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The hostility radiating from Washington

In his 18 February 2014 essay, ‘Diplomacy is a Four Letter Word - The Neocon Triumph,’ counter-terrorism specialist, Philip Giraldi, a former CIA operative, says this:
“Why is the United States so reluctant to negotiate with other countries and so prone to leap immediately to the option of using force or chicanery in lieu of a more deliberative foreign policy?…

The dominant Neoconservative way of thinking has thoroughly infected both parties’ perceptions of how a foreign policy is supposed to work, leading official Washington to see everything in terms of ‘us and them’ while at the same time exonerating every American misstep by citing the largely bogus national security argument to explain places like Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.

The vitriol unloaded on Russia since the rise of Vladimir Putin and most recently to ridicule almost every aspect of the Olympic Games is astonishing… Turning it into a target of choice for ignorant media, politicians and White House spokesmen is just downright stupid. Moscow’s cooperation is essential to resolve a number of international crises and the hostility radiating from Washington only makes the world a much more dangerous place for everyone.

The sustained pressure on the Ukraine over the past several months has likewise been remarkable and, under other circumstances, it would all be difficult to explain but for the fact that it and Russia are essentially two halves of one policy that is being orchestrated by the same group of Neoconservatives, some of whom have now, fortuitously enough, attached themselves to the party in power in the White House, which is the Democrats. It was easy enough to do as many Neocons are basically liberal Democrats if one excludes their aggressive foreign policy views.

Remember the pastel revolutions in Eastern Europe that were sponsored by the United States and some western nations but which are now best forgotten?

Involvement of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in places like the Ukraine and Moldova sure turned out well, particularly when the biggest baddest NGO of all, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) got involved. When the Russians and others complained about the activities of NGOs interfering in their domestic politics NED was what they were referring to. NED instinctively favored people who called themselves democrats and were able to speak English, polyglot ability somehow demonstrating their political reliability. They turned out to be as corrupt as their predecessors and no less inclined to fool around with the electoral system they inherited.

Tinkering in Georgia by Washington AND ITS ISRAELI SURROGATES almost led to American involvement in a war with Russia in which Washington had no conceivable interest. Remember John McCain’s ‘We are all Georgians now?’

Those who are aware of the insidious activities of NED, an ostensibly private foundation that spreads ‘democracy’ and is largely funded by Congress, know that it has a Democratic Party half in its National Democratic Institute, and a Republican Party half in its International Republican Institute. Madeleine Albright is in charge of the NED Dems while John McCain leads the NED GOP…

After wrecking Eastern Europe NED has gone on to do yeoman’s work relating to the Arab Spring, the results of which are clearly visible in Tunisia, Egypt and Iraq. But now the focus is again on the former Soviet Union with millions of dollars going to opposition parties, this time with the full force of an uncritical mainstream media behind the effort…

Many Ukrainians therefore look to Russia as a natural ally and trading partner while those who once were part of Poland tend to look westward, but what is indisputable is that the current mildly pro-Moscow Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych came to power after a free election monitored by international observers in 2010. Yanukovych believes in strong ties to Russia but is also friendly to the European Union and the United States.

In spite of that studied neutrality Washington and the Europeans are stirring up unrest and trying to coerce the Ukrainian government into entering into a formal arrangement with the EU that its elected leadership believes to be not in its best interests. Protesters, supported and possibly even trained and equipped by Europe and the US, have responded with violence.
 The US State Department’s Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland (check her out giving the game away in the essay that precedes this one) has been a leader in the drive to punish the Ukraine and force it to become part of the EU. ‘We stand with the people of Ukraine who see their future in Europe,’ she said rather undiplomatically in December. But who is Nuland anyway?
She is described in the media as an experienced diplomat, which in a sense she is, but if that phrase is intended to imply that she is completely a professional it would be misleading. She is the wife of leading Neoconservative Robert Kagan…

Victoria Nuland’s access to senior levels of government began when served as principal deputy national security adviser to Vice President, Dick Cheney, a position possibly obtained through the good graces of her husband’s Neocon associates, who were in the ascendancy at the Pentagon and White House at that time. She then moved on to become US Ambassador to NATO under Bush-Cheney before bouncing back to Washington to work as Hillary Clinton’s press secretary.

In that capacity she has sometimes been described as comfortable in working with both conservatives and liberals, but that would be misleading as in terms of foreign policy. Clinton is no liberal, strongly pro-Israel and aligning largely with the Neocon vision of an American that is ready, willing and able to use force and coercion to establish a new world order that is subordinate to US interests.

