or not the life of the householder is threatened, and even in some car chases. Similar laws have been proposed for this country in the case of burglary, and would enjoy substantial public support.

They argue that most people agree that the gang rape of children is more serious than burglary. They refer to the BBC’s ‘No charge for Texas dad who killed daughter’s rapist’ story, and the comments beneath. The prosecution also submit that the killers failed to inform the authorities before taking the law into their own hands, to which the killers point out that the authorities already knew, since they got their information from a disaffected member of one such authority, and that nothing had happened so far.

The judge is more conscious of the dangers of DIY justice than many people, so she is perturbed by the defence. But she is unable to prevent it going to the jury. She gives the correct guidance to the twelve men and women that it is hard to see how such extreme force can be considered reasonable when civil authorities such as police and child protection units are paid to prevent these crimes. And that whilst the crime of child rape is a terrible one, massacre is out of all proportion to it.

The jury retire and are unable to reach a verdict. Anonymous reports in some newspapers suggest later that half of the jurors refused to see anything wrong with killing members of a child rape gang. A retrial is held, followed, unusually, by a second retrial. But no verdict is ever reached, and the judge at the second retrial instructs the foreman to acquit the defendants. Picture the enthusiastic celebrations outside the court – based more on soccer chants than study of the dovetail joint between law and civil society.

News of the acquittal spreads fast. Other groups of would be vigilantes, take on board that it is OK to kill child rapists, especially them Muslim ones. The more buccaneering gangs soon branch into other areas of enforcement and dispute resolution. Before long they become the people to report crimes and quarrels to in certain areas…

This situation is not so far-fetched as you might hope. The fragility of civilisation, the basic human need for security, plus an absence of law (to say nothing of budget constraints) enable the violent to pull in those around them like a fire-storm. It is, therefore, essential that our authorities stamp out these offences visibly, aggressively, and fast. They need to be seen to break with their previous inertia in doing so.

It is not realistic merely to condemn this crime. It must be suppressed. If not, those of us who are now execrated as firebrands, but who later try to preach restraint, will be brushed aside with the simple words: ‘They rape our children’,”
Everyone should read the linked report.

If you ever wanted nailed-on evidence of parliamentary and PC treachery, it’s here in abundance. The people you vote for did this, ladies and gentlemen. They, aided and abetted by you and your voting habits, created the world that the most vulnerable members of our society are now forced to endure.

You should be ashamed of the part you have played in the catastrophe that has overcome our people. Unfortunately, if the propaganda, the degeneracy, the drugs and dumbing-down are still doing their worst, you won’t be.

The British solicitor, Gavin Boby, who founded the Law And Freedom Foundation in order to stop the building of mosques in Britain, can be seen laying it on the line at the EU below.

Sadly, Gavin is not in the business of critiquing the Jews for the massive part they have played in the creation of the Multicult. Indeed, towards the end of his lecture he says this:
“We should resist everywhere the persecution of Jews. Not one Jewish person should feel under threat from any quarter. If you can hold to that line… you will probably avoid doing any harm in the bad years that are going to come.”
So, Gavin, 'not one Jewish person should feel under threat,' even if it can be shown that their behaviour contributed mightily to the problems you, yourself, describe? You speak of the 'current crop of politically correct, pandering, self-serving leaders.' Well, what if the crop contains more than its fair share of Jews, are they to be forgiven their almighty trespasses just because they are Jewish? Combating political correctness does not stop at the door of the synagogue. You can’t pick and choose your opponents if you wish the whole truth and the hidden history known.

Check out the links below, Gavin. If you still believe that Jews should be sacrosanct after viewing the information within, I’m afraid I shall have to add you to the bought-and-paid-for list. No matter how valuable a contribution you make in the areas you choose to contest.

The Board's triumphal communiqué

Their embrace of open borders

The passing of the white world

Purported threats from the Jewish Defence League

Ladies and gents, do NOT get me wrong. In all probability, Gavin Boby’s individual efforts on behalf of the British people outstrip mine by a considerable margin. You should be very grateful for his courageous, anti-Islamic labours in your behalf. I applaud him for these.

Nevertheless, without an awareness of what the Jews have done and are still doing, the problems we face will never be truly understood or overcome. For anyone who knows the score to deny this is anathema. As you will see if you peruse the cited links.

Let's hope that Gavin, an otherwise massively well-informed and well-intentioned gentleman, isn't as up to snuff as he should be in this area.

Ignorance of evil is preferable to an expedient toleration of it.

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