Saturday, 22 February 2014

The problems are so huge we would never be re-elected

On 22 February 2014, Simon Heffer said this in The Daily Mail:
“Like ostriches, politicians are putting their heads in the sand and ignoring the issue. Indeed, there is a similar refusal to face up to a host of other potential crises. This shameful absence of strategic thinking across Whitehall includes such crucial areas as pensions, transport, energy and defence policies.

But it is the key responsibility of every government to address the country’s needs in 20 years’ time and not just tackle issues of the day… Ministers have certainly been reluctant to address our future energy needs, simply relying on risibly inadequate wind turbines and solar panels rather than investing in a new generation of nuclear reactors…

There are countless other examples of how politicians are abjectly failing to prepare for the future. Our road system is utterly unsatisfactory. And, having allowed uncontrolled immigration for years, we have no sensible housing policy, simply letting the Home Counties be concreted over while parts of the North become wastelands…

I see no evidence of serious thought being given to the future of our universities. This is because of the idiotic decision for them to be put under the malign control of Vince Cable’s business department…

Meanwhile, the catastrophic running down of our Armed Forces, with money diverted to help China fund its space programme, leaves us vulnerable to aggressive states. Putting their collective head in the sand should not be an option for politicians…

Sadly, though, it is a truism of politics that ministers put their own survival at Westminster before their efforts to address their country’s long-term needs. This is a disgraceful dereliction of duty.”
Regarding this ‘dereliction of duty,’ Heffer quoted ‘a senior Tory source’ thus:
“You know why we duck out of tackling these big issues? It’s because the problems are so huge that if we admitted their scale, people would panic and we would never be re-elected.”
Heffer also told us this:
“Ministers want to make younger people a higher priority for treatment than the elderly because they are deemed more economically useful to society.”
Why would the elderly ever vote for the Tories again?

Why, for that matter, would the vote for the Lib Dems, who are also running the country? Why would they vote for the Labour Party, who, along with the other two, have, over many decades, consistently ignored what they wanted and dished out what they didn't want?

You’ll have to ask them. I’ve never understood why they kept on voting for politicians so inept and lacking in common sense that ‘huge… problems’ were bound to result. Nor do I understand why they would vote for those who would ‘make younger people a higher priority for treatment,’ when they have been paying in all their lives and ‘younger people,’ particularly those who have arrived in our country recently, have not.

As regards these come-lately types, well, our politcians, quite clearly, care a great deal more for them (‘uncontrolled immigration… running down of our Armed Forces, with money diverted to help China fund its space programme’) than they do for us.

So, as I say, I don’t understand it. Outside of the usual ‘dumbed-down,’ ‘drugged-up’, bread, circuses and degeneracy thing, that is.

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