Like her husband, Nuland, backed by the White House and politicians including Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, is consistently hostile to Moscow, possibly because the Neocon world view favors the predominantly Jewish oligarchs who looted the Russian economy before being brought to heel by Putin…

Nuland was recently intercepted in a telephone conversation with the US Ambassador to the Ukraine Geoff Pyatt… Nuland, who has visited the Ukraine several times to speak to the demonstrators and pass out cookies, described the possible European Union (EU) role in such a project disparagingly, using a four letter word which was widely reported in the media. The focus on her language somewhat obscured the far more important content of the call, discussing plans to destabilize the Ukraine while actively working to select one opposition politician as the preferred choice to bring about change in the government.

Victoria Nuland’s call over an unencrypted phone line to discuss highly sensitive matters was, at a minimum, a security violation… The complaint about spying is itself deliciously ironic coming from a government in Washington that has been tapping nearly everyone’s phones with impunity.

Ideologues like Victoria Nuland, who might serve as a poster child for what is wrong with the US government, constitute only one element in the dysfunctional White House view of the world and how to interact with it. Former Senior State Department official James Bruno asks ‘Why does America send so many stupid, unqualified hacks overseas?’ For the first time since the Second World War more than half of all US Ambassadors overseas are political appointees rather than career diplomats, yet another instance of President Barack Obama’s saying one thing while running for office and doing another thing when actually in power.

Bruno describes an ambassador to Sweden lying drunk in the snow, the current hotel chain owner nominee for Norway who did not know the country was a constitutional monarchy, and a TV soap opera producer pick for Hungary who had no idea what interests the US might have in the country.

One Obama appointee Seattle investor Cynthia Stroum actually was forced to resign after running her embassy in Luxembourg into the ground, verbally abusing her staff and spending embassy funds on personal travel and alcohol.

All of these splendid examples of American officialdom have one thing in common: they gave a lot of money to the Obama campaign. Raising $1.79 million is now the going price for an ambassadorship. Good work Mr. Obama. You promised transparency and have again exceeded all expectations by appointing ambassadors whose lack of qualifications would embarrass the head of state of a banana republic.

With Victoria Nuland firmly at the helm of our ship of state in Europe and working to overthrow a friendly government while a group of rich but clueless clowns heads our embassies every American will henceforth know that he or she can sleep safe at night.”
Now, ladies and gents, what is it about the following that you do not understand?
“The hostility radiating from Washington only makes the world a much more dangerous place for everyone… The pastel revolutions in Eastern Europe… were sponsored by the United States… After wrecking Eastern Europe, NED has gone on to do yeoman’s work relating to the Arab Spring, the results of which are clearly visible in Tunisia, Egypt and Iraq… The full force of an uncritical mainstream media behind the effort… Washington and the Europeans are stirring up unrest… Protesters, supported and possibly even trained and equipped by Europe and the US…

Nuland has been a leader in the drive punish the Ukraine and force it to become part of the EU… Who is Nuland anyway?… Nuland… served as principal deputy national security adviser to Vice President, Dick Cheney… US Ambassador to NATO under Bush-Cheney… Hillary Clinton’s press secretary… Nuland was recently intercepted in a telephone conversation… discussing plans to destabilize the Ukraine… Ideologues like Victoria Nuland… serve as a poster child for what is wrong with the US government?”
And what is it about the following honest insider commentary that might prompt you to dismiss the information without considering it?
“Nuland… is consistently hostile to Moscow, possibly because the Neocon world view favors the predominantly Jewish Oligarchs who looted the russian economy… Clinton is… strongly pro-Israel and aligning largely with the Neocon vision of an America that is ready, willing and able to use force and coercion to establish a New World Order that is subordinate to US interests… Tinkering in Georgia by Washington and its Israeli surrogates almost led to American involvement in a war with Russia.”
Of those named in Philip Giraldi’s exposé, Cynthia Stroum, Madeleine Albright, Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan are Jewish.

In May 1996, as Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State, Albright said this of the death of half a million Iraqi children since Gulf War 1 ended in 1991:
"We think the price is worth it," 
As for the oft-mentioned Neoconservatives who seem to be behind all ‘the hostility radiating from Washington’ that currently ‘makes the world a much more dangerous place,’ well, you don’t have to take Mr. Giraldi's word for their malevolence. Here's what one honest Israeli journalist had to say about them just a few weeks after the 2003 invasion of Iraq:
"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 Neoconservative intellectuals, MOST OF THEM JEWISH, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history."
Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, was telling us precisely the same thing ten years later:
“This was an insane war that brought us low economically, morally. We went to war against a guy who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. It was a total pretext! It’s inexplicable and there you go to Cheney, there you go to Bush, there you go to the Jewish neo-cons who wanted to remake the world.

