Saturday, 25 January 2014

Malaria major health issue in south east London

On 19 June, 2013, the Nursing in Practice website informed us thus:

"Malaria continues to be a major health issue in south east London, prompting calls for greater awareness from Public Health England. A recent report found 4,311 confirmed cases of the infection between 2000 and 2011. Southwark had the highest number of cases (1,036) followed by Greenwich (696) and Lambeth (599).

Nine in ten (93%) of all imported malaria cases were acquired in Africa, with 90% of these from West Africa."

Who is responsible for this, ladies and gentlemen? 

Labour? The Lib Dems? The Conservatives? The EU? The Murdoch Press? The BBC? The PC Crowd? the Global Elite?

No, none of them are responsible. Bad will behave badly if given the chance. Those who hate you will behave hatefully towards you and those you love if you let them.

You let them.

You are responsible. You voted for it.

You got it.

Check out some of the other things you've voted for over the years:

Asylum seekers put to the head of the council housing queue for more than 40 years; immigrant benefit scroungers living in mansions; the proliferation of mosques; Sharia law; ‘honour’ crime, polygamy, child marriage, genital mutilation, Muslim paedophilia; Jimmy Savile; elite paedophilia and brutality in children’s homes; paedophile priests; on-line grooming/porn; child porn; government-funded groups teaching 5-year-olds ‘the pleasures of gay sex;’ twerking and ‘shag bands’ in schools; childhood obesity; sexting; the imposition of gay marriage; cyber crime; white flight; terrorism; no-go areas; riots; race law; anti-social behaviour; mugging; knife and gun crime; gangs; gang-rape; prostitution; trafficking; criminals indulged, victims ignored; hard drugs; legal highs; mass medication; teenage suicide; self-harm; mass truancy; violence in schools; dumbing-down; student debt; tuition fees; playing fields sold; cohesion; multiculturalism; enrichment; diversity; political correctness; positive discrimination; health-and-safety; compensation culture: GCHQ spies; Thought Police; 4.5million CCTV cameras; promotion of the ‘mixed-race ideal;’ homelessness; care-in-the-community; MRSA; ADHD; hospital death rates; patients dying of thirst and starvation; Liverpool Care Pathway; C-Difficile, asthma; organ theft; Mad Cow Disease; faulty breast implants; post code lottery; care home scandals; pollution; foot-and-mouth disease; contempt for patriotism, heritage, culture, traditions and Christianity; call centres based in India; no EU referendum; ‘human rights' law; rule from Brussels; spin; Fat Cat non-doms paying little or no tax; cash for questions, cab-for-hire cabinet ministers; cash for peerages, expenses; postal vote fraud; privatisation; the destruction of British industry; pit closures; pub and post office closures; fishermen and farmers forced out of business; the Big Bang; Black Wednesday; the ‘prudent Chancellor’s’ sale of gold at rock bottom prices and the disastrous raid upon our pension funds; Blair/Brown cuddling up to international financiers; sub prime; the credit crunch, world-wide recession; national debt in the trillions; bankers’ bonuses; pay-day loan companies; the Scots Mafia; globalisation; reliance on Russia and France for energy; the power of Murdoch’s media and the Jewish lobby; hackgate; international aid; armaments (chemical weapons et al) to dictators and a whole host of cynical and disaster-provoking interventions in the Arab world.

If you vote for treachery, you get treachery.

If you vote for traitors, you get traitors. If you vote for evil, evil will result. If you vote for those who are at war with you, what are you always going to get?

Everything in the above list. That's what you'll get.

And a child in a hospital bed dying of malaria.

You did this.

You voted for it.

You got it.

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  1. Excellent commentary, it's all true.

    I tell family and friends alike that they kept voting for it, because they were too scared to be seen to step outside their self imposed limits. They complain that they never wanted all this, but when I reply that they wouldn't have got all this if they'd been voting NF or BNP in the 70s onwards, or had rallied around Mr Powell, they would now be living in an excellent society, rather than the third world hellhole we have now got.