Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Rigging elections just isn't British!

On 11 March 2014, The BBC quoted judge Richard Mawrey QC thus: 
"Postal voting on demand, however many safeguards you build into it, is wide open to fraud… on a scale that will make election rigging a possibility and indeed in some areas a probability.  
Now I know that there is a very strong political desire to keep the present system. What I'm saying is that if you keep the present system, then however many safeguards you create, fraud and serious fraud is inevitably going to continue because that is built into the system." 
In the same article, Surrey Returning Officer, Ray Morgan, said this:
"Sadly, I don't think any of the elections that I have personally officiated over since 2006 have been totally fair and honest.

None of them."
Conservative MP, Andrew Stephenson, added:
"In different parts of the country, there have been Conservatives, there have been Liberal Democrats, there have been Labour activists arrested and charged over postal vote fraud, so this is not a problem which affects only one political party.

The government should really look at going back to only allowing postal votes to people who have a genuine need for a postal vote, everybody else should turn up at the polling station like they always used to have to and be able to cast their vote. Everyone should have confidence in a democratic system."
'There have been Conservatives, there have been Liberal Democrats, there have been Labour.' However, as far as I know, no UKIP, BNP or National Front 'activists' have ever been 'arrested and charged over postal vote fraud.'

Rigging elections just isn't what your true Brit does, is it?

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