Maybe I can say that because I’m Jewish."

On 16 December 2004, Carl Gershman, longtime President of the National Endowment for Democracy, (NED) said this at the ‘Anti-Semitism: a Threat to Democracy’ conference:
“In 1969, after a short stint at the ADL, I went to work for Bayard Rustin… He said on many occasions that anti-Semitism was a barometer with which one could judge the health of democracy in a country, in a political movement, or in the world. He knew from experience that anti-black racists were invariably anti-Semitic.”
From Bayard Rustin’s Wikipedia page:
“Rustin was an American leader in social movements for civil rights, socialism, pacifism and non-violence and gay rights… Rustin was a gay man who had been arrested for a homosexual act in 1953… Rustin was attacked as a ‘pervert’ or ‘immoral influence’ by political opponents from segregationists to Black power militants, and from the 1950s through the 1970s.

In addition, his pre-1941 Communist Party affiliation when he was a young man was controversial… In the 1970s, he became a public advocate on behalf of gay and lesbian causes. On November 20, 2013, President Barack Obama posthumously awarded Rustin the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”
Gershman continues:
“For Bayard, a principal lesson of the 20th century was that anti-Semitism is not a problem for Jews alone since the enemies of Jews are also the most determined enemies of democracy… Anti-Semitism is not just a prejudice but also an ideological weapon used by totalitarian movements…

The center of the global movement against democracy has now shifted to the radical Islamist and Baathist movements that have emerged during the last several decades in the Middle East and Iran. These movements have drawn upon various sources: Nazism's glorification of violence and hatred of aliens… the Koran's vilification of Jews… and the Christian world's myths of the blood libel and Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Whatever their differences, the Baathists and Islamists share a visceral hatred of liberal values that finds its most potent expression in the vilification of Israel and the Jewish people…

Before the events of 9/11, the international community disregarded, for all intents and purposes, the dysfunctional social and political systems that have spawned Baathist and Islamist totalitarianism…

After 9/11, the international community no longer had this luxury. This was the central message of President Bush's seminal address to the NED last year, when he said that the time had come to end 60 years of Western nations excusing and accommodating the lack of freedom in the Middle East… It is also necessary that governments in the Middle East move forward rather than block change or make grudging concessions under pressure from within and without. They are more likely to take constructive steps if the United States and its European allies are united in pressing for reform…

(Can) democracy… be established in a political culture where the kind of anti-Semitism and conspiratorial thinking that I described earlier is so widely prevalent and apparently deeply embedded… We should not ask whether people are fit for democracy, but rather how they can become fit through democracy…

The attacks of 9/11… started a public debate within the Arab world over the crisis of Islamic culture, a public airing of the moral sickness that led not just to 9/11 but also to the inability to confront its meaning and to accept moral responsibility for its consequences… It is only through such a discussion that the abscess of anti-Semitism can be lanced.” 
Pretty much a rabid Zionist then. 

As one might expect from a bloke who once worked for the Anti-Defamation League. The US-based ADL acts as a universal policeman, condemning and often threatening any who dare to criticise Israel in particular or Jewish misbehaviour in general.

Gershman is, of course, Jewish.

Finally, let’s take a look at what the redoubtable American statesman, Patrick Buchanan, has said recently (21 February 2014) about the situation in the Ukraine:
“Richard Engel of NBC, reporting from Maidan Square in Kiev, described what he witnessed as the Feb. 19 truce collapsed. Police began to back away from their positions in the square, said Engel. And the protesters attacked. Gunfire was exchanged and the death toll, believed to be in the dozens, is not known.

In short, the reality in Kiev is more complex than the black-and-white cartoon of Vladimir Putin vs. the freedom fighters drawn by our resident Russophobic elite…

Portrayed as a tyrannical thug, Viktor Yanukovych won the presidency of Ukraine in 2010 in what international observers called a free and fair election… His remains the legitimate government…

High among the reasons Yanukovych chose Russia’s offer to join its custom union over the EU is that Putin put a better deal on the table. Moscow put up $15 billion in loans and cut-rate oil and gas. The EU offered some piddling loans and credits, plus a demand for reforms in the Ukrainian economy monitored by the IMF, but no commitment to full membership in the EU.

As for the ‘protesters’ who came to Maidan Square in November, not all came simply to protest. Many set up tents and shacks, threw up barricades, seized government buildings, burned the headquarters of the ruling party, battled police and demanded the overthrow of the regime. 
How many Western countries would permit a planned putsch in their capital city? Still, after weeks of protest, Yanukovych offered to negotiate. He fired his prime minister and tendered the post to the leader of the opposition Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He offered to make Vitali Klitschko, the ex-heavyweight champion and the head of another opposition party, the deputy prime minister. His offer was rejected.

Yanukovych then had parliament repeal the tough laws against protests he had had enacted and delivered a full amnesty to those arrested during the months of occupation. In effect, Yanukovych offered peace and a coalition government with his opponents until new presidential elections new year. Does that sound like an unyielding tyrant?

Why was this unacceptable? Because the protesters want Yanukovych out, new elections now, and Ukraine reoriented toward Europe. While the opposition has every right to urge this course, is not next year’s presidential election the place to decide the future of the country? What kind of democracy is it where a democratically elected president can be forced out of office by mobs?

When Mohammed Morsi, the elected president of Egypt, was ousted in a military coup last summer, backed by huge crowds in Tahrir Square, John Kerry said the army was ‘restoring democracy’…

President Obama is telling the Yanukovych government to respect the protesters. No violence. But how would Obama react if thousands of Tea Party members established an encampment on the Mall, burned down the DNC, occupied the Capitol and demanded he either repeal Obamacare or resign? Would Barack Obama negotiate?

Russia has accused us of meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs. And when we see the State Department’s Victoria Nuland in Maidan Square egging on the protesters, and hear tape of Nuland discussing with the U.S. ambassador whom we want in the next Ukrainian government, do not the Russians have a point?

Under George W. Bush, our National Endowment for Democracy helped to engineer color-coded revolutions in Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, but it failed in Belarus. We have a long track record of meddling.

And was it not interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine for John McCain to fly to Kiev, go down to Maidan Square, and do his best imitation of Mario Savio in Sproul Plaza? If the Cold War is over, why are we playing these Cold War games?”
The Albrights, Nulands, Gershmans, and the rest of the Neocon warmongers we hoped to have seen the back of when Iraq unfolded the way that it did, play such games because they can, Patrick. 

It’s as simple as that.

With an on-message assortment of tame President forever prepared to bless and rubber-stamp their bloody Semitic adventures and an electorate of shiny-eyed and unquestioning my-gang-your-gang zombies on tap every four years, why wouldn’t history's eternal Machiavel behave in a predictably Machiavellian way?

Oh yes, ladies and gents, if you ever wanted to know what the ‘hostility radiating from Washington,’ was all about, well, with so many whistleblowers working overtime nowadays, you really can't avoid noticing who's behind it all, can you?

You can? You're still not convinced? Well, if you're not one of the many who will believe what they want to believe no matter what the evidence to the contrary, if you sure you're still capable of setting aside the comfortable lie and facing up to the uncomfortable truth, and you really DO want to now where all the 'hostility' comes from, you could do worse than to check out ‘The Talmud.’

Even better, take a peek at Gershman’s ‘Protocols.’


On 21 February 2014, Yossi Lempkowicz, of European Jewish News, informed us thus:
"Jewish leaders have expressed concern over ‘the continued violence in Ukraine and fear that Jews might be targeted... Ukrainian Jewish leaders have urged their constituents to avoid getting involved in the conflict. But an unknown number of Jews have taken part in fighting...

Alex Selsky, CEO of the World Forum of Russian-speaking Jewry, said that 'the community has a fear that the anger will be directed at the Jews, as has happened in the past'...

Peter Dickinson, editor-in-chief of Jewish News One, the Kiev-based 24/24 television channel, told European Jewish Press that the Jewish community are supportive of the protests, ’at least those whom I know and speak to’."
I guess the Ukrainian upset with the fact that his democratically elected President has just been forcibly ejected might have a bone to pick with the Ukrainian who did the ejecting. That would be reasonable, I reckon. As for those 'Jews who have taken part in fighting', the ones who were 'supportive of the protests,' well, if they don't happen to be flavour of the month with those who voted for Yanukovych in a 'free and fair' election, it really wouldn't be all that surprising, now would it?

I mean, did they really imagine that they would be?

As for the Ukrainian anti-Semite who targets the Jew just because he's Jewish, well, chances are one or two of his relatives perished in the Ukrainian Holodomor. Seven million (at least) died in that little Holocaust (one we know nothing of).

I doubt that 'the abscess of anti-Semitism can be lanced' any time soon, when the guy most responsible for that monstrous genocide, Lazar Kaganovich, was a Jew.

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